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Unleash your Inner Comedian and you could win!

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We have some fun planned for you for September! This month, we will be running our “Caption This” contest. Entering is simple and if your caption meets all the requirements, you will be entered into a drawing for a 25-dollar gift card for iTunes or Google Play.

Disclaimer: This gift card is purchased in the US, and therefore may not work on devices in other countries, such as Canada.

Caption This

Make us laugh, make us chuckle, and caption the following photo pulled from one of our Game of War Realtips Users!


How it Works

  1. Comment on this article with your caption.
  2. Include your Line or Discord name as part of your comment so we can find you.
  3. Here are the caption rules:
    1. No vulgar language.
    2. No bashing of the game.
    3. Keep it funny and positive.
    4. HAVE FUN!
  4. If your caption follows these rules, you will be entered into the drawing for the 25-dollar gift card.
  5. The contest runs from September 23 to September 30, and then that’s all she wrote!
  6. Once the drawing has been completed, Cinder will contact the winner. If no reply is received within 24 hours, we will re-draw for a new winner.
  7. The winner will be sent the gift card of their choice via email,

That’s it, folks! Super simple, so have some fun with us and caption this photo! Make sure you check back often in the comments to get your own share of laughs!

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  1. Ajinkya kalyankar says

    They said just try it ! They said it wouldn’t hurt

  2. Marcello says



  3. Skelly says

    They said just try it ! They said it wouldn’t hurt

  4. Crystal Girl says

    Oooh, what’s that you’ve got there???

  5. Crystal Girl says

    That time you tried to quietly enjoy your favorite treat. (Crystal Girl)

  6. Dan Plant says

    Arrrr…looks like we’re in for a little strom.

  7. Tylianna says

    Oh, this is gonna tickle

    LineID: tylianna

  8. Bainesly says

    Oh sure… I used to have Pink Flamingo wings, too…and LEGS! But look at me now. Just you wait…

  9. Queen Wilson says

    We all know this was said at least once!

  10. Queen Wilson says

    Because we know this was said at least once!

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