The Maximum Special Set Bonus Ranges For Cores

custom core gear

The Maximum Special Set Bonus Ranges Intro from Navi: I just want to preface this article by saying that Prince Todd is a BOSS for being the first one to discover these Max Set Bonuses. Get stoked because this article will single-handedly remove all your doubts on whether your Set Bonus is good or not. Ever since the Set Bonus Tree ... Read More »

Kingdom Merging Is Back: Blog Updates

kingdom merge

Latest Kingdom Merging Blog Updates This is what we asked for guys. Massive Kingdom merges. It appears that Game of War is adding structure to these merges which signals to me that they are serious about them. These new 8 and 10 way KvKs are going to keep getting crazier. This time we are provided with a lot more detail ... Read More »

#1 Most Requested Feature : March Size

Game of War Update #2

New March Research In Game Alright, more New March Size Researches are in game so let's take a look at them. It's important to notice the significant increase in March Size once you complete Rank 10. From Rank 9-10 in each category, the March Size jumps 3x. Rank 10 is going to cost a TON of Resources and Speed-Ups so ... Read More »

24 New Profile Images

Customize Your Character Profile Image Game of War just released 24 new profile images for your heroes. It's refreshing to see Game of War beginning to round out some of the softer elements of the game. Here's the blog post if you haven't seen it already: If you want to "put your best face forward" you can choose from one of the ... Read More »

5 Ways To Boost Your Hero Experience Rapidly


Turn Your Hero Into Hercules! Hero Level is crucial to the overall strength of your Troops and Stronghold. Every Hero Level increase brings with it skill points that can greatly boost your stats for battle, production, researching, and building. 1. The Best Method Is Using 25% Hero Experience Boosts Under Special Store items there is a 25% Hero Boost for ... Read More »

Game of War Scam : The Journey to Find a Thief

Game of War Scam

Game of War Scam : The Journey to Find a Thief In today’s post I will explain my story of how I was scammed out of my GOW account and how I identified the person who stole it. Spotting a scam was way harder than I had thought and I wish hadn't try to sell my account to someone I don't know. ... Read More »

The Art of The Set Bonus

game of war set bonus research

The Art of The Set Bonus The introduction of Set Gear and the Set Bonus Research Tree has significantly increased many of the boosts available in Game of War. If you want even the slightest chance at controlling the wonder, you'll need these. Here is a quick breakdown explaining the Set Bonus, with some specific examples of some of them. ... Read More »

Finding Materials Is Easier Than You Think


Where To Find Materials Obtaining the right materials is essential to your success in Game of War. With the right materials you can craft gear that will allow you to burn your enemies, train your troops faster, kill more monsters, speed up your research, or pretty much make anything in the game easier. If there was anything that holds the ... Read More »

Game of War: Fire Age – Building Boosts, Descriptions, Tips

Game of War: Fire Age - Buildings In Game of War there are many methods to maximize productivity and efficiency, yet players always seem to overlook using the specific boosts that apply to different buildings. By strategically managing your building, numbers and ratios will put you at a massive advantage over your enemies. In this article I will give a breakdown ... Read More »