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We’re Looking For A Writer!


Teamrealtips is looking for one more writer to join our team! Would you like to help build the ultimate community site to bring all GoW players together? If so, we have an opportunity for you! About Us: GoW Real Tips is the best source of in-depth info for Game of War. Our mission is to provide top-tier content that helps players ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Event Recap

Valentine's Day

With Demigods Game of War has given us new events and, as we all know these events all fall into one of two categories, a Blast or a Bust. For Valentine’s Day we had a Monster Hunt Event and in my opinion this one qualified as a Blast. Your Teamrealtips Emperor was there and by the way, when you’re emperor ... Read More »

Kingdom of Gods Recap

KOG Winner

Kingdom of the Gods Game of War rolled out a brand new event, as the year was coming to a close. With four releases a day over the holidays, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that MZ had something big up their sleeve they were preparing players for. However, this event was different than ever before!! Boom or bust? ... Read More »

Kingdom of Champions (Recap)

Kingdom of Champions

This past weekend was the Kingdom of Champions, an event launched by MZ tagged as the new and improved Super Wonder. The news resulted in tons of excitement and preparations from players to become the first ever event champion. People were excited to go burn and be burned. It took a few hours after it started for people to grasp ... Read More »

Real Tips on Twitch

10/16 Notice Did you miss our Livestream? No worries! You can still access the videos!!! Videos Learn everything you need to know about Hero Levels and Gear! Link: Learn everything you need to know about the newest Research! Link: Learn everything you need to know about Troop Count, Build, and Nerf, along with all the little things! Link: As always ... Read More »

The “Wonder” of the Super Wonder

This past weekend we had one of the most controversial Super Wonder (SW) to date. This Super Wonder had lots of issues from the start, and more and more just kept coming up, leaving most players ready to throw in the towel. But what was so bad about it? Was it the token glitch? Or the possible time being restarted? ... Read More »

A Lost Art – CRR Wisecracks

GoW CRR log

So CRR is awesome, right? For those you who don't know it's what people say now when they want their hero back so they can keep on fighting. It stands for Chop or Release or Ransom.  Back in the day CRR eliminated the long wait for a hero to be returned. When the trap executed, released, or ransomed our hero we could ... Read More »

Super Wonder Recap: The Controversial 15 Min March

Super Wonder Kingdom of Fire Game of War GoW

August 2017 Super Wonder is one for the record books! A new record hold time of nearly 1-day was set by ONE with a combined “team time” (ONE and D:V) of well over a day! Congratulations to Ctesse and her Alliance! Team ONE with the help of D:V managed over 30 hours of hold time in a 48 hour event. ... Read More »

Chat With the Real Tips on Discord :)

Line Room 1 QR Code

Hi all! We want to bring our content to you in the most convenient way possible! So, we are creating a Discord server that you can join to get immediately notified whenever we post content, hold events like Q&As and KvK teams, and share dank memes. Occasionally we will have Real Tips authors floating around the rooms to answer any ... Read More »

Big Burns: Death by Aj Burning Unsuspecting Victims

Death by Aj

Big Burns: Death by Aj Burning Unsuspecting Victims Death by Aj pulled off some incredible hits in the last few days by catching some unsuspecting victims off guard. Careful out there everyone, if you let your guard, this is going to happen to you. Team Fighting Tips Before diving into the story, I want to share some team fighting tips ... Read More »