Cheap Game of War Gold Packs – Amazon Special!

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Cheap Game of War Gold Packs with Amazon Coins

Amazon recently dropped the cost of their Amazon Coins.  Also, they announced a weekend special to start May 12, 2017.  If you didn't know, you can use Amazon App Store to download Game of War and use Amazon Coins currency to purchase your packs.  Game of War packs cost less when using these coins. I explain further below.

If you have an android phone, android tablet, or PC, you can use Amazon Coins to save yourself 25% or more on Game of War: Fire Age gold packs! If you don't have Android, but you have a PC, download the Android emulator Nox App Player (yes it's a direct download link).

Buy Amazon Coins

Quick Steps to Buying Gold Packs with Amazon Coins

  1. Download the Amazon Underground App Store.
  2. Download the Game of War: Fire Age from within the Amazon Underground App Store. The Game of War app from the Google Play Store will not allow you to use Amazon Coins. Yes, this means you will now have two Game of War apps on your phone.
  3. Now you are ready to Buy Amazon Coins FROM YOUR DESKTOP. Buying them after clicking links on this page supports our site. Reward us for saving you lots of money!
  4. NOTE: You can only buy Amazon coins from your desktop. For some reason you can't buy them using your mobile phone (at least for iPhone users that is.)
  5. Go through the Game of War tutorial in the Amazon Game of War app. Login to your Game of War account.
  6. Go to the in app purchases and click BUY. You will then have to login to your amazon account, and you will see the option to use the coins you just purchased.

Buy Amazon Coins

Not sure which gold pack to choose? Read our post on "How to choose the gold pack for you"

The More Coins You Buy, The Better The Deal

If you buy $350 in coins, you will get 50,000 coins, which provides 5 full packs in Game of War or $500.00 USD worth of packs for just $350.00.

Amazon occasionally has an amazing weekend special on coins such as rebates on coins used or even cheaper coins! Here is the upcoming special announcement:

As a valued Amazon Appstore customer, we wanted to let you know that we're offering deep discounts on Amazon Coins this week. This is for a limited-time, so stock up now before time runs out and dominate your favorite games.

When you purchase a gold pack in the game, it will cost you 9,999 coins.

amazon coins purchase

How To Earn More Coins

  1. Go to the Amazon App Store on your Android, BlackBerry, Fire Tablet, or the Amazon website.
  2. Purchase an app, in-app item, or game that is eligible to earn promotional Amazon Coins.
    • For Kindle Fire 1st Generation, make your purchase from the Amazon website, then download it using the Cloud tab on your device.
  3. Stay up to date on the latest amazon coin deals here.

How To Spend Your Coins

You can redeem your Amazon Coins on Android devices, Fire Tablets, and the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website.

To spend your Coins:

  • On Android devices and Fire Tablets, tap the price of the app from the detail page, or tap the in-app item within an app. Amazon Coins is the default payment option. Then tap Get App for apps or games, or Get Item for in-app items.
  • On the Amazon website, you'll see payment options at checkout for your regular 1-Click payment method and for Amazon Coins, and can select either option.
    Tip: On Kindle Fire 1st Generation, use your Coins to buy an item from the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website, and then download your purchase to your device from the Cloud tab.

amazon coins for gold packs

More Ways To Get Coins

1. Stream a movie on your phone from the amazon app and get 500 coins ($) your first time!

  • Prime Required
  • Only in US

Also, apparently after you spend the 10,000 coins, you get an extra 1,000 coin credit to your account (only available sometimes).

2. Use Bing rewards to get additional Amazon gift cards. This can maximize your discount. 475 points = $5 Amazon gift card.

How to Gift Amazon Coins to Friends in Game of War

  1. Go to the Buy Coins Page.
  2. Select the option to "Give Amazon Coins as a Gift".
    Give amazon coins as a gift
  3. Fill out the following information:
    give amazon coins as a gift info
  4. "Preview your order" to make sure all the information looks correct.
  5. Complete your order, and the coins will be send to your friends email.
  6. Your friend can click the redeem button in the email they receive with the coins. Then, they will have to login to their Amazon account to receive the coins. They will need the Game of War: Fire Age app from the Amazon underground app store in order to use the coins to make purchases.



p.s. Depending on how many gold packs you buy, it may be worth buying an android!

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  1. Good Information. I have been buying my packs through Amazon since November 2016. The offer of 500 Amazon coins for streaming a movie expired in 2014.

  2. Wish I could apply this to the app I downloaded from Google Play.

  3. I get an error when I click “buy”. So now I’ve used my budget for coins I can’t use….

    • I can try to help you get it to work but if you continue to have issues just ask Amazon for a refund. They are extremely helpful. I use the chat option, its very smooth.

      I receive an error when purchasing if my Wifi connection is poor at the time. It like times out because its so slow.

  4. From what I can tell it will end up costing me more doing this method as I live in Australia.

  5. Amazon started collecting state sales tax on 2/1, so my savings have dropped from 25% to 18%. Might want to clarify that since we are not use to paying sales tax on internet purchases in the US.

  6. How would I do this if I already play the game on an apple device?

  7. How am i going to buy or get amazon coins from malaysia

  8. Why am I paying 10624 coins for a pack when it is only 10000 coins per pack?

  9. When you spend the 10k coins, you will get 2k back (20% back). Ultimately you are getting 6 packs for $375. (temporarily unavailable)


    • The deals happen every month or so based on when Amazon decides they want to do it. We cannot control it.

      • Keep an eye on Amazon Coins especially the “Earn Coins” section there. We will try to announce when the 20% “rebate” is active.

  10. Has anyone used this? I noticed on Amazon there are plenty of negative comments about being essentially Double Taxed ( 1st tax occurs for actual purchase of Amazon coins ) & ( 2nd tax being added upon using the Amazon coins within an app )

    I just want some clarification on this before attempting to this. A review mentioned they got 2000 coins $21.50 after taxes. Then used 3.99 on an app 399 coins but the total cost was 425 coins an additional 26 coins tax.

    So what’s the deal?

    • That’s a 7% coin tax ( if it still applies currently ) that would mean a $99.99 pack – 9,999 coins + 7% =10,698 coins. For a purchase.

      That times 4 is just over 42,000 coins used for 4 packs.

  11. If you’re having issues you can try using your computer and downloading “Blue stacks”. Mask your location to the US and purchase your packs. You can even get 5 packs for $375 (USD) with Amazon. If you have an Amazon card you save a little more too.

  12. To avoid paying the tax on packs, make sure that the address you have on file is from a US state that does not collect internet tax. I made mine from Delaware and use a fake GPS app to set my device’s location there. I was real pissed when I lost over 800 coins when I purchased a 99.99 pack.

  13. Im amazed that people are dumb enough to spend money on this game.

  14. it only Work if u live in the US. that quite important to tell.

  15. Use Bing rewards to get additional Aamzon gift cards. This can maximize your discount. 475points=$5 amazon gift card.

  16. Don’t work in Spain.

  17. Done everything like it says to do but no savings on packs still 100 dollar

  18. I am from Singapore..been playing for almost 2 years…I downloaded Amazon n followed instructions accordingly…. My first purchase was a simply doesn’t pull through… stating some sort of delay after making pack purchase through my card…I waited n the purchase on stall
    Can you please verify this problem

  19. How do “loaders” work? I don’t get how someone can buy the $99’gold packs for $30.. Not to mention said people are charging $60 there for making a $30 profit on the hundreds of gold packs they load to people’s accounts daily..

  20. I did this and it charged me tax coins, which was 9 more dollars; thus, I spent 99 total, just like before. Didn’t help. Either I did something wrong, or this just doesn’t work?

  21. How many coins does it take to buy a 99.99 pack?

  22. Im in UK downloaded gow through amazon logged in game gold pack went from £79.99 to £65 i didnt need to buy coins

  23. it will now cost 99.50 as of today

  24. hey i cant find the game in amazon underground

  25. In using an I pad the waiting on the right side is covered and unreadable when this is fixed I think this will be a great tool

  26. Hey do you guys think MZ or amazon coin will have that deal of 30% off packs and 30% coin back like they did this time around last year?

  27. I hear from one player he pay with coins 60 per pack I asked him but he didn’t want to tell me he said with Amazon you get 80$ pack but with my trick I get 60$ packs

  28. How do you get 60$ pack with coins what’s the trick

    • That’s not possible right now I don’t think, unless there is a holiday deal I don’t know about.

    • Amazon coins are 80 US per 9.999 coins , some times when you log into the game and buy game returns up to 2 000 coins wich is about 20 US dollars . So you end up paying 60 US , but that happens once in a while .

  29. Currently 20% discount. $80 for 10000 gold coins.

  30. You no longer get 1000 free coins every time you buy a pack, it’s only once in a while when they do a special deal… they also occasionally do a 20% off coins deal

  31. So the article mentions ‘with the new alliance city coming’ then goes into savings on packs. What have you heard on any alliance city updates?

  32. If you have an IPhone, you can use bluestacks (Mac now too!) as an android device and buy that way as well.

  33. it is possible to use that in iphone?

    from spain!

  34. I have a problem.
    I am using a Samsung S5 & I install everything purchase 10k Amazon Coins.
    But then, I dont know why cant I use my coins upon purchase.

    Anyone can help out ?

    • Update :
      From Amazon customer support.

      since you are not in the US, the system isn’t accepting the coins towards the payment of the in app.

      I am from Malaysia :X

    • You can but you get ripped off by amazon ,as stated earlier 375.00 gets you 50k coins,buying on google costs you 100.00 for the same pack

      • 50,000 coins is $375.00.
        10,000 coins per 100.00 pack with Amazon.
        500.00 worth of GoW Packs for $375.00.
        Save $125.00.

        Google is $100.00 for a $100.00 Pack.
        Savings $0.00.

        Conclusion, Amazon saves you money when purchasing GoW packs over Google.

  35. I have a iPhone do you know how I can get gold cheap

  36. I have multiple accounts, but the Amazon app store only on one tablet. I use that tablet to login to each of the accounts to buy the packs with the Amazon coins for each of the accounts I manage. Same Amazon account, different GOW logins.

  37. Is it possible to use a single Amazon Account for multiple GoW accounts or can only have one Amazon Account linked per e-mail that matches the GoW e-mail account?

    If the latter, ate are you able to transfer or gift Amazon Coins from one account to another?

    • I don’t have an android but I don’t think the android play store is linking to your gow account email. Meaning, yes you can use the same Amazon account for multiple gow accts. Shouldn’t be hard test anyway.

    • Yes, you can use coins from one Amazon account for multiple GOWaccounts. I do it all the time.

  38. The Christmas Deal was insane, I loaded up.

  39. hi thanks for the info. I can buy coins from the amazon web site but ca not purchase offers through the 1st gen kindle fire. any ideas? Thanks for your site ! LM

  40. last year around 12.25
    30% dc and 30% point back
    so we member buy 60% off per pack
    sorry pure english

  41. If you own an android phone and already have game of war on your phone, you’ll need to install another copy of the game through Amazon Android Apps.

    use this link on your phone in order for it to sync with amazon and your android. once installed on your phone just search for Game of War and install.

    If you don’t have an amazon account set up already, when you download the app, it will let you establish one at that time.