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Surprising Restrictions to the Super Wonder this Month


Surprising Restrictions to the Super Wonder this Month

It’s not often we see changes and restrictions to the Super Wonder, but these are definitely noteworthy. With holidays coming up and new March Research being released faster than ever before in history, Game of War doesn’t want the Super Wonder being neglected.

As many of you know the next Super Wonder is expected to be our biggest yet! After receiving copious amounts of feedback from out players regarding the anticipation for the next Super Wonder, we have a few updates in anticipation for the HUGE event.

The Super Wonder has gotten bigger every time since it’s initial release over a year ago. With the rising inflation of in game currency it’s becoming for viable for a greater number of players to participate each Super Wonder.

If you haven’t heard already, Stayalive has retired from pursuing the Emperor role, but will be supporting his comrad UMPA FUN for this upcoming Super Wonder.

The changes to the Super Wonder are as follows:

New Time

By popular request, this month’s Super Wonder has been postponed by two weeks until Thursday, February 18 at 4pm PST / February 19 at 00:00 UTC so that all players are able to enjoy the Super Bowl and their Valentine’s Day.

Great call on Game of War’s part here. The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are both a huge deal and it’ll be nice for the players who do participate in the SW to not have to choose between GoW and real life.

I’m curious to know if GoW will release another ridiculous commercial this year for the Super Wonder. Last year’s Kate Upton commercial was pretty memorable. So memorable that when I tell my friends about the website I have, I just tell them, “It’s for the game with Kate Upton in it.”

Rally Size against the Super Wonder

regardless of Research or 75% March Increase items, max Rally and Reinforcements will remain fixed at 3 million Troops for this next Super Wonder only.

Thank goodness.

The March sizes are getting pretty out of control lately. In a Game of War first, they released Research levels above 10 for only March Research. Even though a large major of players upper tier players asked for increased march sizes to penetrate trap accounts, there’s been some lashback from the community because the requirements for March Research levels 11-13 are hefty to say to the least.

Fortunately, GoW is giving more players time to attain these new Research levels before the Super Wonder unlike the last time they released increased Marches that raised the Rally count to 3M.

Solo March Size against the Super Wonder

regardless of Research or 75% March Increase items, max Super Wonder Solo March Size will remain fixed at 600,000 troops for this next Super Wonder only.

Wild Troops

Wild Troops will not be allowed to Rally or Reinforce the Super Wonder of until March.

This is pretty shocking considering Wild Troops will have been released for more than a month and half by the time the Super Wonder starts. Wild Troops have been game changers for the those who understand how to utilize them, and how to kill them. I’m thinking GoW wants to give players more time to understand them… and probably release new gear as well.

24-Hour Support

we will have dedicated support around the clock.

If this didn’t already exist, it’s good to know it does now.

Shortened Format

as we know how taxing the Super Wonder can be on everyone, we have decided to shorten the length by one day.


When I interviewed Ctesse a couple months ago about the Super Wonder she said, “I planned on just staying awake for 4 days, but I soon realized that would be impossible.” lol Ctesse is ambitious to say the least. I can’t wait to see how ONE Team ONE does this Super Wonder.

Personally I’ve always liked how long KEs and the SW are because it allows enough time for a lot of players to get involved even if they are busy at different times throughout the weekend. However, from talking to Ctesse and Stayalive, they’ve told me it’s hard to get enough members to run multiple alliances for 4 days during the Super Wonder.

Final Note from the Blog

Again we offer our sincerest apologies for delaying the Super Wonder by two weeks due to the upcoming holidays. Athena will be showing her appreciation for your patience and understanding by giving out EXTREMELY generous Gifts every hour through the weekend! Also, enjoy the increase Core, Piece, and Inventory size we have added today!



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