The Best Game of War Nerf Calculator

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The Best Game of War Nerf Calculator

Finally!  A simple and accurate nerf calculator that just works.  We've created a nerf calculator that simplifies the confusing nerf formulae and ratios into an easy-to-use and understand tool.

Our Game of War Real Tips Nerf Calculator (Beta) will let you know if you are nerfed or not and by how much.  Simply enter your troops and traps and the calculator does the rest...

But here's the kicker.

This tool also lets you know the exact amount of troops and traps to build so you can perfectly optimize your trap!

It even tells you what your new total power will be after adjusting your troop count!

Game of War Nerf Calculator by Real Tips

This nerf calculator is another fantastic tool that is currently being developed on our beta website that will soon launch. It's actually way easier for us to code rad tools over there.

We have opened our beta site to the public and welcome you to create a beta login and use these and other Game of War tools!

Before I go into the details, I want to give a huge shoutout to Darkthorne and Blind Eagle for talking with tons of players and designing this nerf calculator to perfection. Thanks guys!

How to Use Our Amazing Nerf Calculator

As mentioned above, the nerf tool is simple to use:

Game of War Nerf Calculator by Real Tips

Step 1: Enter your total power

This is the number at the top of your screen in city view.  By entering this number the calculator will let you know how much power you be if you make any adjustments to troops.

Nerf calculator

Step 2: Enter your total troops and traps

You can find these easily by looking in your Barracks and adding up each Tier of troops.  Also, tap on your wall to see your traps.

Step 3: Click "Calculate" to see if you are above or below nerf limits

Any adjustments necessary to avoid being nerfed are provided in the results.

Also, if you are under nerf it will let you know how many more Tier 2 you are allowed to train. If you entered your total power in the first cell, your new power is also given!

How Does it Work?

The tool calculates the nerf formula for you.  This formula is the following:

Troop Power + Trap Power  /  Total Troops + Total Traps = X

If X is above 10, you are not nerfed.  If it is 9.999 down you will suffer a nerf penalty.

Should you have further questions below please leave us a comment.  Enjoy the tool and please let us know what you think!



Special thanks to [Mad?] A U T O from Bruh for helping us perfect it!

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An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. What if the result of that equation is exactly 10? Not above or below…?

  2. Do T7 and above have any affect on Nerf calculation? Just want to verify as they are not included in the advance calculator. Also Mark N. has a most excellent idea about making the calculator more user friendly. Being able to put each troop type/tier in separately will help tremendously.

  3. My question is is do ad all the normal all the Strategic and all the wild at once or do you do it separately

    • Put them all in there if you’d like at once. You can place all your troops in one tier type if you’d like… its all the same power.

  4. Hello there,

    Could you please update the calculator with the Tier 5 ?


  5. I think the Nerf calculator would be easier to use if it had 48 boxes (three 4×4 tables) for all of the different types and tiers of troops and 39 boxes for all the different types and tiers of traps (three 5×3 tables with two cells of the t0 row unused). As it is now, I have to add up the the numbers annd then enter them, so I have to use two tools when one could do the job more easily.

    Something like this:

  6. What format do you use to enter numberssst 365.7m or 365,700,000,000

    • 365.7 (m)illion = 365,700,000
      365.7 (b)illion = 365,700,000,000
      365.7 (t)rillion = 365,700,000,000,000

      Sorry for confusion.

  7. Does the nerf affect siege troops? We have been training siege troops in anticipation of AC combat, but are worried about the nerf kicking in.

  8. Do seige troops count towards the nerf? We are training a bunch of seige in anticipation of AC combat, but are concerned with getting beaten by the nerf stick.

  9. Can u plz up date nurf calculator this one is 10x for nurf its up too 12x now ty

    • Greetings,

      Not sure I understand you fully… I want to be on the same page with you before we change anything. The nerf, as initially understood was 12.525 T2 per 1 T4 among other requirements. However, recently it was discovered that there is a relationship between Troop and Trap count to Troop and Trap Power. This relationship is a multiple of 10xTroop and Trap Count to Troop Power. If your troop and trap count is more than 10x your Troop and Trap Power you will suffer a nerf and basically lose any troops over this number. Are you saying the nerf now allows 12xTroop and Trap Count to Power?
      Thanks for the comment!

  10. I’ve forgotten my login information and it won’t let me do anything Navi please help .. I’ve played the Game with you..

    • Hmm, that’s terrible. Do you remember the email you used? You can choose forgot password and have them send you a new password link to that email. Good luck!

  11. Wanted to sign up to try out this calculator but forgot my password. Oh well, tried resetting it but every time I click the reset link from the mail you sent, it says invalid link.

  12. i have a login on the main site, but cannot login on the beta site to get to nerf calculator. keeps saying username/password not correct.

  13. How can I use the calculator? When I click the button, it takes me to the beta login screen. When I attempt to sign in there, it tells me that it doesn’t recognize my login information.

  14. Seems I can’t login to the beta site with my main registration?

  15. I have no idea what is going on! I signed up for the GOWRT Beta site. After much confusion I somehow managed to get logged in and accessed the nerf calculator (though whether or not I was on the Beta site I do not know). There seems to be no way to enter my Wild numbers?

    • The calculator does not discriminate between troop types since they all equally contribute to the nerf effect! You will know if you are on the beta site if you are viewing the nerf calculator and it looks a lot different than this site ;P

  16. This calculator does not make sense to the ratios stated.
    I have a t2 3 4 mix which says I can use individual ratios but when I use the calculator it says I need to get rid of over 300m t2. Please explain??

    • I’m not sure what you mean by individual ratios? A quick rule of thumb for nerf is 12 T2 for every 1 T4 and 6 t2 for every T3. If you are very close or over this amount significantly then you will need to use the calculator to figure out exact amounts. The calculator uses the logic stated in the article. (Troop Power + Trap Power) / (Total Troop Count + Total Trap Count) = 10 or higher Not Nerfed.

      • Regestered for site but account has not been activated. This was 2 days ago.
        How long does activation take??

        • We will be taking down the registration portion this afternoon so you will be able to freely access the tool and anything else on the beta site 🙂