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When building your account you need to know how to build and why. If you go looking for this critical information you will find it. There is a ton of info to be found out in the community. There are players that can be great teachers, however, there are also some people out there with not so great advice.

When asking a question such as, “What gear should I use? What research should I focus on?” The answer needs to be driven by a reason. It is simple to give an easy blanket statement, such as Sentinel is the best defense gear. However, it is quite a different thing to know why you are building your stats the way you are and when it is appropriate to use certain stats. The goal of this series will be to teach you not only what different stats are but how they are important to you as a player.

In addition, having this knowledge as a tool underneath your belt will help you ultimately know where you need to prioritize your purchases. Which in the end saves you money so you can get more packs down the road.

Stats Defined

There are numerous stats in Game of War. Sometimes players are not quite sure what they mean. So before we kick off this article we want to take some time to familiarize all of you with the stats we see in the Dragon War Dimension, what they are for and how to use them.

The Dragon War Dimension Stat Dictionary

The stats listed below are not all-inclusive. We did not include stats for Gathering, Economics, March Size, March Speed, etc. What you see below mainly encompasses Combat Skills as that is what we will spend the most time looking at over the course of these articles.

Game of War Stats DictionaryStats that are important for Traps

With this list of stats, there are a few that are very important for Traps. How to prioritize and pick the stats you need as an individual will be covered in a future article. however, we did want to take a moment to look at the stats that are the most important for Traps to be aware of when they are building.

  • Type Stats
  • Enemy Attack Debuff
  • Empire Defender Defense
  • Empire Defender HP
  • Empire Defender Attack

Where to get these stats and how to know which ones to prioritize will be further discussed later.

Stats that are important for Fillers

For Fillers, they are going to focus on the same stats as traps. When you are filling for rallies or Wonder one of your priorities is ensuring that you consider your own safety as well. You will not be able to fill Rallies if you are too busy trying not to burn and you get zeroed. However, players that mainly identify as Fillers will also want to be sure to focus in on march size stats as well.

Stats that are important for Leads

Next up, Leads. We know you want to burn everything! However, while you are out burning everything be sure to focus on your own safety as well. Unless you are one of the leads that really dislikes being hit then you can always flip to Hero-less trap when you inevitably lose your Hero at some point.

However, when we shift our focus to just the Lead aspect the following are the stats we will focus in on.

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Armor Piercing
  • Empire Assault Attack
  • Empire Assault Armor
  • Empire Assault HP
  • Rally March Size

Stats that are important for Wonder Players

Last but not least our Wonder players. More power to you my friends for having the patience to hold that Wonder! While some of the stats you will want to focus on here are obvious once again do not forget that for a large portion of time your Hero is going to be outside of your Stronghold. So be sure that you have a solid Hero-less set up.

  • Attack
  • Health
  • March Size
  • Wonder Strike Troop Attack
  • Wonder Defender Troop Attack
  • Wonder Troop Health
  • Wonder Troop Attack

Build Your Stats

Some of the above may seem basic and obvious. However, recall in this article we are simply building the framework for our future articles. We will cover more in-depth in following articles on how to prioritize these stats and the different places you are able to get them from. The different places we will be looking for these stats are:

  • Boost Hall
  • Research
  • Hero
  • Gear
  • Gems
  • Banners
  • Buildings

We will also consider where to prioritize first. For example, should you work towards getting the Arbiter Set Bonus first or opening up the Attack Boosts in the Boost Hall first as a trap? Should you focus on building your attack stats first or your march size first as a lead? These are all questions that are very important when deciding where to buy and where to build first.

However, we also want to be sure that in the process of making this information available to you that you get your questions answered as well.

So let us know in the comments below, what questions do you have on how to build your stats? We will be sure to answer them in our upcoming articles!

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