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An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. On the trap accounts job of being hit – it isn’t hard. If you’re having issues getting hit a few tips…

    * Change your name to a female name. Doesn’t matter what – usually a girls name will get hit more often. IDK why – just works
    * Entice others in the kingdom – just put a few well chosen phrases in kingdom chat. No need to be vulgar. Simple phrases like “This kingdom really is boring” will more than likely get you attention
    *Sit in a hive that is near the wonder. That’s right – next to the wonder. Works every time.
    *Find a farm hive in the kingdom and hit every un-shielded farm – you want a lot of fire.

    That’s it – just do a few of those things – you’ll get hit. 😉