Best Deal in Game of War!

DBC Renewal Game of War GoW

Best Deal in Game of War!

Are you looking to boost your empire?  Learn how to maximize your investment by using our Best Deals in Game of War strategy! We aren't encouraging you to purchase more packs, but if you are planning to spend some money then you may as well spend it wisely!

Below, I show you the pack and/or events to maximize your pack purchasing rewards.  In Game of War, not only is it important to know WHAT to buy but equally important is WHEN.

You may have heard about the amazing Time Orbs Inferno with millions of Time Orbs for next to nothing.  Well, I want to make sure we don't let deals like that one unknowingly pass us by!

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Daily Bonus Club - Best Deal in GoW!

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How the Best Deal in Game of War Works

First, you need to decide in generally which type of pack you need.  Take a look at this article on choosing the right Game of War Gold Pack for you.  At times, a specific pack or event is recommended for the Best Deal!

Next, make sure you purchase a pack when a good Inferno Event and Reward Chest is active.

I've used this method to quickly take all my buildings from 24 to 26, obtain Hero 70 and complete all Academy 24 research on a very limited budget.

Check back here often for the Best Deals!

Be sure to use an Endless Inferno Boost when appropriate!

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If you spot a deal before we do, please let us know about it in the comments below!

About Darkthorne

Darkthorne is a seasoned veteran of Game of War Fire Age. He's responsible for thousands of tips and guides. He's helped countless players improve their gameplay. Using a hands-on approach to uncover the secrets of Game of War, Darkthorne stays at the pinnacle of the game and brings his discoveries to all of us to enjoy and benefit! When not playing Game of War or blogging Dark enjoys playing console games, guitar, and traveling the world visiting friends, many of which he met while playing Game of War!

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  1. I have purchased the package at 79.99 and have not received it yet

    Please help

  2. Anyone get the Winter Unlock pack? I saw it was discounted $59.99 with some good stuff and it says unlocks an even better pack.

    So I’d like to know what’s included in the unlocked pack first… if it’s comparable to Valentine’s Day pack that has Runes speed ups and 1.6M shards.

  3. Just wondering is the ice core glitch fixed yet? No one seems to know if its safe to craft them yet.

  4. I can only produce 6 mil troop at one time that’s using supreme Marshall gear using 1500% queue and x2 gem set bonus how can I produce more at one time

    • First, your troop queue is increased by receiving a Training Blessing. However, to really boost your Troop Queue you must upgrade your Barracks. Each upgrade to your barracks increases the troop queue.

  5. Really good info to have! Thanks!
    Question – I already have bonus club, and today is the last day (day 30)
    If i buy the renewal pak before i get my 450 bill rss today, do i still get that rss, or no?
    My payout on that rss is right about the time that the new DBC is about to expire.