Get To Your Large Resource Items Faster!

scroll no more

No Scrolling, No Stalling From Machine Zone's Blog: "No Scrolling, No Stalling Tired of having to scroll past smaller Resources Items or Speed-ups to get to the high-level ones you need? (Audience yells "YES!") Scroll not more! The NEW option we've added allows you to reverse the display order for both for both Resources and Speed-ups. (Audience erupts in cheering!) Find it ... Read More »

Know Anyone With $500 Million? Machine Zone Wants it.

Kate Upton mad strut game

Machine Zone and its $500 Million Request Hey GOW Real Tips users! Recently we learned that Machine Zone is asking potential investors for $500 million with a promised return rumored to be in the billions. That amount of money is insane, but if JPMorgan Chase & Co. contributing $250 million last July is any indication of interest in Game of War: Fire Age, investors ... Read More »

Game of War April Fools?


Game of War April Fools I'm not sure what Game of War is going for with the new INSANELY WEIRD loading screen, but they seem to have some sort of cat fetish. I'm sure you guys have seen these pictures already, let's take a closer look.. The cat at the bottom right looks exactly like me when first saw the loading ... Read More »