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Champions Research- Peril Awaits Ahead



Will people be singing your praise? Will you be remembered as a champion? THE ROAD WON’T BE EASY, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

There is a lot to be done, so let’s get started.

We will discuss the new research and the 3 items needed to complete the research. Then we will discuss the impact this is having for both leads and traps. Bottom line is do you have what it takes to be a champion? Let’s find out.

Game of War has given us Champion Research to prepare for this new event and we are already seeing big burns as a result of this research! So what do you need to know to be ready to dominate?

The Research

Here is what you need to know about the research itself:

  • The research is broken up into three trees that serve three different functions.
  • The first tree requires Champion’s Strength
    • This tree is universal it is all about the stats and it gives some great ones that we will go into more soon!
    • This tree is also the most important for traps. Offering a huge 250MT RD! The 2nd largest RD boost in the game.
    • This segment also offered more health than we have ever seen. Troop health, Legion health, all types of health, wonder leads and traps alike will love this!!
  • The second tree requires Champion’s Wisdom
    • This tree gives some overall stats but make sure you check it out! Some of this research only applies anywhere in the Kingdom of Champions! So players will be even stronger when reaching this kingdom!
    • This will add defense, attack, health and wonder stats while anywhere in the Kingdom of Champions. Perhaps the most notable stat added while anywhere in the kingdom of champions is this 210KTTT Troop Attack.
    • This tree also provides increases in defense, attack, health, march size, and defense annihilation that are universal!
  • The third tree requires Champion’s Fortitude
    • Once again this tree provides some stats that will apply anywhere. However, This tree also has research that only applies in the Kingdom of Champions Forest! Players will be at their strongest in the forest as all stats from all three trees will apply here!
    • The stats added here are huge!! While in the forest leads will have the biggest attack boost the game has ever seen with a 1MTTT increase in attack just for being in the forest! This makes the forest a scary place to be during this event. In addition, there are defense, health, and wonder stats that will be helpful to players as well!
    • There are also universal stats in this tree to help even more for defense, attack, health and march size! So be on the lookout because stats are increasing in large amounts and if you’re not prepared these marches will hurt!

The Costs

Champion’s Strength Cost

First up the costs for Champion’s Strength. Please note that we will update these charts as we are able to provide you with more information.

Research Costs

Champion’s Wisdom Cost

Next up, the costs for Champion’s Wisdom.

Research Costs

Champion’s Fortitude Cost

Finally, the costs for Champion’s Fortitude.

Research Costs

The Stats

So let’s look at this from a couple of different perspectives. We now have stats that will affect us universally and stats that will affect us while only in the Kingdom of Champions and not only while in this Kingdom but a whole other set of stats while in the Forest. So we not only have to prepare for an everyday hit but a hit that will be even stronger upon entering a new kingdom.

Universal Stats

So first, Universal Stats, these stats will apply everywhere. As people have started upgrading this tree we have begun to see people be one hit zeroed and burn at huge levels. Here’s why, not only did this research increase march size but it drastically increased the amount of attack leads had.

Previous to this release leads had approximately 3.5KTT as max attack. These universal stats added 50KTTT Troop attack. This did not just double attack, it increased it by a massive amount. If you thought you weren’t burning without adjusting with this release… well that’s another conversation we can have later.

Because of this drastic increase in attack stats every lead is going to want this and every trap is going to have to adjust. But here’s the saving grace for traps. This release also came with a universal stat of 250MT Resolute Defense. This defense is huge. It will help traps be able to maintain a smaller size. Without it there will be a need for tons of troops to be able to adjust for a drop of this size. The simple fact is that with the new amount of attack players cannot continue to expect to take hits and not burn and once again even leads are not safe!

Kingdom of Champion Benefits

Next up, benefits that you receive in the Kingdom of Champions. So once you are here this is what will happen. Not only will players have the Universal Stats but on top of those they will have the stats that apply anywhere in the Kingdom of Champions. So leads and traps will be new beasts in this scenario.

So here’s what we see happen. Leads that already have a ton of attack.. They have more! In the Kingdom of Champions Troop Attack will increase by another 210KTTT. This is huge again! This will stack on top of already existing benefits! So be prepared because some of these hits will hurt! For the defensive side there will be an additional 10MT Troop defense and and additional health stats that will be helpful but be prepared! Because hits will take on a whole new strength in this kingdom. If you do not have this research it is going to be very important that your stats are excellent in other places and that you have the right amount of troops!

Forest Kingdom of Champion Benefits

So we have covered the universal benefits and the benefits that are offered in the Kingdom of Champions. So what comes next? It can’t get worse can it? Well yes, yes it can. In the Forest of the Kingdom of Champions it is even more dangerous!

Here you add on even more stats for leads and for defensive players with this research. Troop Attack doesn’t just double or triple in the forest but 1MTTT Troop Attack is added on for players who have maxed this research! The forest is going to be a dangerous place to be for this event but will the prizes be worth it? On the defensive side this will add 50MT Troop defense and some good health stats!

No new Research?

So what do you do without this new research? As you can see this research gives amazing stats for leads and traps but let’s be honest not everyone will have it. Here’s the good news the amount of defense debuff in this tree is minimal compared to some of the other stats. So troop count remains a very important factor in the game with the amount of attack coming out. Here’s what it comes down to without enough defense or troops you burn but you can compensate with troop count. Higher defense will allow you to remain smaller but it’s not impossible to cap if you don’t have this higher defense, it’s just a lot more difficult! We have seen players over 20KTT being one hit zeroed by leads with new research but traps under 2KTTT capping who also have this new research.

Will you be ready for the Kingdom of Champions? Let’s find out and I will see you there!!

Now maybe you are ready to be a champion? Will you rise up? Only you can answer that? As for me I’ll be singing we are a champion for at least a week.


  1. Roland says

    Not many updates lately….are y’all over it?

    Am 99% sure that troop count doesn’t even matter anymore. All that matters is if you have the latest research/gear/boosts of whatever kind available in the latest $100 packs. MZ doesn’t even know how the game mechanics work, they are making up stats on what makes people burn or not burn.

    I’ve done experiments, and under controlled conditions, the same number of troops die whether you have 1T troops or 100TTT troops given the same attacking troop count. The game is broken. Everyone has convinced themselves that when they bought that pack to train more troops, it was more troops that keep them from burning. WRONG it was the new boosts in that pack.

    If you don’t burn with 1TTTT troops, you won’t burn with 1MT troops. Troop count used to matter, but with the scale of current boosts, is all or nothing.


    1. Cinder says

      Hey, Roland, we are still doing updates but some of them have moved to twitch. Make sure you keep an eye out for those video links.

      1. Roland says

        Thanks man, unfortunately I don’t have the attention span to watch vids XD I have to scan trough for the pertinent info and move on….

        Any chance you could start a crib notes section? Surely y’all are still keeping track of the info somehow, right?

        Thanks in advance


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