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What Are Trap Accounts & Why Are They Awesome?


The Beginner’s Guide to Trap Accounts

Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important?
Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts
Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap Account
Article 4: 5 Advanced Trap Account Strategies
Article 5: Build A Perfect Trap With Only $200
Article 6: Best Trap Account Builds
Article 7: 7 Ways to Spot a Trap Account
Article 8: 4 Piece Cores Strategy for Traps
Article 9: Comparing Troop Attack vs. Trap Attack for Trap Accounts
Article 10: The Best Gear for a Rally Trap

What Are Trap Accounts & Why Are They Awesome?

In one sentence: A Trap Account is Stronghold setup that appears to be weak but in reality is very strong.

This article was update for accuracy and comprehensiveness on September 27, 2016.

In the early part of the game one type of account stood taller than all the rest. A TRAP. These types of accounts are very easy to build and extremely powerful. A smart player could play on almost any budget and eat any rally sent at them. Since then, the requirements have changed drastically due to the introduction of more powerful core sets, buildings, building boost and research.

Over the past couple of years trap play has become more sophisticated as Game of War has evolved. Many of the consistently high point scorers in most Kingdoms are Trap Accounts, and these players are a strength to any Alliance.

This play style takes advantage of the boisterous bigger players who think they can solo or rally any stronghold that appears weak. You want to bait those players into thinking you are a weak, when in reality your Stronghold is extremely powerful. Being a master of Illusion can be a traps best weapon.  

A Trap Account play style can help you dominate Kill Events, help your Alliance place in the top ranks, and help your Kingdom win KvK Events. You will quickly become a valuable member of your Alliance, and don’t be surprised if roles are switched between your Alliance depending on big players to depending on small traps. Players ten times your size will be looking for your help instead of the other way around!

We all know how KvK Events play out at this point. The big outlanders teleport around the Kingdom and hit anything they think will burn. With this play style this is exactly what we want.

As the game continues to grow and develop, so do the traps. Two of the biggest issues for traps are bigger march sizes and much stronger cores. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in the since that it allows traps to grow much bigger and not be worried about size , but also a curse due to the fact that if you don’t update your SH and your set up your will definitely take a beating. So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the article. The two main categories for trapping are solo and rally and each category has a few sub categories. I’ll start with solos.

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An Effective Trap Account

There are certain characteristics necessary to having a good trap account. Those characteristics combined with a great strategy are the keys to success if you know your limitations.

Sun Tzu, the famous military leader and philosopher says, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

The purpose of a Trap Account in War is simple: scoring as many points as possible in a Kingdom Kill Event. Perfecting your Kill Death Ratio (KDR) with a Trap Account can be more difficult than you might think. In order to be effective a trap needs to possess the following criteria: low kill counts, low KDR, low Power, clean graveyard, and  ability to take a hit without losing Troops, and the ability to kill as many Troops of incoming Marches as possible.

Decide which type of trap you are creating early on. This will give you some basic guidelines to follow along the way. The most effective Traps are irresistible to enemies and will be hit often.

Solo Traps

Solo Traps are designed to take War Marches (meaning Marches from single players). While there are obviously exceptions to every rule, most players looking for solo attacks will look for Strongholds under 3.5 bil power as an upper limit. That means solo traps can run a little over 200 mil troops! If you run 15 mill t4 that is (540mil power). Staying under nerf we will train 190 mil t2 which is (1.52bil power). Add the 2 together and you are at 2.06 bil troop power. That leaves room to have some research power or more troops, but the lower the power the better your odds of getting hit. As march increases and cores come out you will have to adjust this number accordingly.

Rally Traps

A Rally Trap, on the other hand, is meant to take Rally Marches. There are 5 or 6 different types of rally traps, which we will explain in our advanced trapping article, but for now we will just cover the basics. Rally traps can be from 3bil power to 300 bil power. It all depends on how you set it up. The main difference in solo traps and rally traps is the troop numbers and account power. Because troop power can be bigger a rally trap can do more research and have over 1billion troops. Rally traps much like soloes, the lower the power the better.

Note: Savvy players can generally tell that you are a Trap Account. Your job is to get them to hit you in spite of them knowing it. That is where it can start to get fun!

Continue to the next article as we go into great detail about setting up a trap.

Game Strategy article contributed by Creed XS and Blind Eagle

Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important?
Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts
Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap Account
Article 4: 5 Advanced Trap Account Strategies
Article 5: Build A Perfect Trap With Only $200
Article 6: Best Trap Account Builds
Article 7: 7 Ways to Spot a Trap Account
Article 8: 4 Piece Cores Strategy for Traps
Article 9: Comparing Troop Attack vs. Trap Attack for Trap Accounts
Article 10: The Best Gear for a Rally Trap

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  1. Weoulf says

    Are there any chat rooms anywhere that people discuss trapping? I can’t get my troop ratio right and every change I make seems to make it worse

    1. AJNico725 says

      Did you find an answer to this? i would really like to know too

  2. Ken Brant says

    I am getting conflicting information as to whether a t2/t4 trap is still viable given all the new attack boosts, including all the legion boosts…Please advise

  3. Brandon Cargo says

    Bust my cherry in this weekends kvk, took a level 75 Hero in Architect gear and no daggers.

  4. Steve says

    How are health traps built? What is a health trap?

    1. Darkthorne says

      I’ve provided a good health trap starter guide. You can find it here:
      Health Trap Guide: The Fundamentals

  5. JP says

    Traps are alive and well

  6. Swe says

    I run a two troop type trap similar to what you describe as a single troop trap. With all the rally leaders sending wild troops now, I think it’s more beneficial to use reg troops to defend. I would only train a few strat troops in your T2 just to make sure you cap hero if they send regular troops to attack. But reg troops do much better at killing wilds.

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  8. Hal says

    I am a Sh 21 at 390 mil power. I don’t have t4 unlocked. I am usually an all t3 but have trained some t1/2 for the tier events but when the KE is not based on tier for points I den all of mine to camps so I have a better chance at swallowing heros. I have over 11 mil troops. 10 mil being t3. I have 18 lvl 21 hospitals and with the capacity at lvl 7 at the moment. I have about 861k beds. I have taken a few hits in the past with full rein. With reg gear I swallow a full 600k march but when hit with a set of cores I did kill the whole march but the hero returned due to me loosing more troops. I lost around 600k t3 but that was before I was that far into the defense tree. Mh question is what is the best way to set up my hero tree? My hero is at lvl 54.

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  10. […] 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap […]

  11. […] 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap […]

  12. […] Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? […]

  13. […] Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? […]

  14. […] Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? […]

  15. […] Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? […]

  16. […] Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? […]

  17. […] Kill Events, especially, effective Trap Accounts can lead to huge success as a Kingdom. While the basic principles of Trap Accounts here still hold true, this is an updated overview of how to create a Trap Account and some of the […]

  18. […] Spenders: As a spender you are subjected to different conditions and are obliged to produce all troop types for optimal defenses (producing all troop types reduces your vulnerability when being initially attacked). Siege is somewhat optional once you reach T4s. An equal mix of all troop types is best for trap accounts. […]

  19. Trent Lund says

    Cores, new kvk scoring, bigs awareness of trapping has pretty much rendered the SH 14 and SH 18 to the fossil rack IMHO. I have both and placed top ten in most kvk with kill scoring. Can’t do it in power scoring. So past two kvks I have rolled out SH21 with 110 mil power. It’s getting better each week. This week I will add a few t4 troops to mix and max defense tree. You also have smaller margins of error and plan on buying a pack or two. Please understand I am not saying some of you won’t have continued success as small traps. The game has tilted right now to the bigger SH21 player or wallet warriors. If the defense tree was only good for sh20> players, it would have been the ultimate equalizer. As such, if you don’t SH21, complete the defense tree, taking hits from any sh21 now carries enhanced or increased risks for failure. Folks, the rich just got richer.

  20. SilverLiss says

    Unfortunately this article need an update due to new points system

    1. Chad says

      Very true, but this more of a concept article, then one actually defining points. I’ll get one up soon on points.

  21. Sparty says

    Guys i have done a sh14 trap account, who can easily consume a hammer. 5M t2 troops, full trap t2 and 2 barracks, 2 villas and the rest of max hospitals. That works so well.

  22. Larry says

    I’d like to start from scratch and start an anvil city. What is the recommended starting building set up? Thank you for all the insights!

    1. Chad says

      Read through some of our trap articles and you will have a very good idea. Have you found what you were looking for yet?

      1. Larry says

        Pretty much…I am on the way to misery or happiness! Quick suggestion…I was told to focus on building the urban (inside) buildings and not worry too much about the RSS buildings (outside). Should I build all farms with one mine, quarry and logging camp?

        1. Chad says

          Well, you need to focus on resource buildings somewhat or you won’t have the resources to build your interior buildings. Search “hyper farming”.

  23. Jim says

    I’m new to the trap builds and just starting out with a new account. Is there a guide on building a trap base from scratch?

    1. Chad says

      Not exactly… maybe that’s something we can come up with though. In the meantime search our site for “trap” and read all the articles you can, you will learn a lot that way.

  24. Allen says

    Thanks for the reply, perhaps I need another cup of coffee. Lets say a full T4 rally hits me with 2.3M Troops. I have 600k Mixed T4, 1.2m Strat T3. How many more troops should I train and what type to take the rally and only smoke. Trap attack is 556%, Health 524%, Defense 476% attacks are roughly 180 acorss the board then I add a 75% attack boost on top of it. I also have 50% percent attack debuff. Hopefully you can chime in a help. I want these guys to get a surprise next time.

  25. Allen Jones says

    I need some advice. I am fairly new T4 account with 180m power. I was setup as an anvil account while I was a T3 and now I’m looking to trap rallies. This weekend I had a 450m player send a full march with his hero and I killed all of them and took his hero. I lost nothing and he was pissed. Afterwards his alliance rallied me with 2m T4 in an attempt to free his hero. I was reinforced with 500k T4 and 200k T3. When the rally hit I lost 200k T3 of mine and all the T3 reinforcements thus I burned and lost the hero. I am trying to figure out what is needed to take on a similar rally without reinforcements. Oh I only lost 3400 war bricks on the rally.

    1. Chad says

      The simplest way would be to divide 2 million by the full march the t4 player sent and then multiple your current troops by that number.

  26. Joao Demenjon says

    I’m new to being an anvil. I’ve found capturing heros and attacking people nearby your true target is the best.

    If you capture enough hero’s someone Will usually come to try to hit you… Unless youve too many troops hospitalized and they’re smart.

  27. Suzana Ibolya Lutai says

    Nobody wants to attack me. I’m 89m power anvil. I’ve been waiting without shield for hours. They only scout and give it up

    1. Chad says

      What gear do you have on? Try equipping good research gear and change it before they attack. (risky though if you are not fast)

      1. Suzana Ibolya Lutai says

        I got hit right before the end

        1. Chad says

          Right before you could equip all your gear? How’d it turn out?

      2. Suzana Ibolya Lutai says

        Lol, right before the ke event ended. I was waiting and porting near to tease them . But I went back to my spot. Then a 800m guy scouted me and decided to attack. I had anti scout on. I was so happy ..30min left of ke. So was in time.

        1. Chad says

          hahaha yes nice!!!

  28. Daniel says

    Very interesting post you guys have going on atm. If you run your solo trap long enough and always win gold during your KVK KEs you will make it to T4 in 6-8months with spending minimal on this game. I did it by being a nasty solo trap. Now days I rally’s in near full core and they are lucky to kill 50k of my troops because of my 760k hospital capacity

    1. nolove says

      I have 2 barracks maxed at 21. That trains 10,000 t3 with my hero equips 2x chalice, thats just abour 27 hours to train. I have 12 hosps all maxed at 21. Thats 480,000 beds. All other buildings are stand alone. My question is i have 500,000 troops. Mostly t3 then some t2 and t1 to buffer. Is it worth training more troops than beds? I did have 1.1 mill troops recently with 750,000 t3. But i was offline and heros so couldnt shield, and 3 big boys hit me 8 times til i had nothing left. Sure i killed 360,000 of their troops but lost 600k plus 125k t3 traps. Is it worth having millions of troops in a trap account?

      1. Chad says

        Yes you need millions of troops for a trap account.

  29. msgs says

    I had a friend at sh21 that wanted to keep his captured hero. He was a t3 st the time, so I suggested he had the bigs reinforce him. He had around 700K T3s, hero wasn’t even at 50. He did have 5 barracks and a lot of villas… The player lost 375K T4. Last time he wad soloed by our kingdom’s big players.

    1. Chad says


  30. Eric-h. says

    question; when playing a trap account should you gear/ gem for a max single troop type, or go for the biggest boost available (lvl6 gems for example) for all troop types?

    1. Chad says

      gear for mixed on trap accounts. that way you have no single weakness.

  31. fco says

    Hey chad, do you train even t3 and st3 for this strategy? will it work with only t3? Thks

  32. Boto says

    What is your rein consisted of and what is your main troop type? Reason I ask is this. I am geared towards trap attack and trap defense, along with health and defense in my gear. In some of my pieces, a troop type comes along with it. Ranged is my main troop type and I ask for a mixed rein but a little more ranged heavy since it’s prevailing troop type in my stats.

    So… are you a single troop type trap or a mix troop type trap. It says to gear Calvary and infantry two maxed out, but I need to double check how that works for my trap since I am ranged heavy. Please advise.

  33. NikoDaKat says

    Would really like to see an article, or even a comment as to ‘how to hammer’ the anvil. Once you reach higher powers (250m+, 1b+ etc) it’s frustrating to hit these anvil’s obviously, and I’ve toyed with strats that dont seem to ever work, short of full ralley’s. As best it seems it’s impossible to solo someone with 125k t3 traps and about 1m t3 troops, even if you are over a billion power with maxed gear/research etc.

    It appears that when attacking the anvil, you have to damage the troops first (and with 1M to 2M t3’s in typical Anvil’s i run into) you can’t kill enough to out fill their hospitals per hit, and you take 150k to 200k troop loses on your side due to the traps. So sending siege units wont help as they don’t inflict damage on the traps until the troops are dead, and you can’t touch the troops with enough damage due to the traps/defense. Essentially invulnerable and costly to ‘try’ and attack.

    So is there a secret sauce to help the ‘hammer’ defeat the anvil with less losses? I’ve toyed with maxing out siege gear, gems, and sending T3 Siege (100k pieces, as basically meat sheild) with 275k T4 siege just to test, but i can’t bring myself to slaughter so much value in a test. Hoping you have already?

    I’ve talked with other 1B power folk on our server, we all fall prey to the same 80M to 120M accounts that are impervious to attack (we loose 6M to 8M, inflict about 2,000 traps of damage after subtracting hospital/salvage). Should be something that would work to solo them better. Ralley’s work fine if you can get enough people interested to pick on an 80M player, but solo a 1B+ person should be able to muck up the day of an 80M you would think.. but not the case against teh anvil.

    1. Chad says

      Not even joking, we are testing this over the next week with some really big players.

      1. NikoDaKat says

        Awesome! I just cooked up 6-piece cores and im inevitably going to hit an anvil and get annoyed enough to try a full max core setup on one to solo. If that still can’t beat the anvil, i’m going to give up. (just rolled past 2B power today) and no joke, a level 47 hero in RESEARCH GEAR on an 80M power S21 defeats me non stop with just about 2M t3’s and full t3 traps (he’s balanced on types). I loose 8M power per hit, he drops 2M, bounces back instantly. I can’t march troops fast enough to hurt him

        There has to be a way without dropping a massive investment in cores.

        1. Chad says

          Hi nikdakat,

          A couple things:
          You may not be building your cores to their full potential.I highly recommend you read the core articles.
          Lately, it’s been proven that sending a single troop type against mixed (gear for the single troop type), is more effective. Be sure to rotate the different single troop types you attack with.

      2. Suzana Ibolya Lutai says

        Chad pls dont tell him how to defeat anvils :)) let them help as to take points on ke ;))

        1. Chad says


    2. Tod says

      I run two accounts ,one at 80mill power and a t4 account at 150mill,my 80mill account is an anvil account and all t3,about 1mill troops and a full wall and to be honest I find it unbelivable that players of a billion plus in power can’t handle the fact that there are people out there that can take them on and beat them,honestly get over it,most people in the game cannot even go close to doing anything but shield when those players are around and I think anvil accounts are the only way for the majority of players to have some skin in the game,suck it up princess’s

  34. BadAsh says

    I am wondering what kind of research to do, I don’t want to put my power in unnecessary places and should you use trap attack gear or troop defense and attack?

    1. Chad says

      Definitely finish your combat tree first.

  35. Dane says

    Im a sh18 30 500k-600k t3. usually get gold first solo 375k march 🙂

  36. Andrew says

    I am working on setting up a trap account, and will be running a sh 21 with maxed gymnos, Barracks, watchtower, Hospital, and forge for the added bonuses. and will be maxing out reg troops research to 9, aswell as health and defence and traps. and won’t be touch anything else in research. As i am very conscious of trying to keep my power as low as possible..

    My Concern and why i am writing is i am unsure as what i how many of each troops would be the best for a trap to be very powerful but look weak. 500k t3, 1 mill t2, 5 mill t1 for example.
    Also i am concerned about the troop NERF mz incorporated, has anyone heard at what point they start nerfing your troops?

    Would love your opinion Chad swell as very one else!

  37. Skeptics says

    Just finished my second KvK. On my sh18 30mil. Scored 70mil points finishing #12. I got 700k t3. full walls. Full rein of 400k t4. Works well. Even tho my hero is still weak at 48. Still goes well!

  38. Sam says

    Hey once again great job on this site. I love this style specially cause I’m not a spender, however I’m running into a problem during KvK/KE…once all my troops (300k t3) go to the hospital it takes too much rss and speedups that I don’t have to get back in the game. My thought is to set up 400k beds 400k t1 for instant heal and 250k t3 to back them with 100k t3 wall…I figure I get hit once all my t1 go to the hospitals no t3 dies I shield then I instant heal the t1s and go back for another hit…I don’t find any data to find out how this Will work and I hate to do all tgis work for nothing…what are ur thoughts…thanks

    1. Didi says

      As much as i know, a t4 full march will kill your t1 right away. T1 wont go to the hospital although your hospitals are empty.
      Hope im not giving you wrong info.

      You need to be prepared for the kvk ke with rss and speed ups. You have 2 full weeks of regular kvk’s. Win events and you will be able to have enough to heal during kvk ke.
      You might need to buy at least a pack or 2 as a starter, and when you get into the event cycle you will will almost every solo and inferno event.

    2. Didi says

      Ok, my 51m anvil is amusing to play with, scoring 100m+ Points in kvks but my problem is that it takes forever to find a dumb player who would solo me and most of them try to rally me! What to do with this account to take rallies, would it be possible to take rallies without t4?
      I do also have a small t4 account (1,3m t4) and wanting to make it an anvil too and take rallies.
      can someone tell me in details how to set it up?

      1. Tod says

        Im operating s anvil account ,it’s starting to get a bit high in power now but I’m still getting solo hits.i have 1.1 mill t3 and 560k of beds and a full wall of t3 traps so I can normally take 3-4 full t4 hits and also take smaller rallies of about 1.5-1.8 mill
        Try to get 1 or 2 t4 players to reinforce you and you can handle the rally,the last time it happened to me I didn’t burn and got nearly 16 mill in points and the reinforcing guy got 2 mill in points as well

  39. Grim says

    Thanks for sharing this technique!
    What hero gear should I craft though? Mix it up between defense, health and trap attack or just focus trap attack because I plan on carrying this technique on when I get T4 being a monsterous anvil that can take a t4 rally hit, but I assume if you get rallied focusing trap attack won’t really save you that much

  40. Didi says

    Ok, my 51m anvil is amusing to play with, scoring 100m+ Points in kvks but my problem is that it takes forever to find a dumb player who would solo me and most of them try to rally me! What to do with this account to take rallies, would it be possible to take rallies without t4?
    I do also have a small t4 account (1,3m t4) and wanting to make it an anvil too and take rallies.
    can someone tell me in details how to set it up?

  41. Kj says

    For hero skills and after reading previous articles on health defense and attack. I think best is

    Maximizing all trap attack I and II
    Maximizing all troops attack I and II
    Put remaining points on Defense II

    This will make sure you’ll kill most of the attacker troops.

    Am I right?

    1. Chad says

      I would focus troop health and troop defense first, then max out trap attacks. You’ll probably run out of skill points by that time. I’ll ask around to see how other trap players build their trees.

      1. CHIEF says

        I always max out defense/health I and II. Then max out trap I and II. Then just focus attack boosts on the troop type you build most of.

  42. Orizon

    […] build to look weak but is actually very strong. These posts explain more about landmines: Anvil Play Style,Bait Strategy, Play Style […]

  43. Tod says

    I have used anvil for quite a while and it is extremely successful,I have 14 maxed hospitals giving me 560k of beds and I have 1 mill t3 mainly ranged and infantry,in a recent KvK i was attacked by a 250mill pwr player,im 59mill in pwr,he hit me with 2 marches of 250k of t4, each ATTACK i killed 178k of his,totalling 358k.he only put 63k of mine into beds and I took over 12.5mill i power off him
    I have a full wall of t3 traps and can normally take 4-5 full t4 hits before I have to shield
    I will take a rally depending on the number of troops

  44. CHIEF says

    In your opinion, what would your strategy be if you wanted to take on rallies? This would obviously require higher power levels probably between 120-180mil. What number of troops, T3/T4 mix, would be suggested (assuming one can get T4 reinforcements) to successfully defend a rally?

  45. Robin says

    Does anyone knows when it becomes more powerfull to use a troopattack gem instead of a trap gem? Or is it just very important to boost your traps max., and the same for skill points…

    I might be just wrong but it seems that a boost for max. 125k traps seems less effective then boosting over a million troops. But on the other hand the stronger the wall the more dammage your army can do.

    Par example if i have 1m t3 ranged and 100k traps would it be better to use a ranged gem instead of a trapgem? If the other two gems are health and defense.

    Did people test the difference in power focussing on traps vs attack when defending your city?

    1. Whoflungdoo says

      You have 3 gem slots. Use ’em all! I reccomend trap + defense or health + troop type in all your hector gear and torch.

  46. gucci02 says

    Hey awesome post! Exactly what I was looking for. I also am in the same boat as the above poster. I’m at 80 mil power, 21 sh, 1 mill troops, all troop research to lvl 9, all trap research to lvl 8, 100k mixed strat trap wal, 8- 21 (320k beds) hospital, 1- 21 barracks, 5 or 6- 21 villas. Almost dome crafting all +trap gear and geming for def, health and trap.
    I’m wondering if I could still use this tactic. I know I’m way over powered, but what can I do to make this successful? I also read about the other tactic u posted, the 60-120 mil power one. Is there a link to a detailed description of that one? Any help would be great! Thank you in advance

    1. Chad says

      I’ll see if I can get a post up about baiting strategy. 80 mil is still priiiime target for big rallies.

      1. gucci02 says

        Awesome! Thanks so much. I’m pushing 100 mil power now 🙁 haha. Should probably stop making troops. Should I build t2 troops as a buffer for my t3?

  47. Lisa says


    Not sure if this has been answered here but ill post anyway

    I am SH21, 140m power. 2.1m troops (350K st3, 340k t4 the balance t3)
    I have 3 hospitals holding 145K
    I have 10 villas

    I am unable to ‘keep up with the big players (over 1bn power) so want to convert to a trap city

    What would you recommend

  48. DRS says

    Great info guys. I’m sh21 with full t2 traps. I’m struggling trying to get the timber to make hero trap gear. What should I do? Thanks a lot.

  49. Smash says

    So what are your recommendation on creating a rally anvil

    1. Chad says

      A rally anvil doesn’t make sense because it’s a defense strategy, right?

    2. Whoflungdoo says

      Smash, I’m taking rally hits and getting gold prize on a single hit. You just need to ramp up all these #s. I’m using T1s and T2s as meat shields. I don’t lose a single T3 or, obviously, T4. Have not even lost 1 trap either since employing this strategy. Hector gear with trap, defense and harvest gems has been very effective. My teammates love reinforcing with their T4s as they’re safe.

  50. Melvin says

    I am a type of guy who doesnt spent money…….so is it even possible

  51. Melvin says

    You serious?1million troops…… for example if i am good researched too and get a 250k-300k t4 attack….how much troops will i lose

    1. Chad says

      Haha ya. T4 are approximately 3 times more powerful depending on research completed between the two people. So 250t3 x 3 = 250kt4, makes sense right? Yes, it does take time. You can withstand a T4 march with less T3 troops if you avoid the enemy’s march w/hero and only allow the enemy march w/o a hero to hit you.

  52. Melvin says

    I really want to try this out ……..i am a 5 million player sh17…….100k t3 and a few t2……hospital space 100k ……..can you telll me everything i should do to follow this teqnique ….is it possible to use anvil already now?

    1. Chad says

      Ya you can totally start working on this now.
      Keep focusing on maxing out your combat research
      Try to get to about 800k-1.2mil t3 troops so you can absorb an entire t4 march.
      Look at some of the other bait posts I have so you can get a more whole picture of the strategy 🙂

  53. Evil one says

    Thanks Jesse for all the info great article and great advice

  54. GOW Player says

    This is a great website for sharing and for passing on knowledge to less experienced players.

    I have reached SH21 and my march capacity for solo attacks has increased to 250,000 per march. However, I noticed some of the players can attack with more than 250,000 per march (not using war rallies). Based on the battle reports, the highest I have seen was 350,000 per march.

    My question is, how can we increase our march capacity for solo attacks beyond 250,000 ?


    1. Chad says

      Thanks, please spread the word!

      You can research higher march capacity and there is also an item that allows you increase the capacity of your march size.

      1. Matt says

        “You can research higher march capacity”
        What category is that under? I haven’t seen it. Thanks

        1. Chad says

          woops, I mispoke. There are just 2 items that can increase your march capacity, one 25% increase and one 50% increase

  55. Stryker XT says

    Yes Derek, that is the downside to reinforcing these traps. You can end up with huge marches home when the trap shields.

  56. skittles says

    Do you have to have a hero level 50 and legendary gear and level 6 gems to be a good anvil?

    1. Chad says

      Nope. Just scale down who you take hits from

  57. Derek says

    Question what happens to the t4’s that reenforced and ported away when you shield. If a player reenforces then goes to the other kingdom to attack, if the anvil gets attack a few times and needs to shield or gets a rally it can not take and shields will the t4 player have to use march speeds up to get their troops back since they wouldn’t be able to teleport or shield until they are back?

  58. GOWPrincess says

    Oh wow, I have an alt account given yo me by a player that quit. It is SH and wall 21, and I’ve been using it just for rss, and considering taking it to t4. All combat research are at 9 and is now at 23 mil without troops. All I need to do now is fill the wall and train t3, this acct has plenty of speed ups as I okay casino on it,

    I am thinking I can reinforce it with my own t3, say 312k of the type the alt has the best gear and gem for. Then I’m assuming both my main and my alt will get kill points if solo attacked?

    1. GOWPrincess says

      Typo, I meant I will reinforce it with t4, not t3

      1. Chad says

        You might actually want to reinforce with t3 as meat shields, or do 1/2 t3 and 1/2 t4.

    2. Chad says

      Great Idea! Sounds like a good plan to me honestly. Having all combat research at 9 is super powerful.

  59. funky says

    The Russo technique works! I had 370k troops and 125k traps and a 93 mil zeroed me while i was gone. However, I killed 1.2 MILLION of his troops, and he dropped 23 mil in power. It was beautiful.

  60. Veltran says

    When I was playing in K146, I was only sh 18, 25 millions power (about 400k T3 troops total) full traps research maxed on both types of traps. Wasn’t paying attention one night and was hitting for some RSS when a 600 million player started attacking my sh. He hit me 3 times without troops and once when my hero and all troops returned. Needless to say it cost him dearly. He was trying to zero me, but I killed almost 70 T4 troops of his with four full T4 marches. Traps and research are deadly.

    1. Chivalry says

      Traps are easily destroyed if hit whilst troops are out. Its the combination of the two that makes this approach effective.

  61. Didi says

    Thanks a lot for this great article.
    Im currently at sh18, 29m power. All buildings are maxed and troops and traps research are almost maxed too.
    I have 178k beds and 450k of all 3 kinds of t3 strategic troops. Working on filling my walls with t3 strategic traps now.

    Staying at sh18 was my plan, since i try to score in top 10 in the events leaderboard. If i upgrade my sh to 19 ill reach the last bracket and have to compete with all the sh21 crazy spenders and will never place in events.
    Your article is putting me in a dilemma.. Stay at sh18 or go to sh21 to be able to max my wall and embassy and also have the third accessory gear for my Hero. But that means ill give up all the awesome prizes i get for placing in events…


    1. Chad says

      Hi Didi,
      First off, I think this is an awesome question to post in the forum to get more feedback.
      Second, I’d have to suggest that you stay at SH18 and keep winning events if you are winning them. It’s going to be A LOT harder to win any events when you hit the next bracket. I don’t want to make your decision for you, but maybe the saying “don’t fix something if it isn’t broken” applies here.
      Please let me know what you end deciding and why, and I’d be willing to make a post about it. I think a lot of people are in this same dilemma.

    2. Jesse says

      This sounds like a great setup that can win you a lot of kvk events. The account sounds like a lot of fun to play – if MZ can do more kill events. I say keep it at SH18 until players begin to get weary of these anvil account, then at that point, you should have enough prize gold and speedups from winning that you can push to t4 essentially for free. What you can do now is build our your other buildings like hospitals and villas if they aren’t already maxed and push to 600-700k t3.

      Are you in your kingdom’s lead alliance or at least access to plenty of t4 players? If you aren’t, ask the lead alliance if you may join them during the next kvk event – they should fall in love with reinforcing you and allowing you to stay. With t4 reining, I would imagine that you can easily score 100m points per kill event – and give your fellow members another 100m collectively.

  62. funky says

    ok ive done some tweaking:

    now i am 32 mil sh 21 with 125,000 traps and 300k troops with 195k beds, boosts are 20% more. say a march full of t4 hits me. Approx. how many will die and how many of mine will be hospitalized?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Los says

      From what I gather you don’t lose any troops until your hospital is maxed out

      1. Eric h. says

        You will lose traps before hospital fills up, but if you have a large army and hero behind the traps, minimal trap loss will occur.

    2. CHIEF says

      That is the perfect setup, especially if you can add on some gems and spec your skills to trap attack. You want to maximize your trap attack as much as you can. Also, don’t stay unshielded because a big player will just keep attacking you if you are offline and destroy all of your traps. When you get hit once, depending on the damage, be ready to shield if you need to heal troops or took too much damage.

  63. funky says

    here is where i stand: sh 19, 25.7 mil power, with lv 19 walls with full traps (87,500 t3 traps), 300k troops, 170k beds, and boosts that are between the 250-300% attack ranged and cavalry, and 150% health/defense. Is this suitable for the anvil playstyle? i am in k80

    1. Jesse says

      Yes. If your embassy is up there as well, take some reins.

      Unfortunately, I think you can only take one hit with what you have, a second hit will cause kills on your ends so make sure you have a shield ready.

  64. Eric h. says

    Bump. Will the anvil work with t3’s reinforcing t3’s?

  65. Eric h. says

    Hey Everybody, will the Russo / anvil work if you don’t have t4’s in embassy, t3′ only? My alliance has limited t4 players. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Jesse says

      Hey Eric.

      The anvil will kill t4 without having any reinforcements. With 325k t4 against your full wall and t3, you can expect around 180k to your hospital while killing 70-90k t4.

      Give or take a few 10k troops on either side depending on how much t3 you have.

      So adding t3’s to the mix, I would imagine the kill count to be 120k or so. I have not attempted this myself as I try to be point positive for kingdom kill events.

      If you do try it, make sure you’re quick on the shield so no troops die past your hospitals.

      1. Eric h. says

        Thnx for reply, Jesse. My next related question, which I’m having difficulty getting a definitive answer, is: if my t3 is reinforced by t3, do we all die “evenly” with only mine going to hospital and guests dieing, or does MZ wait till my hospital beds fill up before taking the reinforcement players lives?

      2. Jesse says

        Your hospital beds will fill up first before any troops die.

        Then when troops start to die, because you have t3 and you are reinforced with t3, both will die.

        If you are reinforced with only t4, then only your t3 will begin to die.

      3. Eric h. says

        I tried this: mixed t3and 4 reinforcing a t3 host. The host got a few k sent to hospital and barely 1k trap lost, the t3 guests lost about 18k t3, the t4 guest lost nothing, and the outlander lost 186k t4.

  66. Eric h. says

    Will the anvil technique work without traps? (Dare I ask, lol)

    1. superscheu says

      depends on bed space. but put up bricks or iron bricks at least.

  67. […] Russo “Being the Anvil” Strategy […]

  68. Zach says

    I’ve read on this blog over and over again about strategic vs regular, saying that regular is better. I just hit 10 mil and Im looking to do this play style but dont know which type of trap to go for. I have almost no research in traps because they have been useless up to this point. Now that I can use them effectively with this technique I can start researching but need to know which will be better.

  69. Antoine says

    Jesse, thanks for these great tips. I built my sh21, I’m a long way from t4 still, so I’ve built a big T3 army of 1.5m troops researched at lvl 9 (attack/defense). My power is around 58m as a result. My walls are still low (around 20k, but I can fix that). I guess I am now potentially too powerful to use the Anvill technique?

    1. Billy says

      You can still be the anvil, you just won’t get hit as much. Only the really big players will hit you. It also helps if you have a few players in your alliance around you that have more research power and less troops. I’m at 85 million power with only 350k troops. I never run anti scout. The idea being when they scout me they will assume the other members of my alliance are set the same. It works, but not usually on the anyone under 500 million power. Also, you will get rallied on the second hit so have a shield ready.

  70. Chen Jiang says

    I have a question on the boost. When your city is going to be attacked, why switch to attack boost, not the defense boost. Then, when you are attacking other city, the attack boost should be applied, right ? Thanks in advance for your kind advices.

    1. Chad says

      See post “attack vs defense boost” or something. But basically attack boost when getting attacked because you have hospitals for injured troops and the enemy doesn’t. It’s fine if they injure a few more troops of yours if you kill thousands more of theirs. And defense when attacking to save troops.

  71. Fatty says

    Hi, thank you for sharing. I’m going to follow this build. One question I have is that I know when defending you should an attack boost but what about the stats for gear and other gems? What I mean is if defending do I equip gear and gems that has plus attack (thinking opposite like the 12/24 hour boost) or should I equip defensive gear and gems. I’m just wondering if gear and gems are like the opposite when you use boots, attack for defending and defense for attacking. I hope I wasn’t too confusing. Thank you in advance.

    1. Jesse says

      This is a common question and it is a bit confusing.

      Right now, the prevailing strategy is when you are being attacked, apply the attack boost. This is because you then have a better boost at killing the attacker’s troops who are not protected by hospitals. Your’s can skip the defense because you have hospital beds to back them up.

      Now, in regards to hero gear and gems, I would actually still gem them with health and defense gems.

      Two reasons. One, those gems boost all troop types where the single attack boost gems only affect one troop type – so you get more bang for your buck.

      The second reason is based off your play style and this is where geming can be more debatable and I’ve seen heroes do well both ways. Basically, the health and defense gems will save your troops in rallies and solo attacks. Now, if you’re the type of player who trains marches of troops at a time, you may not care about troop loss and want to hit as hard as you can with your hammer you may gem for attack.

      It’s not wrong either way you go and your alliance will pick to use your hero in different rallies. For example, rallies on wonders are won by killing more and mitigating your losses – so an alliance may choose a more defensive geared hero to lead to mitigate the troop loss or the alliance may choose the more offensive hero to try and get the kills.

  72. Fatty says

    Hi, thanks for sharing. This is probably what I’m going to aim for. I understand when defending we have to use an attack boost (think opposite I was told) and I have 4 lvl 6 trap attack gems. My question is for gear and other gems, do you use attack gear and gems (thinking like the boost 12/24 hour) or do I actually use defensive gear and gems. I also know heath gems and gear is a must. I’m just confused whether attack or defensive gear when defending. Thank you in advance.

    1. Chad says

      See post “attack vs defense boost” or something. But basically attack boost when getting attacked because you have hospitals for injured troops and the enemy doesn’t. It’s fine if they injure a few more troops of yours if you kill thousands more of theirs. And defense when attacking to save troops.

  73. Los says

    Also whats the preferences on troops you build for this style?

    1. Jesse says

      Honestly, I’ve equally trained all types (t3) equally except for siege. I don’t train t2 as my hospitals act as the buffer when I’m hit.

  74. Greg says

    What would be the recommended style of an all villa stronghold, level 21? If you could include best gems and gear.
    I heard the strongest troop was the archer. If you maximize archer,Calvary and traps to kill Calvary, would that make any sense?

    1. Jesse says

      There’s a few schools of thought that I should elaborate on in another article.

      Basically, the all villa stronghold empires are those that some consider ‘un-rallyable’. They are above 175m power and are able to hold heroes without a shield. Now with relic hero items, I would push that number to 400m to be completely honest.

      For an all villa stronghold, you’re not going to want to take rallies or hits. While they will be costly for your attackers, they will also be costly for you. Especially if you’re set up with the two troop types and that becomes known (and that info will be used against you). You’ll take a rally and want to shield if the attackers are going to continue.

      The all villa stronghold will be the type of account that plays on the offense – they make the hits instead of taking them which the Anvil/Russo play style is not.

      Also, regarding the archer being the strongest troop type. Troop types are like rock/paper/scissors. They are strong vs another type of troop, but equally weak to another. Also, the archer hero skill requires a few extra hero points because you need 5 points in Cav 2 to begin placing points in the ranged 2 skill.

  75. Los says

    Okay here’s where I stand. Sh18 14.9mil power. Im not a spender, so rely on gifts I recieve. Im already apart of the number one power alliance in k190. Hero level 47.

    I tend go gem troop health/ defense. Trap attack as I have lvl 8 normal trap attack. An prefer range/ calvery for speed. Thanks for the barack/ hos an villas set up ive been stuck on what to build there. Also have most lvl 8-9 combat research already.

    Im sitting on 50k t3. As I got zeroed recently so im building building building. I have alot of low lvl buildings as I rushed sh lvls somewhat

    1. Los says

      Also thanks again for yoir article an advice!

      1. Los says

        is it worth me building into this playstyle now? Obviously im still 5mil off the minimum power I should have? also because of my current low troop numbers should I change anything to accommodate? or just go with this build an stick it out. I have alot of building upgrades too do!

    2. Jesse says

      At your power level, you are in a perfect position to build up your empire into a Russo-style account and keep it there until you’re ready for t4.

      What’s great about this play style, is once you have everything set, you don’t need to be a spender for upkeep. You’ll be winning gold from the kill events and as they are spaced out right now, you can slowly rebuild your traps and train more troops.

      The longest and hardest step is having a full wall and keeping that wall full of t3 traps. Doing this may be too difficult if you’re not under shield 24/7. For me, I need to remain under shield which costs 2,500 gold every three days. I don’t know how k190 plays, but you may be lucky and be allowed to be off shield between kvk events.

      You’re SH18 right now, so you’re still a step below using your walls during events to be truly effective.. You’ll want your SH21, then, I would actually go for Gymnos 21 (to help your hero get to that level 50), then Wall 21, Embassy 21. All the while, be training up your traps and troops.

      You can still be helpful in your alliance during this building phase. While you’re getting yourself set, t4 players would appreciate if during rallies you send 20k-50k t3 troops to help buffer theirs.

      Just be careful not to become a sitting duck and have your walls cleared.

      1. Los says

        Mate, thanks again for a fantastic response! I appreciate your help! I love this playstyle. An will work on building it! K190 is sorta being run by one or two 100 mill+ players, whom also happen to be on the enemy team. Atm im not really a target but no doubt I will soon no doubt.

        Im in no position for events atm. Due to no gold/ speed ups atm. No doubt once i get the ball rolling. Ill be able too do the events. will work on the process of building this! My wall is only half full. So building round 2k every day an abit. Best thing with my traps is trap attack is at lvl 8 already.

        Another thought I had is if its worth building into a hyper for say stone seeing as you need loads for traps etc?

        I will try push wall/ sh. I can go 19 once I have nessecary rss!

        Once again thanks!

      2. smoky says

        Im a 300+ trap i have 7mil troops 3mil t1 2mil t2 1 mil t3 1 milt4 all strategic n i have 900k+ beds should i break the last 3 remaining barracks and build hospitals or do i need mpre troops i have also a full t4 wall

  76. Jesse says

    If you’re within the sweet spot of power this is what I believe is optimal:

    I would do 1 barrack, 6 villas, 8 hospitals.

    You’re still researching your level 8’s and 9’s, so you don’t need a Prison or Altar at this point.

    With that, 6 villas (at various levels, probably 16-21) will get you training 5,000 t3 troops in the 21-23 hour range. This way, if you’re using speed-ups, you can just pop a 24 hour to cook them quickly.

    The 8 hospitals (levels 16-21) will give you at least 200,000 beds. This will allow you to take two marches before your beds are through.

    Once you start converting to t4, that is when you may want to readjust with your villas and hospitals. I find most players have 1 or two barracks to get that 20 to 48 hour training queues.

    1. Karou says

      Nope. I have only 4 villas. One of them is 21, the others can’t remember. I make 2,050 T3s in less than 15 hours. Only have two underdeveloped barracks. I prefer to have ten hospitals, all maxed at 21 which will give me 400K beds.

    2. KingWho says

      You just described my little solo trap Jesse, all points spot on. lol
      I would add to specialize in one troop type reinf and have your hero focus on general troop attack if possible and/or that one troop type (plus traps of course) and health more, defense is the least I focus on. My trap hero is stil 49 yet I focused on ranged and was able to wipe 316k out of 375k (200k t4 and rest t3) in one attack. The guy sent mainly infantry so his bad luck. Still when they sent a mix they would lose over 240K troops so yes it was awesome.

  77. Los says

    Thanks Jesse, that post was fantastic! In terms of baracks/ hospitals/ villas. How would I go about this for russo method?

    Cheers Los

    1. Symon says

      Hi guys,
      Im a trap account that hovers between 55 and 62mil in power and i can consume a full t4 march if there heros arent setup properly. I am completing lvl10 reasearch now and my hero is still lvl49. I have 360k hospital full t3 wall mixed strat + between 650-750k t3 strat evenly split.
      My hero gear is setup for trap attack and defence but the levels are only 4-5 as im waiting to turn lvl50 to craft proper gear.i can only imagine the devastation im going to cause once my hero turns 50.
      Big big big shout out to jesse for showing me this stratergy and for you guys posting it

      1. Chad says

        You are on the right path my friend. nice work.

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