Building Levels Guide – Up to Level 150

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“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Get ready to shape your Stronghold with new building levels released! Are you a trap or filler looking for more defense? Or a Lead looking for more attack? Or just looking for more stats overall? Well now you can get those additional stats with new building levels released to 150!

9/29 Update (Buildings Level 150)

Stronghold 150

GoW SH150

New Building Levels are here! Currently these levels are marketed to go to 150 but keep your eyes open to see if it goes further! Along with this update,check out the new hero levels and Radiant troops update.

As with the previous releases, these buildings will have different levels that will require different items to upgrade.

  • Radiant Building Levels
    • Requirement: Radiant Brass Sheets
  • Ornate Building Levels
    • Requirement: Ornate Rock Slab
  • Gilded Building Levels
    • Requirement: Gilded Marble Slab

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available soon.

These three releases combined have stats that will knock your socks off!! They also include new stats that were previously only available in Gladiator Levels and Monsters!!

March Size Benefits

  • +600B Solo March Size
  • +3T Rally March Size
  • +300B Solo Trap March Size
  • +1.5T Rally March Size


  • 150% MultiKill
  • 2.25T Massacre
  • 3BTT Troop Attack Bonus
  • 3BTT Legion Attack Bonus
  • 3BTT Type Attack
  • 3BTT Rally/Wonder Attack Bonus
  • 240MTT Onslaught Attack
  • 1.5MT Troop Defense Bonus
  • 1.5MT Legion Defense Bonus
  • 1.5MT Type Defense
  • 1.5MT Resolute Defense
  • 200KT Enemy Troop Defense Bonus
  • 400KT Enemy Legion Defense Bonus
  • 200KT Enemy Type Defense Debuff
  • 90MT Unstoppable Attack
  • 900KT Defense Annihilation
  • 1.5TTT Rally/Wonder Health Bonus
  • 75BTT Mobile Trap Health
  • 4MTT Troop Health Bonus
  • 4MTT Legion Health Bonus
  • 4MTT Type Health Bonus


9/22 Update (Buildings Level 125)

Gaining the Upper Hand – Notable Increases

  • Huge Attack benefits come with this release to make leads even more powerful!
  • However, what I’m most excited about is the defense stats! This drop gives not only resolute but triple defense! Building stats are present even when your hero is not! For leads that are struggling to lead without burning this will provide a huge benefit!
  • So what’s needed? In order to upgrade your buildings you need Ascendant Fossil Blocks which can be found in the gold store!

Ascendant Fossil Block

What Buildings should you build? Barracks, Villas, or Hospitals… (oh my)

  • Villas provide attack, defense debuff, defense, legion defense debuff, onslaught attack, and defense annihilation stats
  • Hospitals provide Attack, health, defense, legion defense, and resolute troop defense stats
  • Barracks provide attack, defense, legion defense, onslaught attack, resolute defense, and defense annihilation

So the buildings you choose to shape your stronghold with will highly influence your outcome in the war! See Home Makeover article for easy steps on re-structuring your city.

Building Levels Guide

Taking your stronghold to building level 105 provides the following benefits:

March Benefits

  • 30B March Size
  • 25B Mobile Trap March Size
  • 354B Rally Size
  • 179B Mobile Trap Rally Size

Defense Benefits

  • 870KT Triple Defense
  • 850KT Resolute Defense

Attack and Wonder Benefits

  • 850KTT Troop Attack
  • 578KT Triple Defense Debuff
  • 72.5KTT Onslaught Attack
  • 54.3MT Defense Annihilation
  • 850KTT Rally/Wonder Attack
  • 7.7MTT Rally/Wonder Health
  • 4.74MTT Rally/Wonder Mobile Trap Health


Building Levels 110 give these benefits:

March Benefits

  • 90B March Size
  • 55B Mobile Trap Rally Size
  • 594B Rally Size
  • 299B Mobile Trap Rally Size

Defense Benefits

  • 1.05MT Triple Defense
  • 970KT Resolute Defense

Attack and Wonder Benefits

  • 2.65MTT Troop Attack
  • 758KT Triple Defense Debuff
  • 252.5TT Onslaught Attack
  • 61.8MT Defense Annihilation
  • 2.65MTT Rally/Wonder Attack
  • 25.74MTT Rally/Wonder Health
  • 13.74MTT Rally/Wonder Mobile Trap Health

Currently these building levels are marketed to level 110 but as with previous releases it appears it can go up to 125. More stats will be provided when available so keep tuned in as you shape your Stronghold!

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