Catching Heroes in The Super Wonder

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Capture Heroes With Monster Gear

Everyone knows if you log off in monster gear at the Super Wonder you will log back into a zeroed account.

Did you know you can use monster gear to capture heroes? It’s quite costly, but if you can afford to get into the Super Wonder, than you might be able to pull this off.

Step 1: 20 Million of Each T4 Troops

Train about 20 million of each T4 troop, and get rid of all lower tiered troops so that you have highest chance of winning a battle. Meat shields will only cause you to burn.

Step 2: Gem Your Monster Gear Appropriately

Gem of all your monster gear with defensive gems, hallow gems, and minatour gems. You are using a defense boost so that you lose the least troops possible.

Even if you have a fourth gem slot, use defensive gems.

Step 3: Set Your Hero Points to Health and Defense

Set your hero points to health and defense levels 1 & 2, and the rest to individual troop attack.

Step 4: Capture heroes

You overwhelming troop numbers will eat the rally whole and your defensive posture will keep you from being burned. You will be able to capture several heroes before you need to port back home and safely wait for execution.

The really nice thing  about this setup is that you don’t have to have presets, rally reduction or much of anything else done as far as research. I would recommend you have the restorative tree and defense tree done. You can easily be sitting under 3 bil power and have more T4 troops than 20 million each type.

Caution: Keep an eye on the battle reports to make sure you aren’t losing too many troops. When you are coming close to losing more troops than the attacker simply port back to your home kingdom. Train up more troops, change your name and head back to the Super Wonder.

Would you use this strategy?

Contributed by Badda OG

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  1. Ferney says

    I will try that. However, my question is 20 million t4 each that means between reg, star and wild? Also, I have t3 too, every troops are balanced, so same quantity for each. I set hero skill defense and health I and II, individual troop attack, altar def, alt attack, altar health and enemy attack deff maxed up. Also, I used defense gem at 4 spot. that is right? Should I change something or not?

  2. YoYo says

    It’s cool to capture heroes and all but not worth it. If you’re going to dump a bunch of money to do this, why not just build a good trap account and sit there eating rallies?

  3. […] the top 5-6 alliances in our kingdom is search for players between 1-4 billion that are either sitting in monster or research gear. Once we have selected a target the top alliances will decide who will be the rally leaders and […]

  4. Badda OG says

    With the addition of hemlock to the game, this is really only a strategy for fun now. Capture a bigs hero just so you can say you did. No tactical advantage to capturing heroes anymore.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      It actually might make sense to port super far away and release them now! hahahahaha
      Make those bigs waste their speeds to their hero back

  5. PerseoZD
    PerseoZD says

    I understand the baiting in monster gear, however it literally makes no sense to me why you wouldn’t switch to regular war gear before the rally hits. If you have 60M T4 and over a 3B account you damn well should at least have a minimal of one preset. if you don’t you seriously need to focus on doing some research instead of wasting resources and speeds on troops you don’t necessarily need.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Of course you can switch if you have presets. We are only saying if you don’t have them, you don’t need them.

    2. Ahmed Khalil says

      excellent! absolutely correct. “Troops are made to die” is a myth. “truth is: troops are made to make you win a battle” If you win a fight and keep your troops to fight again you are a good player, if you win a war and lose more power or troops than the one whom you were fighting, it does not make sense. Bait and switch to core or trap gear, bait in attacking gear rather than monster gear, >>> The only time you need to have solid t4 account is to make “hero-less defense” which is for wonder occupation.

  6. DRetz says

    This seems extremely costly. If you have the funds to do this strategy I would think you would have Presets unlocked. Just sit and wait in monster gear and then slap on a core preset right before you get hit. Would lose far less troops.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      “Slapping” a core set on would:
      1. Be far more costly
      2. Hard to repeat over and over again due to cost. Monster sets are permanent

      1. DRetz says

        ok slap on a normal battle set then. would save a lot more troops than using monster gear

        1. Navi
          Navi says

          People won’t attack you in a normal battle set because they will lose too many troops. They will only attack if they see you in monster gear, because they think they will crush you that way.

      2. Felipe says

        Or you could preset your regular gear!no core set will burn 60mil t4 with regular gear …

        1. Navi
          Navi says

          One of the benefits of this method is that you don’t need presets 😀

    2. Badda OG says

      Yes, I stated this in the beginning that it’s quite costly. It’s not for everyone and will take some serious funding, but the reward of catching some high profile heroes is what makes it all worth while.

      I mentioned not having presets because there are several players out there with the ability to start a new acct specifically to build this type of acct. Doing the bare minimum research keeps your base power lower and allows you to have far more T4 than a comparable acct of like power.

      Don’t forget that this type of acct can still contribute greatly outside of the SW. Can always donate troops to rallies and wonder battles.

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