Skeleton King – INCREDIBLE Defense Set

Skeleton King Game of War

Skeleton King is a normal gear set in Game of War Fire Age with INCREDIBLE defense to defend against the latest generation of massively cored rally leaders.  This set boasts a combined Defense stat of over 7,000% when properly set up. I take you through step-by-step how to properly construct your Skeleton King Defense Set in Game of War! Skeleton ... Read More »

Monster Killing – Hunt for Prizes!

Monster Hunt Team Event Game of War

Monster killing in Game of War Fire Age, some people love it, some people hate it. It’s often overlooked as a non-essential part of the game, for those too scared or too weak to drop shield and fight. Now Game of War Fire Age is hosting a new Monster Hunt Team Event.  Choose a side Team Clever Fox or Team ... Read More »

Defense “Juggernaut” Custom Cores

Juggernaut Defense Core Recipe

With the constant increase in strength of new cores that can max out at over 12k combined attack, 4k defense debuff, 2k health debuff and 1500 attack debuff, traps and even 40 bil players previously safe are now threatened. Some other sites want you to pay for “blackhole” cores that use the newest secret recipes and aren’t being tested. It's ... Read More »

Speed Up Treasury: Upgrade Requirements!

Speed Up Treasury Game of War

You can now upgrade the Speed Up Treasury in Game of War.  The building may now be upgraded to Level 10 to provide additional speed ups.  Click the requirements link to discover how many Pristine Sundials each level requires! Game of War In-Game Blog Details Unlock and upgrade the Speed Up Treasury building in Game of War Fire Age to CREATE ... Read More »

Preset Stats are Wrong, Here’s Why…

preset stats

Your Game of War Preset Stats are Lying to YOU! You are told about a DOMINATING set promising insane stats.  You craft it, but when you get the final product it's not even close to what's promised.  You think, "What the heck?!  They lied to me!" Well, maybe not. Here's why. Understanding your Game of War preset stats is trickier than ... Read More »

“Rope-a-Dope” Prison Deconstruct KvK Scoring Trick

Rope-a-Dope KvK Trick Game of War Fire Age

Defending and winning against multiple rallies in Game of War Fire Age is a great way to score some big points in a KvK kill event. Waiting for a rally leader to actually attack you can be boring! So when one finally does you want to maximize the points you gain from them.  I discovered a great way to trick ... Read More »

Perses Game of War Core Recipe, Set Bonus, Stats

Perses Game of War Core Set

When all you want to do is set the world on fire in Game of War, reach for the titanic Perses Game of War Core Set. Gain giant boosts for your Infantry Troops and lay waste to the opposition! Perses Core Set is the first of the 4th generation of infantry missile cores following: Ryujin - 1st, Zeus - 2nd, Nike ... Read More »

Coliseum FearFest Survival Guide

FearFest Game of War

The Coliseum in Game of War has become a player favorite since it began over a year ago.  It allows players from every Kingdom to join some epic battles among the most talented players. This time, if you are a Daily Bonus Club member you will receive a free Epic Teleport before every event! In this article, I explain what ... Read More »

Academy 24 New Research and Building Requirements

Academy 24

Academy 24 in Game of War provides a hidden bonus! Did you know this? Once you have built the Academy additional levels of research become available! These additional research levels are found for Wild Traps, Strategic & Wild Siege, Wild Combat, Defense, Hero,  Combat, Strategic Combat, Wall Traps, and Strategic Wall Traps. It's possible to capture heroes on tiles with heroless ... Read More »

Lady Justice Core Recipe, Stats, Skills

Lady Justice Game of War

The land surrounding you is a lawless place – when facing foes, it's up to you to be judge, jury, and executioner. Equip yourself with the Lady Justice Core Set in Game of War and take the law into your own hands! Use this Set to dominate the Wonder or Super Wonder – it has incredible amounts of Defense and Health ... Read More »