Guide to Boosting Buildings and Maximum Boosts

Building boost Time orbs

Building Boosts - An Efficient Approach

Building boosts provide a secret edge over the enemy! These boosts do not appear in scout reports.

Your buildings are a foundation of your power. You can now become even more powerful with building boosts.

Also, building boosts provide additional boost to your stronghold when you hero is marching or captured.

Maximum boosts for all buildings are found below.

Luck Level 36+ Maximum Boosts

Luck Level 36+ changed building boosts somewhat.  In the past each building had a specific set stats that you could roll.  However, luck level 36+ is the same for every type of building. You may receive one of the following stats:

  • Troop Attack
  • Legion Attack
  • Type Attack
  • Onslaught Attack
  • Rally/Wonder Attack
  • Troop Defense Debuff
  • Legion Defense Debuff
  • Type Defense Debuff
  • Defense Annihilation
  • Troop Defense
  • Legion Defense
  • Type Defense
  • Resolute Defense

So, it requires many rolls to receive the stats you want plus desired boost amount. The following boosts are a work-in-progress from our friends at

Luck Level 36-41 GoW

From level 36 to 39 the costs per roll and instant luck level are fairly similar. However, 40 the cost jumps per instant level. Level 41 the instant level is cheap but the per roll is more expensive.

The increase in stats do not parallel the increase in costs, but level 40 provides nearly double stats potential of 39. For this reason, push your buildings to luck level 40 and roll until you receive the boost you like. You will save 1 KT orbs per roll.

Luck Level 30-35 Maximum Boosts

Luck Level 35 Building Boosts Game of War

Need a potion recipe?

A "Realistic Approach" to Boosting Buildings with Time Orbs

Now that Game of War players are getting more familiar with building boosts and how they work, many have asked me what stat they should shoot for on this or that building?

First, boost the buildings that possess that contain the stat you desire listed below:

  • Trap - Defense, Attack Debuff
  • Rally Leaders  - Attack and Defense Debuff.
  • Wonder Fighter - You need it all baby!  Attack, Health, Attack Debuff, Health Debuff most importantly.

Time Orb Building Boosts

  • Prison - Attack, Defense Debuff
  • Gymnos - Hero Experience
  • Forge - Health
  • Altar - Individual Attack
  • Academy - Defense, Attack, Troop Defense Debuff
  • Marketplace - Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • Barracks - Individual Health, Troop Queue, Defense
  • Hall of War - Rally Attack, Attack
  • Embassy - Defense
  • Watchtower -  Enemy Attack Debuff
  • Storehouse - Individual Resource Production
  • Villa - Individual Health
  • Stronghold - Troop Attack, Rally Attack Debuff
  • Hospital - Health
  • Wall - Defense

Ok, now with buildings in mind to boost, how much should you boost them?  This depends on your Time Orb supply.

Upgrade Buildings Before Boosting with Exceptions

Keep in mind that each application of Time Orbs increases your Luck XP level bar.  The higher the building level the greater the increase to your Luck XP Level.  At level 26 you gain 400% increase to luck xp for each Time Orb application!

So, its important to upgrade your buildings as high as you can before you start boosting. You can save millions of orbs by upgrading your buildings first. This makes getting to higher levels of luck much cheaper!

Level 30 Update: No additional XP multiplier is gained past level 26. 

PRO TIP: Buildings 32+ are much more expensive to instant upgrade. Therefore, its recommended players boost their urban buildings before upgrading them to 33.

Boost to Luck Level

With buildings at desired upgraded levels, you are ready to boost.  I've discovered that instead of watching every single boost for a stat, simply boost to a desired luck level that is efficient to obtain.

So, spam the boost until you notice the luck level bar starts to slow down. In other words, at first you will increase Luck Level really fast! Woah, you are awesome! Eventually, however, you will get an uncomfortable feeling like you're wasting orbs. You're becoming weak, nooooooo.

VIP 28 and Hero 75

With VIP 28 you can simply use "One Click Luck Leveling System" to quickly upgrade your luck level.  Careful however, as one click considers only the building luck level multiplier and not your Hero Skills at Hero 75 for additional Building Boosts.

Check your Time Orbs. Do you have millions of those suckers? Well, maybe you can keep going but keep in mind how many more buildings you still need to do.  If you are on one of the last buildings then remember, what else are you going to use these silly orbs for?  Nothing! So, keep going, or stop.  The choice is yours.  Maybe keep some around for higher building levels in the future though.

Ok, so comfortable now?  You aren't weak by the way... You're GRRRRRREAT! *thumbs up*

Time to roll for a good boost stat!

What's a Good Boost Stat?

Now, start looking at the stats for a desired type and number. For building 24 players this luck level will be 14-16.  If you want maximum numbers, however, you will need to get to a luck level which is the same as the building or one level under.  So for Building 24 shoot for 23 or 24.  For 26, you must go to Luck Level 25 or 26.  At this level you will soon start popping those Legendary Building Boosts in Alliance and Kingdom Chat... COOL! Ego Stat +1.

For Level 30 players, I recommend pushing luck level up to 27 or 28 depending again on your supply of Time Orbs.  I boosted all my barracks to luck level 28 and rolled a boost for health around 130-150% for now. I will wait for more Time Orbs in packs.  For trap players and Wonder fighters who prefer defense on their barracks shoot for 40-50%.

For those of us without a gazillion orbs to boost luck level, we will shoot for Luck Levels 5 below to get "above average" numbers and within 10 Luck levels of max building to get "average" stat boosts.

I'm probably forgetting something and will come back to update in a little while, but for now this is a great approach to boosting buildings!

Oh yeah!  Once you get a comfortable stat on that first building, move to the 2nd priority building and so on to the 3rd and 4th.  Once you have all your "main" buildings boosted with the desired stat, defense, attack, etc. then you can play around with the buildings that provide a secondary boost to your city!

How Building Boosts Work

You can use Time Orbs to apply a permanent random boost to one of your buildings.  Building Boosts are similar to an enchantment or set bonus that you place on your building.

Below is a list of record building boosts reported.

Want to be added to the list of records, add your screenshot in the comments below!

I am updating these boosts to reflect Stronghold 25/26 in the coming days!  So, far I've discovered the following max building boosts.  Should you receive higher please let me know.

 Luck Level 24-30 Maximum Boosts

Building Boosts 30 GoW

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The boosts applied to the buildings vary, but each building appears to have a set of bonuses possible.

Different buildings can receive different potential boosts: Building Boosts - Luck

Building Boosts

In the above image you can see the Rewind Orbs, Time Orbs, Luck, your Current Boots and Total Boost.

The tooltip explains that you can apply Boosts using Time Orbs to receive Luck XP.  Each time you roll, or spend Time Orbs you will increase the Luck XP of the building.  The higher your Luck XP the greater the boosts.

Each time you "roll" by spending Time Orbs you will receive a different stats with a different multiplier.  With each Time Orb spent to roll a different boosts you are granted experience toward your building's Luck level.  Higher level buildings gain more Luck XP when rolling for boosts.

If you roll an extremely powerful legendary boost, your name is announced in the Kingdom Chat!

Legendary Building Boost Game of War Fire Age

Time Orbs

Time Orbs are used to increase Luck XP. If you want to "roll" a different boost, you must spend Time Orbs again to achieve it.

Rewind Orbs

Rewind Orbs are used to return to a previous bonus as needed.  So unlike "Reset Special Base/Full Special Bonus" where you lose previous set bonus if you "roll" a new one, building boosts are somewhat stored.  However, you can only rewind back one boost.

How to Get Time Orbs

You probably noticed Time Orb Alliance Gift Tiles.  These tiles, once you deplete them, earn you Time Orbs!  Also, you can complete events to receive Time Orbs and Rewind Orbs.  You can purchase Time Orbs x 50,000 and Rewind Orbs x 100 in the Gold Store per pack.

So, get out there and farm some Alliance Time Orb Tiles!

Time Orb Building Max Boosts

To maximize Luck of each building type you need the following number of Time Orbs:

  • Academy - 1000
  • Altar - 1000
  • Barracks - 500
  • Embassy - 1000
  • Forge - 1000
  • Gymnos - 1000
  • Hall of War - 2000
  • Hospitals - 500
  • Marketplace - 1000
  • Prison - 1000
  • Stronghold - 5000
  • Storage House - 1000
  • Villa - 500
  • Watchtower - 1000

 Heroless Strongholds with Building Boosts

Heroless strongholds now will be much more difficult to zero stats and burn because of all the building boosts they could have running.

A rally leader will need significantly more debuff and attack to make sure he is zeroing all stats necessary to burn a player without hero.  Building boosts do not appear in scout reports.  Combine this with Ultimate Execution from Graveyard 23 and Battle Marks Hero Notification  GoW just added another level of complexity, which makes Game of War the best game going right now.

Building Boosts at Wonder and Super Wonder

The best feature of building boosts is its impact on Wonder fights in GoW.  Building Boosts create an additional level of strategy to battles for Super Wonder and Wonder.  At the moment, the only way to boost your buildings is by "grinding" Alliance Events and Time Orb tiles.

Building Boosts

Players diligently worked to figure out which buildings boost what stat.  The boosts are not completely random.

Time Orb Building Boosts

  • Prison - Attack, Defense Debuff
  • Gymnos - Hero Experience
  • Forge - Health
  • Altar - Individual Attack
  • Academy - Defense, Attack, Troop Defense Debuff
  • Marketplace - Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • Barracks - Individual Health, Troop Queue, Defense
  • Hall of War - Rally Attack, Attack
  • Embassy - Defense
  • Watchtower -  Enemy Attack Debuff
  • Storehouse - Individual Resource Production
  • Villa - Individual Health
  • Stronghold - Troop Attack, Rally Attack Debuff
  • Hospital - Health
  • Wall - Defense

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  1. This is the highest I’ve seen so far for Troop Defence, Luck level 41

    • I think they changed it. So, everyone receives the same boost at the same luck level. However, now you have to spin to get the boost you desire. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but now you know that no matter the boost, thats the max for the level. Good luck!

  2. Would love an update on this since boosts levels have increased to 41. Particularly, which buildings boost which stats. That has definitely changed and I’ve already lost a couple of key defensive stats by trying to do this blindly.

  3. Is there any info on the new max levels for time orbs since the building level increase? Above lvl 35! Thanks

  4. Rosalie Bookhammer

    Since they no longer announce them in kc is there a way to find out if you hit legendary

  5. One of my first boosts at level 35.

  6. Not legendary yet but not bad either.

  7. Maxium health is now 2512.5%

  8. Hall of War rally attack debuff – new max? 1323.96

  9. I just hit 896,990.5 Legion Attack on Rural building 35 which is higher than the 875M posted above.


  10. Anybody have any ideas about what the maximums are for Gathering Speed, from your Marketplace.

    I’m at Luck Level 33, and have about 1,900%.

    Any advice?

  11. Paulocaust (K681)

    Well it’s not like I shattered your barracks record, but everything’s I have seen on max boost is 89.2 for Luck 27. I just rolled a 91.4…good enough for a 0.01% record with a 0.41 roll

  12. It’s not on your list of boosts but I had a 651.92 troop que boost pop up to today at level 30

  13. Every building boost chart I’ve seen only lists the hospital high boost – Type health , never the Troop health high boost.
    I’ve built a health trap which has done well. I was advised to go with Troop health boost on my hospitals but never seen anything saying what max is. Any idea? My sh is level 30, luck levels are 27/28

  14. Wall Building Boost 85.84 Defense

  15. Wall Defense 85.84

  16. With multiple buildings of the same type, do you receive those boost increases as well or just 1 building?

  17. Don’t understand why my last question didn’t mods. Embassy boost can do an embassy Defense or troop defense, which better? Embassy can’t be debuffed so that better?

  18. What’s he difference between embassy defense and troop, which is better to choose

  19. Can sh21 achieve legendary building boosts or bust you be higher strongholds.

    • I believe it is not possible to get legendary building boosts at SH 21. Legendary building boosts are those close to max for a building. These boosts are achievable only at the highest luck level for that building. Currently that number is 26 luck level. Keep in mind that they have removed the Legendary Building Boost notification we once saw in Alliance and Kingdom Chat. I believe many people were sending complaints about the spam.

  20. Highest boost I got so far until I get more orbs but I’ve seen 5 percent boosts, and a 40 percent multiplier as the highest just haven’t got the two to connect yet.

    • Thats pretty great boost. You have to consider if its worth spending millions more orbs potentially for 6% more troop attack.

  21. What is the highest luck level for a building? Is it 25? Is it maxed at the building’s level? I have found nothing online and am disappointed MZ does not make that information readily available.

    • The highest luck level is the level of the building itself. So for a building 21 it would be maxed at Luck Level 21, building 24, luck level 24. Thanks for your comment!

  22. Just wondering what the minimum SH requirement is for using the time orbs for building boosts, does anyone know? I have not been able to find out that information. Maybe I am not looking in the right places, but any help would be appreciated.

    • Hmm this is an interesting question. I believe it may be building 21 when you can start boosting. However, you gain more Luck XP per use of time orb with higher level buildings.

      • I started using them at sh16 that is the earliest I have seen. It could help a low power level trap but the total boost would be lower and you would spend more orbs for the benefit.

  23. My current boost in my SH. Afraid to gamble. Lol

  24. I have 36.49% defense on altar, 1.01% with a multiplier of 36.

  25. I currently have a multiplier of 30 on my embassy

  26. Ha ha love this section…. how would you know if you rolled a leadgendary boost is there a list of boost’s?

    • I believe the Legendary boost is something that didn’t make it from Beta to live. I’ve seen no confirmed Legendary Rolls. However, if you are to roll a legendary then a notification will appear in Kingdom chat about how epic you are with your roll!

  27. 101.31 Cavalry Attack

  28. These boost work for your rallies or just when you are attacked?

    • Yes, the boosts apply for your rallies as well as defending city. The boosts are applied to your troop if you are sending, rally leader, or defending your city. If joining an alliance mate’s rally your troops take on her stats.

  29. hello,

    I think you mistook / misplace the troop defense from barrack and altar from my post below,
    the one with 33.68% troop defense are from altar, and the one with 13.31% is from barrack.
    thank you

  30. Another barracks troop queue that I passed on and shouldn’t have

  31. Barracks – Troop Queue Bonus

  32. strong hold – enemy rally attack debuff

  33. altar – troop defense

  34. the highest troop queue boost from barrack I got so far

  35. the highest barrack boost I got so far

  36. the highest storage boost I got so far

  37. My best troop defense

  38. My best troop que bonus

  39. This is my SH Time Orb Boost. My luck xp is maxed at lvl 24. The largest multiplier i’ve seen is 40x and the largest troop attack i’ve seen is 5%. My guess is once you upgrade your SH to lvl 25 you will unlock an additional luck xp lvl but as of now the max Troop Attack you can get from boosting your SH is 200%

  40. What happen if I upgrade one building if this building has already some of this boost (orbs already used on it), does it reset it to zero or keep the same extra boost?

  41. Could you please explain what the multiplier is and how it is used? That is the part that is not explained anywhere that we have found. As an explanation of the multiplier is needed to compile all math needed to assure complete success in attacking and trapping.
    Thank you
    H0n3y Ryd3r l

    • The boost and the multiplier are both random boosts each time you add Time Orbs to the building. As you increase Luck Level the minimum range increases. Therefore, you are guaranteed a higher low end range as you increase Luck Level. So, in essence, you are rolling on a chance at two numbers, the stat and the multiplier. Also, possible is to “roll” the highest possible stat on your very first application of Time Orbs however it is very unlikely. However, as you increase the Luck Level the chances of “rolling” a very high stat and multiplier improves.

  42. The alliance events give more points for depleting an enemy tile. This has created more tile hitters. Tile biters sending hero & using cores! Insane!

    • Kathy Gaines, as far as the tile hitters in my Kingdom, we are only looking to hit, collect and steal the gift tiles. And if your alliance has the strength and/or the ability to have collected on any of these chest tiles, then you would understand why the desire to collect from them are so high and the extreme fighting over the chest are being done. If you are not willing to lose troops, use cores or have strong enough defense while collecting all from the chest, my recommendation for you is to stay off of said tiles.
      I personally like the RSS that arrogant ed received from these tiles and we are always looking to steal these chest from any and all other alliances in our Kingdom.
      Good luck to you and your alliance in learning the best way to accomplish collecting the last bit of the RSS. H0n3y Ryd3r

      • I’m loving the resource gift tiles. I’ve been wanting GoW to do something like this for awhile. The ultimate resource tiles were similar to this. It gets GoW back to its roots where we did a lot of tile warfare.

        • warfare for the wallet warrior, how very noble. No wonder the game has gone to xxxx

          • New Game of War features are always costly initially for those who wish to obtain them to gain the edge over all. However, as seen with every other feature in GoW, the cost lowers. Soon, a month or two we will all have so many Time Orbs we won’t know what to do with them. Keep the faith Xena!

  43. “I find it interesting they delayed Time Orbs in the Gold Store, and made them available only through farming” : very interesting, yes, and also very unlike MZ way to manage innovations in the game. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that they always instantaneously monetize any new feature they release. I wonder what had happened to make them change their way so drastically.

    • Yes, also as soon as I posted this article they put orbs in packs… It was cool while it lasted though. I’m not sure why they delayed it. Maybe just hadn’t updated packs yet.

  44. For myself, I don’t need it since I stay shielded every single day. Now I can invest 220,000 gold on 1 day investment and get back over 300,000 gold, I can buy 30 day peace shield and still have tons of gold left.

  45. The max orbs are wrong. You can stack a lot more per building