Cheap Game of War Gold Packs – Amazon Special!

amazon coin

Cheap Game of War Gold Packs with Amazon Coins Amazon recently dropped the cost of their Amazon Coins.  Also, they announced a weekend special to start May 12, 2017.  If you didn't know, you can use Amazon App Store to download Game of War and use Amazon Coins currency to purchase your packs.  Game of War packs cost less when using ... Read More »

Battle Marks: Track Your Enemy’s Every Move!

battle mark teleport

Game of War: Fire Age - Battle Marks In this article we breakdown the abilities and uses of each of the battle marks: Battle Mark Location, Peace Shield, Hero, and Teleporting. Also, included is the Battle Marks research tree requirements and benefits. Don't underestimate the strength of Battle Marks! Now they have their own research tree! Battle Marks Research Tree ... Read More »

Game of War VIP

VIP 27 Game of War Fire Age

VIP in Game of War continues to expand. We are now up to VIP 45! VIP levels provide both fantastic boosts and utility for your gameplay. Also, for you trappers who are super critical of how much power you are adding, I have good news.  Increasing VIP level adds absolutely NO POWER.  Your Empire will show all players your level. ... Read More »

Announcement: Mobile Redirects – We Hate Them Too

Hi Everyone, I want to address something that is plaguing the whole advertising industry right now, not just our site. Mobile redirect ads (adware) are affecting some of the largest websites in the world such as: NBC, Ebay, New York Post, etc. By the end of this article you will understand: How these redirects occur Who they affect (more people ... Read More »

The Best Smartphones and Tablets for Playing Game of War

Smartphones and Tablets for Mobile Gaming - Game of War

The Best Smartphones and Tablets for Playing Game of War Game of War: Fire Age is easily the largest mobile massive multiplayer online game in the world, and it's all in real time. Because of this, the demand it puts on your smartphone or tablet device is tremendous. Although the game can run on a plethora of devices, there are few ... Read More »

Level 23 Buildings Requirements and Rewards!

Level 23

Game of War Level 23 buildings have arrived!  We take a look at the requirements and rewards of each of the latest Level 23 buildings.  A quick list of rewards from the latest buildings released: Hall of War 23 Max Rally Size: +503,567 New Max Rally Size: 5,400,000 Altar 23 Attack: 45% >> 53% Defense: 81% >> 95% Health: 81% ... Read More »

Alliance City Combat, Buildings, and Gear!

Alliance city combat

Alliance City Combat, Buildings, and Gear! Prepare to dominate together – Alliance City Combat has arrived for Beta Server for Game of War! With the advent of Alliance City Combat, several recently released features will prove instrumental in ensuring your success: Royal Prison– keep Heroes captured during Alliance City Combat in this building and gain massive boosts for your Alliance. Stockpile– protect a portion of your ... Read More »

Research Breakdown – March 14

Research Breakdown - March 14 The release of March 14 Research has been quite the shocker to both traps and rally leaders alike. Simply put, by just looking at how much better the bonuses are, March 14 research is around 33%+ better overall than March 13 research. March Level 14 Requirements and Boosts The requirements for March 14 are significant; however, ... Read More »

Graveyard 23 and Ultimate Execution!

ultimate execution and graveyard 23

Ultimate Execution - Prevent Enemies from Resurrecting! Now more than ever is it easier to upgrade your Graveyard to Level 23 and unlock "Ultimate Execution" and gain a fearsome new look for your City! Game of War has given the graveyard some ghoulish love. With level 23 you can prevent enemy heroes from resurrecting, and decrease the amount of time ... Read More »

Hall of Monsters – Monster Capture

Monster Capture

Hall of Monsters and Monster Capture It is time for Alliance City Combat updates.  After Stronghold 22 , Stronghold 23, and several new hard hitting Core Sets, comes now Hall of Monsters along with the ability to capture Monsters in the World Boss Dungeons which will provide "GIGANTIC" benefits when defending your Alliance City. We initially brought you news of Monster ... Read More »