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10/16 Notice Did you miss our Livestream? No worries! You can still access the videos!!! Videos Learn everything you need to know about Hero Levels and Gear! Link: Learn everything you need to know about the newest Research! Link: Learn everything you need to know about Troop Count, Build, and Nerf, along with all the little things! Link: As always ... Read More »

The Super Wonder – Kingdom of Fire

Super Wonder

The Super Wonder. We have all heard the name, but what does it truly mean? What is the Super Wonder? Is it a throne, or title, a kill event? To me it is the one event that bonds all players. The fight for the right to be called Emperor is one of the favorite parts of the game for many players. ... Read More »

Super Wonder Recap: The Controversial 15 Min March

Super Wonder Kingdom of Fire Game of War GoW

August 2017 Super Wonder is one for the record books! A new record hold time of nearly 1-day was set by ONE with a combined “team time” (ONE and D:V) of well over a day! Congratulations to Ctesse and her Alliance! Team ONE with the help of D:V managed over 30 hours of hold time in a 48 hour event. ... Read More »

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Hi all! We want to bring our content to you in the most convenient way possible! So, we are creating a Discord server that you can join to get immediately notified whenever we post content, hold events like Q&As and KvK teams, and share dank memes. Occasionally we will have Real Tips authors floating around the rooms to answer any ... Read More »

Troop Calculator for Events and Power Boosting


Use The Troop Calculator Now! Under the Calculator tab on the menu bar you will see the "Troop Calculator", I'll explain why it's so useful. The Best Troop Calculator Whether you have used it or not, you will soon find out it saves you TONS of time by doing every calculation you can think of when it comes to training ... Read More »

Surprising Restrictions to the Super Wonder this Month

super wonder scouting

Surprising Restrictions to the Super Wonder this Month It's not often we see changes and restrictions to the Super Wonder, but these are definitely noteworthy. With holidays coming up and new March Research being released faster than ever before in history, Game of War doesn't want the Super Wonder being neglected. As many of you know the next Super Wonder ... Read More »