Brand New T8 Troops

An overview on T8 Troops, their research and training.

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After months of anticipation about when they were coming, we finally have T8 troops. Most of us have been watching and waiting, and we saw the mention of the research materials in last Super Wonder blog.

An Overview of the Research

The research is the same as previous tier releases. The troops are unlocked in the Combat tree and the traps are unlocked in the Defense tree. Mythics are also in the Combat tree as well.

Hint: If you have not completed the T7 research in the Combat tree, you WILL NOT have to wait to start the T8 research. In a small farm account of mine I was able to jump straight to T8 research even though my tree was not previously maxed.

Combat Tree:

Cost to open

Firelords T8: 200k

Thunderlords T8: 200k

Waterlords T8: 200k

Mythics T8: 200k

Notable Stats

Attack: 9,500%

Type Attack: 11,400%

Defense: 8,500%

Type Defense: 10,200%

Health: 6,500%

Type Health: 7,800%

The Combat tree also includes wonder holding attack/health, march and rally size increases, and debuffs on type stats as well as trap stats. Also interesting to note is that this is one of the first times that the type defense and health debuffs are MORE than the type of defense and health released in the same research tree.

Defense Tree

This tree also allowed me to jump right to the T8 research even though the previous T7 research was not completed

Cost to Open:

T8 Traps: 200k

Notable Stats:

Trap Defense: 10,200%

Trap Attack: 11,000%

Trap Health: 7,700%

Empire Defending Defense; 7,000%

Empire Defending Attack: 6,000%

Empire Defending Health: 4,000%

The Defense tree also has debuffs for defense, attack, and health. Again, the defense debuff and health debuff are higher than the amount of defense and health released from the combat tree.

Training T8

The first reduction comes from the combat tree. There is a twenty-five percent reduction that reduces the cost of resources of T8 troops. The second reduction comes from the defense tree. That one will reduce the cost of resources when training T8 traps by twenty-five percent as well.

One thing that is different is the hero that you want to use when training the T8. Previously the Valkeryie Hero was the best choice for training.  However, the original hero is now the best option.  Yes, the original PRE DEMI hero that is level 550. Make sure that the skills are maxed and that you are wearing the Demigod training gear.

example hero for training T8

The next two screenshots will show the difference in the resources and the training time between the original pre demi hero and the Valk hero

Training cost for CT8 in Valk hero

T8 training cost in pre demi hero

At first glance, you may assume that Valk hero is still better, but look closer! First, the resources required are slightly less in the pre demi hero, even though you are getting two million more troops per queue. Secondly, the timer does show six more days for the pre demi hero, but if you do the math, you can see that it is actually more troops for your speeds. The Valk hero is training approximately 288k troops per one day speed, while the pre demi hero is training 305k troops per one day speed.  That comes out to 17 THOUSAND more troops per one 24 hour speed.

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