Making It In Your Alliance

This is a fantastic post by one of our new contributors "Geoponic" on how what it means to participate in an alliance. We hope you enjoy! Making It In Your Alliance "Impressing your peers is something almost everyone strives to do,  even if they don't know it. We like to show off, contribute and make our mark on the world. ... Read More »

“Hyper Farming” Questions

"Hyper Farming" Questions "Hyper Farming" or "pods" are both terms used to refer to a farming technique where each Member in your Alliance specializes in a Resource. Out of their 25 Resource tiles, they built 22-1-1-1. That means, 22 tiles of one Resource and one tile of the other three. Key Tips For Hyper Farming You need a Stronghold that is always Shielded to ... Read More »

Why Execute Heroes?

game of war hero execute

Why Execute Heroes? You can execute Heroes when you have a Prison greater than level 1 and the captured Hero is of a Stronghold greater than level 15. It's not immediately apparently when you first start playing, but excuting Heroes is extremely important to maximizing the strength of your account. The Main Reasons to Execute A Hero To slow the growth of an ... Read More »

How To Sniff Out A Spy

Yesterday I got a message asking me how to sniff out a spy. Kingdom hopping often creates spies who want to sabotage your alliance. Here our some ways my alliance leader and leaders [VUK] Gemmy prevented their effectiveness: Set a time for battle calls, but do not reveal the target until the battle call time. A battle call is when ... Read More »

A Cheeky Battle Tactic To Teach Your Alliance

cheeky monkey battle

A Cheeky Battle Tactic To Teach Your Alliance This cheeky battle tactic is one that will piss off your enemies in the most perfect way. If you've been playing Game of War for a while you've probably thought many times, "What are some creative strategies I could use to beat someone?" Well I've got a good one for you here ... Read More »

How to Avoid Multi-March Attacks

How to Avoid Multi-March Attacks I had this happen to me yesterday during the Kingdom Event. Some big guy ported in on me, all high and mighty, trying to attack me but I destroyed him. He had two full marches of T3 and I only had one full march. He ported in and sent his first full march at me, ... Read More »

Understand Your Kill Rate and True Power

This post will provide a good way for you guys to finally understand how well you can withstand enemy attacks. You want to calculate and keep track of your kill rate: "(troops killed + troops hospitalized) / (troops had) = kill rate". So if I have 100 troops and someone attacks me, and I kill 30 troops. For every one ... Read More »

Troop Health vs. Troop Defense

troop defense tree

Troop Health vs. Troop Defense: What do I need to know? Today we're answering a question from Mike Hill: "What is the difference between troop health and defense and how do you allocate them?" Here's a simple way of putting it from (C.T) xxxDDxxx: "Troop Health is your units' over all health points (how much damage they can take) while ... Read More »

One Time Rallying the Wonder

rally trap

Rallying The Wonder Rallying the wonder can be tricky, and it can be very difficult to fill an entire rally full of troops. My alliance is fighting for the wonder again, and week after week we struggle to get 2,375,000 troops in the rally (Hall of War max lvl). Communication is Key I think it's due to a lack of communication. Our ... Read More »

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources

Kingdom Map Resource Zones

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources Let's say your hive (group of Alliance Strongholds) is close to an enemy hive or you are purposefully inside their hive. If you want to safely steal an enemy hive's resources, you will need to be attentive your enemy's behavior. Here is a great way to get risk-free Resources from your enemy: Look for players ... Read More »