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Game of War Nerf: Explanation and Examples


Cheating The Nerf Perfectly

This reason this post is being updated is because there was a newly discovered truth about the Nerf. My previous articles on the Nerf (now removed and replaced with this one) were left open ended because it was hard to determine the true effects. It seemed that some players were still able to use the Nerf effectively, and others were not. Now, thanks to feedback from many different players, there are more insights than ever before on how to cheat the Nerf.

If you don’t know the basics, see “What is the Nerf, and Why is it Important?

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]This post was updated for accuracy and new information on 1-6-16.[/box]

Sharable List of Rules That Are Further Explained Below

  1. The T2 : T4 Nerf limit is 12.5 : 1
  2. The Nerfed power ratio between T3 : T1 is anything below .14
  3. You cannot train more than 5mil T2 if you do not have T3 troops unlocked. If you do you have T3 unlocked, but not T4 unlocked, the ratio of T2 : T3 might be 4 : 1.
  4. Without a single T3/T4 troop, you can have a maximum of 14,999,999 Tier 1 troops, and 4,999,999 Tier 2 troops. Traps will affect the nerf here.
  5. The first time the T1 nerf change happens is at 15,000,000 T3 Troops, adding this will allow you to have 24,999,999 T1 troops without nerf.
  6. If you only have T2/T3 troops, you can have a ratio of 6.9 T2 troops for every 1 T3 troop. For example: 69m t2 : 10m T3 troops.
  7. If you have only T2 and T3/T4, you can have each nerf ratio added together, 12.525 T2 for every 1 T4 and 6.99 T2 for every T3.
  8. If you only have T2 and T4 troops, you can have a ratio of 12.525 T2 troops for every 1 T4 troop. For example, 12.5m T2 troops for 1m T4 troops.

There’s proof below, and some more strategy and speculation regarding other Nerf guidelines.

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Nerfs Are Ratios

The Nerf is a ratio of one tier of Troop to another OR a ratio of power between two tiers.

For example, the T2:T4 Nerf limit ratio is absolutely, positively 12.5 : 1. If you stay below 12.5 T2 for every T4 you have, your Troops will not be weakened, no matter how many you train.

This truth has been tested up to 960m T2 in BETA. Thank you BETA for saving us tons of money.

Nerf Proof

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You can see that despite the ridiculous amount of Troops trained, the Nerf still didn’t take effect. The same person who built this account also tested 120m T2 in Live and was successful by keeping the ratio below 12.5.

When a ratio of 12.8 was tested, the Troops were Nerfed.

The T1 : T3 ratio is a bit more complicated.

T1 Nerf Ratios

The T1 Nerf ratios vary based on how many upper tier troops you have, otherwise Stayalive77 would burn easily because of the massive number of low tier Troops he has.

Therefore pay attention to the Power Ratios in the chart below which reveals some of the tests PaintLicker has done with T3 and T1 troops.

T3T1Nerf?T3 PowerT1 PowerPower Ratio

The power ratio between T3 and T1 troops needs to be <.14 in order to cheat the nerf.

T2 Without T4 Limit

Another quick rule about T2 troops is don’t go above 5mil T2 unless you have T4 backing them, otherwise you’ll be nerfed.

For example, in the screenshots below, the defender is SH 14 and hasn’t unlocked T3 troops yet.

Nerf Proof 1
The defender has over 5 mil T2 (40k hospitalized, 138k killed)
Nerf Proof 2
The defender has under 5 mil T2 (33k killed)

Update: We got notified via response to our newsletter that someone has been running a T2/T3 trap build, with way more than 5mil T2, not T4 researched and hasn’t been getting nerfed. We are inquiring for more information to keep this updated. Screenshots below:

T2 not nerfed without t4 #1T2 not nerfed without t4 #2T2 not nerfed without t4 #3T2 not nerfed without t4 #4

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“These were back to back hits with both accounts having exact same gear. Attacker had cores and I had regular gear.  This is when I first figured out about the t2 nerf lifted. Since then I have changed the configuration a lot and have tried many different combos, but don’t have the screenshots except this one.”

T2 not nerfed without t4 #5T2 not nerfed without t4 #6

“Obviously my account is much bigger here, but still I have over 200mil t2 with around 60mil t3.  That was Odin core March that hit me.

I think the Nerf ratio for T2/T3 without having T4 researched is somewhere around 4:1.

T3 Misconception

There is a common misconception that if you do not research T3 troops than your T1 and T2 will not be Nerfed. The reality is that that misconception goes against the whole premise of the nerf. Big guys with deep pockets were really upset 100-200m SH14s (this was a long time ago) were eating their rallies all day and they couldn’t do anything about it. The whole point was to nerf SH14 traps that hadn’t unlocked T3 on purpose.

I’d love to see someone prove this wrong in the comments though.

More Tiers Change The Ratio

I don’t have much information on how this works, but it’s worth noting having T3 troops mixed in with a ratio of T4/T2 troops, will change the ratio.

The Expert Trappers Say T1 Are Useless Now

The people that tested the ratio I know said not to bother with T1 at all. Basically the return on the investment for T1 is so bad, you shouldn’t even bother with them.

At the same time, a good friend of mine scored over 1B points with 4 different Rally tanks and only loses T1 and T2. His setup is:

T1: 21m-24m (mixed), T2: 24m-30m (mixed), T3: 21m (mixed)

With that setup and good reg attack gear he eats most 3m rallies and only loses T1. Regular gear requirements are 850 attack, 1,400 defense, and 850 health. The more you can get over those numbers the better.

Read here for more rally trap setups, and more details on the one just described above.

Nerf Spreadsheet Created by Hellfex

View the Nerf spreadsheet here, or look at the screenshots below.

Nerf Spread 5 Nerf Spread 4 Nerf Spread 3 Nerf Spread 2 Nerf Spread 1

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The Nerf is definitely a tricky limitation set by Game of War. If you have more information and proof, please comment below.

Contributed by iiZarinel, Maz, PaintLicker, Hellfex, OMGitsKat & Alliances: (aoX), (M4RS)

Article 1: What is the Nerf & Why is it Important?
Article 2: Cheating the nerf perfectly (Amazing New Insights)

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  1. george rosier says

    I got sick of new items rolling out every hour. So I created a second account which I keep the stronghold at level 9 to avoid having my hero captured. With the recent Athena gifts I have research upto and including spectral Troops. But due to my sh9, I can only train t2. Except it allows me to train tier 3 and 4 strategic and wild siege. I think I’m being Nerfed. Did MZ do this just to Nerf,and thus discourage, people like me who stopped spending.

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  3. Joshua says

    My main question is, Are only T1 and T2 troops at risk of getting nerfed?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Yes, any troop or trap with less than 10 power works against you. Your average troop and trap power must remain 10 or above.

  4. Damtra says

    ok so now we have T5 and T6 troops and Traps in the picture I just need to know a ratio for those People have more troops than traps and still win.. i’m just lost on this game and getting frustrated plz help

    1. Darkthorne says

      Most players are using T4 as meat with some t5/t6. You can not suffer nerf penalty if you only train troops with power of at least 10. So, T3+ can never penalize you.

      T6 are insanely expensive. T5 aren’t much better. Costs drop considerably once you drop to T4. However, something to keep in mind are the additional tier bonuses you gain from research. Each tier is stronger without any boosts but also each tier gains additional stats more than the previous tier so its in your best interest to maintain the highest troop tier you can while having a high enough troop count.

      As far as troop count goes, it depends on your setup. However, I’d keep adding T4 until you stop burning badly. You need legion defense above all. Legion defense can only be debuffed by Legion Defense Debuff. GoW doesn’t have a lot of Legion Defense at the moment, but fortunately, it also has low amount Legion Defense Debuff.

      So, stack your T4, stack your Legion Defense and you can use Kunai to save your defense but the amount of troop defense debuff in GoW makes using old Defense stats very difficult.

      Anyone else have an opinion that can help out Damtra?

  5. IceyFire says

    I am a trapper on game of war. I’m looking for a possible troop ratio for t4-t5 troops to keep from burning. I dont burn as I run a 2: t2-t4 trap. But members in my alliance run t4-t5 troops and are burning.

    1. Darkthorne says

      The traps that I’ve hit that have done well still have heaps of T2.

  6. NinjaWabbit says

    What is the t1/t2 Nerf for accounts with t3, t4, t5, and t6 troops researched and trained?

  7. Francis says

    With the new T6 has the NERF ratio changed?

    1. Darkthorne says

      The nerf limitations have not changed. The penalty still applies for troops less than 10 power. However, new ratio will need to be determined for T6 power. In other words, how many T1 or T2 can be trained per each T6 trained?

  8. Joy says

    I am looking for Divine Obsidian and Opalite Glass to upgrade certain building to the last lvl. I look thru certain websites but don’t understand how to make or find them. This’s the firm I play this type of WAR game. Could anyone use easy ENGLISH and explain how to obtain / find these materials from the game?

    Besides, I notice this site said I can gain cash from buying from your sponsor. Does it include UNIQNO, which is currently advertising in your site?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. DIPLOMAT K says

    Seit 3-4 jahren spiele ich gow ! Es fehlten immer schon kleinigkeiten aber in letzter zeit verschwinden sogar ganze packete !!!!erst heute wieder 20€ packet weg und geld weg

  10. Shannon Clifford says

    I have 1 have one trillion troops
    2T to t4 6 to 1 ratio
    Im un nerfable correct?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Six to 1 ratio is safe. To be absolutely sure take your Troop Power + Trap Power and divide by Troops + Trap = if this average is 10 or above you are safe. Just keep an average troop and trap power of 10 or above and you will be ok :).

  11. supraja says

    hai, i want to ask about if i only have t2,t3,t4 and t5, the t2/t4 is 2,4 bill to 24 bill, but i want to add more t3 and t5, how many i can add?..

  12. Hustonlife says

    Hi , what if I have T3/T4 at 7:1 ratio but now have T5 . Are the T3 worthless now so basically promoting all to T4 & T5 ?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Only troops with less than 10 power count against you for nerf penalty. As long as you have average troop power of 10 or more you are safe. So, Add your Troop Power and your Trap Power then divide by your total troops and traps. If this number is less than 10 you are in trouble. If 10 or more you are safe. If you have no T2 or T1 you are safe. T3, T4, T5 all over 10 power.

      ([Troop Power + Trap Power] / [Troop Count + Trap Count]) if less than 10 your troops will suffer a stat penalty, or nerf.

    2. HUSTONLIFE says

      Thanks Dark for response & clarification. Appreciate it buddy

  13. zach says

    the nerf ratio when adding t3 to your t4 t2 mix is 15 t2 for every 5 t3 to your 1 t4

  14. Donnie Emmert says

    T1 are definitely not useless our kingdom most use t1 even rallied a guy with only 1.4 billion troops all t5 t1 he burned but was killing us on ower lost and if event would have tore up on points

    1. Darkthorne says

      I agree. T1 is definitely not useless. I call them “kindling troops”. I use them to ensure my trap burns and to reduce my points given up margin by protecting T2 which are a much higher point value. Thank you for the comment Donnie.

  15. R says

    Need new ratios with the new T5’s PLEASE asap!

    1. Darkthorne says

      The nerf rule is as follows:

      Average Troop + Trap power must be greater than 10.

      So, add your troop and trap power and divide by troop and trap count. If that number is greater than 10 you are safe.

  16. E says

    Now that T5 has been released what are the new nerf ratios

  17. Severn says

    ok according to the nerf calculator Im in the clear but, according to the these 2 scenerios I am not so which is correct?
    “Nerf takes effect when your troop count x 10 is greater than your troop power. It can happen long before 1 billion total troops. So long as your total troop + total traps X 10 is greater than Total Troop power + total Trap power you are fine. Take a look at your total troops. Now put a zero on the end. Now look at your troop power under your profile. If your troop power is significantly greater than the number of troops with a zero added you are fine. If its close then you need to add in your traps as well. You can use our Beta site Nerf Calculator if you want further assistance.”-Darkthorne

    “The nerf is a simple formula which anyone should be able to check at a glance.
    Total troop + trap power / by total troop + trap count
    If <10 you are nerfed."-Chivalri

    1. Darkthorne says

      How many troops and trap do you have? How much troop and trap power do you have?

      1. Severn says

        2.015 bil troops 450K traps / 21.6 bil troop power 1.5 mil trap power

  18. Dude says

    I have read in another post that NERF takes effect after 1B total troops.

    Hown truth?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Nerf takes effect when your troop count x 10 is greater than your troop power. It can happen long before 1 billion total troops. So long as your total troop + total traps X 10 is greater than Total Troop power + total Trap power you are fine. Take a look at your total troops. Now put a zero on the end. Now look at your troop power under your profile. If your troop power is significantly greater than the number of troops with a zero added you are fine. If its close then you need to add in your traps as well. You can use our Beta site Nerf Calculator if you want further assistance.

  19. Chivalri says

    Navi, this page needs updating.

    The nerf is a simple formula which anyone should be able to check at a glance.

    Total troop + trap power / by total troop + trap count

    If <10 you are nerfed.

  20. wicky says

    I’ve seen over 20 bil sh14 and capping. How that SH is not nerfed?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Probably the player used T2 Siege to cheat the nerf. Troop count x 10 must be greater than your troop power total. So, any troop over 10 power will help you against nerf. Siege T2 is 16 power. Therefore, it is possible to train simply all T2/T1 and not suffer a nerf.

  21. Lady Tarikka says

    Where do traps fit into the nerf ratio, or do they?

  22. KwicherbichN says

    I’m really curious of your ratio for a.sh14, because a few ke ago we ran across a 10b sh14 that was eating every rally sent at it, I watched it eat 2 of ours and 3 of other alliances.

  23. Gin X says

    SH 15 T2/T3 against Frostbitten

  24. Thomas says

    I have T2,T3,and T4. I used that new nerf calculator ,and it says I’m not nerfed. I still burn people ,but wondering if I could be doing better. Could you give me a few examples of how my troops should look like ,,let’s say if I have 1 bill troops. I do know I have 100 mill of each T4.. If you have time to answer and help me out I’d appreciate it a lot. Thanks for your time. And thanks for the awesome Site!

    1. Navi says

      We have a precise nerf calculator coming in a few days that will help you optimize 😉

      1. Thomas says

        Still waiting for that precise nerf calculator,,

        1. Navi says

          It’s over here 🙂

          Sorry I’m going to announce it here soon.

  25. Jackkfrost4 says

    Is the nerf specific to troop type? Like reg wild and strat?

    1. Darkthorne says

      It is not. Thank you for comment!

  26. Casey says

    Just to clarify;
    Do nerf limits apply to regular, strategic and wild troop counts?

  27. Super Scout says

    I have a sh16 that I just built to over 7 bil. I followed the typical 6.9:1 t2/t3 ratio and had t1 wall traps. This is the first rally the account had. With a hit this hard (Ares), I’m assuming it was nerfed. I found this article after the fact and will follow the 4:1 ratio along with having t2 wall traps.

    1. Tom says

      That’s not a nerf hit, you would have lost a lot more if so. Its just you have a relatively small amount of weak troops against a big rally with good cores. There’s a SH16 in my alliance who can take pos rallies but he has 1.8bil troops…

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  29. Stud says

    what is the ratio for t3 to t4 troops everything but that is in the post, ugh

    1. casper troy says

      This question still hasn’t been answered.

    2. Sifter says

      Every nerf article I have read never mentions t3-t4 ratio. Why is that? I have an under 6:1 ratio of t3s to t4s and I must be getting nerfed because I am getting demolished whereas other in my alliance with only t2s and t4s are winning with pretty much the same gear and same power. I’m beginning to think you shouldn’t even bother training t3s.

    3. Hills says

      I started playing after long time. I trained 12m t4 and 180m t3.

      My overall core state are 2200% attack, 3200% defense, 1100% health, 15% defense debuff resistance.

      I have been burned with ranged missile. I lost 33m t3 in one attack. I was not expected this result. One of my alliance member (D) explained that there is no nerf ration between t3 and t4. But t4 is still important. At least 40m t4 required for t3 trap. I have to try this in next kvk.

      1. Hills says

        2200% Cavalry attack.

  30. Stud says

    the calculator doesn’t work btw

  31. Mike300Bowlr says

    So when you add the 12.5 to 1 ratio for t4 to t2 and the 6.99 to 1 ratio for t3 to t2 when you run t2 3 and 4. Is it 19.4 to 1 t3 and t4 for example.

    1 t4 + 1 t3 = you can have 19.4 t2 , or can you do more t3 than t4 and still not get needed for example

    1 t4 + 3 t3 = 30.48 or something t2.
    12.5 + 6.99
    If that makes sense

  32. Rogue says

    When i only have researched till t3, there was still a nerf for t2 at 5mio of this troops.

  33. Noobtrap says

    Question I’m making a solo trap and want to have 1m t3 with 10m t1, would that be nerfed?And if so what amount of t1 should I have so I won’t be nerfed

  34. ThisKeepsMine says

    I am having a SH14 account with 4.5M T1 and 14M T2.
    T3/T4 is not possible at my stronghold level.

    Do I get nerfed?

    I do not see any calculation/info on the other troop usage.

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  36. […] -From “Cheat the Nerf Perfectly“. […]

  37. Anonymous says

    The trapper or trappers I should say who gave you this info are POS. Your also a POS, you ruined gow….I don’t blame you as much as the trappers who provided this info. Best part is they didn’t even come up with t2/4 traps Two of the trappers who provided “info” ran a t1 solo trap and the other a straight t4 with t3 wall traps…the Fvckin irony, amazes me that either of them can talk about anything to do with the subject unless it was info tested and perfected by OTHER TRAPPERS.

  38. drvnsnow says

    I have a question about the t1/t3 ratio… The charts above only show examples of t1 armies over 15m. If I have 1m t3 and 4m t1 (above the .14 power ratio), are my t1 still nerfed? Or do I have to have over 15m for the nerf to kick in?

  39. co says

    How about if you only train T3 and T4 troops like myself. What are troop numbers/ratio needed for thoses to stop nerf at the? I can’t see any anythink here explaining how to train just those teirs.


  40. Wompem says

    I have been told that the nerf 12.5:1 ratio is much lower if wild troops are trained. Any testing on this?

    1. Sbt says

      Why would you train Wild troops for defense?

  41. Uncle Kyller says

    So t1 & t3 are grouped together and t2 & t4 are grouped together. Do the two groups affect each other?

  42. […] would probably guess that the most searches would be about Cores, Trap Accounts, the Nerf, or even how to get to more gold, but […]

  43. Alex says

    I can’t find much info on nerf if you have T1/2+3.
    I have 5m T3, 5m T2 at the moment. Can I continue T2 up to 30m (under 6.99:1 ratio) and have T1? Or can I only stick with T2 and T3?

  44. mattwarn says

    FROM DV: (Stayalives allaince) Via Lady Nate Over the past few months, the game has changed drastically. While previously, new researches have been manageable, and new gear sets attainable, as both their cost and the time between releases were not overwhelming for most moderate spenders. During the past boycott, in multiple correspondence initiated by some of the larger well known spenders in the gow community, you stated that you will typically release large new researches with several months of separation between them. Why then have you released insanely high cost research and new gear sets, only to release further high cost research mere weeks later. In order to be relevant at this time in the game, someone will have had to spend over $5k in the past month for research alone. This research is in addition to insanely high priced new plots of land, and now new building levels which will also be extraordinarily expensive. Your new march research, allows for greater troop loss for those who have already spent to complete the research, requiring further spending to replace the greater troop loss. The alliance city, which has for so long been obsolete and useless, is already accelerating to a point where it is clear that it too will soon require massive upgrades and spending to maintain relevance. With the new release of the bazaar, in accordance with lag, kicking, as well as many other glitches that have so far gone unresolved, and in many cases gotten worse, shows us that you are motivated solely by greed and care nothing for user satisfaction. We ask that you slow the release of new researches and allow players to catch up, stop the inequality of resources in packs that require multiple purchases of different packs, just to maintain balance and the ability for growth, and for clarification on the new features you plan to release. Additionally, revise the inferno system, so that they are actually worth finishing, either by separating troop/research infernos or some comparable method, as currently only those buying 5 or more packs for troops, or completing multiple high tier researches can complete. Until such time as these and any additional demands that may rise through the dissemination of this player movement..we will cease to buy, and we will spread this movement not only within the game, but amongst all major social media networks as well.

  45. mattwarn says

    So I have a little over 6 mil t3 and a little over 6 mil t4… by your reports I can safely make 19.49 t2 for each 1 mil t4… that’s a total of 116.94 t2 that I can make?

  46. Jeremy Mooe says

    Hey bud .. Just got my first rally trap. My main account gets boring. I want to be damn sure I’m okay . Current troop layout for my 2.437 billion trap. 1.563 billion troop power, 800 million research
    All troops even mix
    60 million T2
    33 million T3 & 3 million ST3
    6 million T4
    No ST4 or wild. Would this be nerfed? I was thinking about getting my T2 count up to 80-100 million. Would this screw me and what would I need to do, if anything, if I decided to take my T2 total up to 100 milliont? Or would training more T3 and T4 be better instead? Sorry, the spreadsheet isn’t clicking for me.
    Thanks a ton,
    Jeremy Pharos 474

    1. Jeremy Mooe says

      I’m 2nd guessing myself and think 60 million T2 is plenty. If anything train a few more million T4. Not too much.. Don’t want my power much higher. Please weigh in though. Thanks Chad

    2. Mega says

      By my Calc you could have 300 mil T2 before nerf

  47. Maz says

    Glad to see my article was updated!
    I am no longer a solo trap, so I will be adding a lot of T2 to my dinosaur T4 rally trap of 24m T4. I will let you know how it goes


  48. Sam says

    “6. If you only have T2/T3 troops, you can have a ratio of 6,999,999 T2 troops for every 1 T3 troop. For example: 69m t2 : 10m T3 troops.”

    The first sentence here needs to have a “m” after 1 to make the math correct in second sentence. If following from the first line, it would be 69m T2: 10 T3 troops, not 10m. Just a heads up (:

  49. Smitty says

    So I have a Monster T1 that I have had for about a year and have been very successful thus far (SH21/ 70m pwr/ 78m kills.)But now Im finding out that I need more troops or the nerf limit has changed? So my question is should I now start training t3 troops to compensate for march increase and boosts / gear with out loosing the nerf on t1?

  50. freddie says

    In the t2/t3 rule (rule 6) there seems to be an error. Shouldn’t it say “for every 1m T3 troops”? The sentence in the spreadsheet has the same error.

  51. ERR0R 404 says

    What if I have mix of T1, T2, T3 and T4 (Regular + Stratigic + Wild)

    What is the safe count of each tier? And does it matter if they are different troop type or breed?

    Thnx for what you provide here, its always helpful

  52. Big Daddy says

    Will t4 traps be included in as the t4 troops so say I have 120m t2 and 9.6m t4 would that make 10m t4 ???

  53. Gogakush says

    Is there a nerf ratio of T3/T4? As in, for each T4, how many T3’s should I have?


    1. Lee says

      Would love to know if you get an answer to this…

      1. Ardelia says

        T3 troops aren’t subject to any nerfs. If you have only T3 or above, you have no limits.

        1. Tim says

          Is there a nerf by now? Reading stuff about 14/1???

  54. john says

    Decent article but completely uneducated communication, leading to confusion. In one place: says t3:t1 must be “greater” than 0.14. which means the number of t3 divided by number of t1 is greater than .14
    In a different spot, it says “less” than .14. which way is it really?? It can’t be both and the article lacks credibility if statements are contradictory.

    If you get your English teacher to help you, this article could become so helpful and have credibility.

    1. Chad says

      <.14 , I meant to say below at the top of the article. Good news is there is a giant clear graph that tells you the right answer in case I mistype ;P I'm sure you saw it though since you were looking so carefully.

  55. mike says

    I have a question, Does any1 know a good troop ratio to take a rally with no hero.
    My leader packs on around 40mt1 and 40m t2 and takes around 4 ralllies winning in points but always loses alot of troops. has any1 figured out a way to work around that yet ??

  56. Michael says

    Hi Chad
    In the t2/t4 scenario done in beta in the article, do you know what gear they were in when he took the hit, and what gear the attacker was using. This would be very useful to know rather than just the battle result. Gear would have a huge impact on the amount of losses as clearly demonstrated from the two screenshots.

    Keep up the great work

  57. Gray says

    Any chance of gettinv a Nerf calculator where you can input your troops and numbernto see if your are nerfed.

  58. llProblemll says

    I won kill coliseum with a t2/t3 rally trap. 60mil t2. No t4 research. I was not nerfed

  59. Melvin says

    Hi. With the last update on the nerf issue. I would like to have some advise on my trap. I have unlocked t3 but not t4. Currently consisting of 14.9mil t1, 4.9mil t2 and 3mil t3. Would this be nerfed? Thanks.

  60. Lui says

    Hi guys is there a minimum ratio for the NERF to work ,I have 1.7 mill t4 and 3.9mill t2 all mixed will this work .any suggestions! Thanks

    1. Chad says

      the article discusses the ratios we know about right now.

  61. Dr Ali MAGHSOUDI says


  62. Silver says

    “I don’t have much information on how this works, but it’s worth noting having T3 troops mixed in with a ratio of T4/T2 troops, will change the ratio.”

    This would be incredibly useful information to have. Just sayin’. 🙂

  63. GrndmstrDro says

    I have been running a sh 14 trap account for the past 2 kvk, already have 3 m kills (all t4 marches ) and minimal actual losses from those hits. What I learned matches up exactly to what is posted above. I have it set up with 5m t2 (mixed) and 15 m t1 ( mixed) and full wall of war bricks. What I learned along the way to add to the post above is the troop numbers INCLUDE traps. If you have 5 m t2 troops and full wall of the 2 traps you are over the nerf limit.

  64. Palatine says

    anyone know what is the ratio for t2 vs t3?

  65. Rex says

    I have been trapping using t1 and t2. I have stayed below what I thought was the nerf limits for both troop types. I am interested to get any thoughts on why it appears my t1 meats are being bypassed and t2 taking a higher loss percentage. The attacker was hero lvl 60 in colossus. I was in haunted Kunoichi. I have seen the same results with other attacks, and different troop compositions.

    1. GrndmstrDro says

      The reason you are losing t2 is because you have t2 traps. For the purpose of the nerf they count as troops. Drop all traps and use full war bricks, or add those into your totals 5 m t2 15 m t1 troops+traps combined

  66. xRUKUSx says

    Does the 15mill T1 nerf affect your entire T1 count? Or just the T1s that are over 15mill. Let’s say I have 16m T1s… do all of them get nerfed or just 1mill?

    1. JGC says

      All of them get affected…

  67. JGC says

    You guys finally realized this lol We have been doing this for months. Now watch MZ nerf them for real…

    1. Hector says

      Nerf o no nerf bro

  68. 25Thunder25 says

    Fckn Nomad Style

  69. Magnus says

    Thanks for the update. We have been hearing rumors about the ratios, but have seen no hard numbers until now. Since T1 have fallen out of favor with so many, is there any research on t2/t3 troop ratios? I would guess the t2/t4 ratios will work, but I hate guessing…

  70. Wilson says

    Thanks for the update on the nerf topic. I’ll just remember the number 12.5 then I’ll be safe. Thanks again.

  71. Kee says

    What tier of traps is used in those tests on beta? T2? Is the entire wall T2? If so, why not T4?

  72. […] Article 1: What is the Nerf & Why is it Important? Article 2: Cheating the nerf perfectly (Amazing New Insights) […]

  73. Wild Troop says

    So how does the new wild troop change the game? Are the nerfed also. I am sure you guys are on it. Looking forward to what you find

  74. Elendyr says

    Thanks a lot, I was searching for that to see when my SH14 (2M t2 now) is ready for a solo hit. One question: how much hero xp do you get per defense?

  75. Den says

    is it:

    t1 + t2 no nerf
    t1 + t2 no nerf
    completely different?

  76. […] Tier that doesn’t require silver to train), and low point yield for enemies in kill events. While Tier 1 Troops have theoretically been “nerfed”, if you train enough of them they can be […]

  77. Me and you says

    I have a level 14 sh with about 12 million kills- I have taken a few rallies and have done very well- I have a total of 28 million troops with most being tier one. I find that people are not really willing to hit, unless you find a newer person no that just looks at the level of your strong hold, and keeps hitting because they haven’t gotten your hero, and they don’t look at the report.

  78. | Burner | says

    Its clear that at SH14, the nerf limit is 5mill t2. But how many T1 can you have? Heard a lot of different numbers thrown around, but no actual screenshots with evidence.
    Also, at SH21, can you have more than 5 mill t2? Does the nerf increase along with SH level?

  79. Adam says

    How do you have 11 barracks and 10 villas, there are only 25 urban spaces and 9 of them are used by watchtower, prison, altar, marketplace etc. I have removed storehouse as I am at sh21 and it doesn’t protect much. What else do you get rid of and why?

  80. chris mejia says

    Hello all,

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this. Very helpful information on here. I also have a sh14 account it’s currently at 300mill power. At around 156mill Power I took a hit from a buddy of mine he’s a 2.4bill player he hit me with reg fighting gear and I think the nerf affected me. I ate his whole March of t4s and I lost 2.7mill t2. Also I used level 3 cores with level 6 pieces (although I’m not very good core crafter so I’m sure I could have crafted much better ones) but I was dying to see how I did against an attack. Also unfortunatly I forgot to gem the cores up. Just thought I share. Thanks for all the good info cheers,
    – hookerzNBlow

    1. Chad says

      How many of each troop tier did you have?

      1. HookerzNBlow says

        All t2 and maybe 50k t1 the reason for the t1 was because I was going to get meet shields but decided not to so I had those 50k t1 just there. At the time of the hit I had 16mill troops

  81. LJS says

    These responses are just confusing. You’re all throwing numbers of the nerf limit to one another but no one actually knows or has proved it with evidence.

    The reason there is so much speculation about it is because there is probably only a hand full of players in the game that have the troop mix to be able to thoroughly test it out.

    I’m still not entirely certain but I think that there isn’t a specific limit. I think that low troop tiers might have a systematic relationship with higher tier ones. your evidence clearly shows that 5m t2 is the limit, but for me that was not the case.

    1. Chad says

      What have you learned so far? I want to aggregate all the most up to date information on the nerf soon.

  82. Mazeska says

    Hello all,
    Glad to see this is still helping people, as cores evolved increasing attack I have slowly grown to a 250m power solo tank, I still take lots of hit from mostly core players and take minimal losses, I am at 35m kills on the turtle almost all T4 kills….As you grow in size hospitals become essential, at SH14 I still think all villas and barracks are the key to quick rebuilds. I am still at about 40-45$ on this acc. It is possible, don’t even have Gift ability, farms really help. I still work a 1b acc but the turtle acc. is much more fun.
    Turtle’s rock!

    1. Chad says

      Thanks for the follow up Maz, I’ll be incorporating this comment and some other back into the article in the next couple of days.

  83. Twinkle Toes says

    I built a sh14 trap based on this article and a few others. It cost me $0 with some RSS help from my alliance. I have 4.5m reg t2 evenly mixed and all purple economy gear with hero level 48. I gemmed my gear for mostly attack and health and my hero skills are the same. My power is at 45m at the start of a kvk. I eat 375k solo marches of t4 when they’re dumb enough not to send their hero. T3 marches are not even a worry hero or not. I have 3 hospitals to minimize recovery time during battle and 11 barracks with 9 villas. Troop training is about 10k t2 per 24hr. I can take hits from up to 500m players with their hero in samarai gear and loose about 200k t2 while they loose about 200k t4. I got 2nd place in a 4 way kvk on my first run of this account from taking 3 hits. These accounts are not obsolete even with the new hero levels and defense research. You just have to play smart.

  84. Shaun Owens says

    I use over 5m t1/t2 most times. I take rallies for ke. I focus on one troop type. Switch it up between some ke’. But ill also have 5m+t3 and 2-3m t4.

    Most losses ive taken, when ready for hit. 3m t1 tops. Now i would take a rally from an opposing troop type or same type as what I have. Swallowed many rallies. Even of the same troop type. Attackers fully cored, max rs.

    Recently took a rally from Cav troops while i was Ranged. Wanted to see what happened. Guy was fully cored. 6b player. I was ready. Lost 4-5m t1. Killed about 600k t4. I burned, but I won on points easy.

    Im currently testing the boundries of the nerf. Totally changed build but wanna see what the breaking point is. But so far I think if you even spread troop types and not focusing on just one(t1). Nerf wont come into effect so harshly.

    We’ll see what happens ay haha

  85. Doc says

    What was the gear you were using and the gems. Also how did your skill tree look?

    1. Killa says

      I have always been taught to boost health and defense on the Tree. once maxed aim for attack boost. make sure you don’t look to suspicious on gear. don’t have full samurai on a 45 mil account that is a giveaway. use gems also to debuff there defense and attack. remember since they have t4 there boosts has a greater affect because it is boosting a stronger troop. ex 25% of 38 power (war elephant) is greater then t1 power at like 8. is this make sense ?

  86. Skye says

    Okay, read through the whole thread – lots of great information there – and am curious if you all have any new information. Especially geared toward SH18. Would you recommend no hospitals even at SH18? Would you also recommend keeping the same amount of troops at 4.75/4.75 T1/T2 or T3 etc…

    How did you like SH18 as a trap or did you move up toward SH21?

    I am trying to figure out what the best set up will be for me personally, and I’m leaning toward no hospitals, which goes against the grain, and there just isn’t a lot of information about that other than what I’ve seen here. Also curious as to what buildings were kept vs what buildings were removed for barracks and villas.

    Hope you can help.


  87. sul says

    Hi im Sh21 and currently have 1 villa and 9 villas, im roughly 6 weeks away from t4 troops. as soon as i unlock t4 troops ill be doing the hospital capacity research etc. im also currently assuming that i should then start replacing villas with more and more hospitals. how many troops and which type shall i train? I read that the nerf limit is around 8m t1? should i train t2,3 and 4 too?

  88. Peter Russo says

    When you say t14 stay under 5mil t1&t2 even mix, do you mean like 4.9M t1 + 4.9M t2? Or is it more like 2.5M t1 + 2.5M t2?

    I was wondering about the nerf limits for SH8,9,14,18,21, but you might not have all the info on these. Any info will be helpful!

    1. Chad says

      A comment from another reader 😀

      “I’m a sh14 with 9.6m troops – evenly between T1 & T2 and reg and strat. Last KVK I took a full march of T4 from a 7 billion player with yellow cores. I killed 140k T4 and lost 1.5 million T1 meats. It gave me 14m points while giving away 1.5m points. Later I took 4 full marches of T3 from a 600 million player. I killed 780k T3 and lost about a million T1 meats. I finished 1st in the kingdom event.

      I was a little surprised at my losses, but my hero is only 48 and I don’t have the best hero gear.

      I was maxed out to 256k hospital beds and had nowhere near enough to cover my losses. Training replacements with just 1 barracks was a nightmare. I replaced ALL the hospitals with barracks and villas.”

  89. Peter Russo says

    Been checking this site daily for this. Hope it’ll be soon, because I really want to know how much troops to stop at 🙂

    1. Chad says

      Peter Russo! Long time no see!

      Have you read through the comments? Tons of people have posted useful info there. I also have a couple other articles on the nerf.
      Tell me more about your account.

      Sh14 stay under 5mil t1&t2 even mix. I assume you have a SH21 though? Ask me some more specific questions and I’ll find the answers for you.

  90. Vinylsx says

    Very interesting read I’ve been saving speeds and gold for a potential trap account if anyone would be able to assist me with where to start and where to stop can you add me thanks

  91. Chad says


    No problem! Thanks for signing up! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    1. Killa says

      also remember you have way more troops then traps. so boosting them will effect more fore you.

  92. Trent Lund says

    I’m working a SH21 trap and need clarification regarding trap walls. T/F trap walls receive boosts from gems which provide across the board troop boosts, health and defense? T/F In addition to trap attack, trap walls receive troop defense and health boosts from the hero skills tree.

    Say an attack has a power of 100%. If you have 100k troops, 100k traps, the attack power is split 50/50 between troops/traps. If you have 400k troops, 100k traps, the attack power is split 80/20 between troops and traps. Likewise, zero traps mean 100% attack absorbed by troops. Is this correct?

    1. Chad says

      No troop boosts apply to traps.

      Does that answer all your questions?

  93. Doc says

    I have seen plenty of articles showing how to effectively beat the nerf or avoid it all together. However, i have not seen any showing where the nerf happens. does anyone have information on at what point the nerf goes into effect? I have utilized the avoid the nerf advice to build a fun little sh 14 trap. However, I would like to fix my older account that is sh21 and t4.

    1. Chad says

      With a sh 21 the T1 nerf limit is 8million, a new post will be coming out soon.

      1. Xutujo says

        Do we know what the nerf is for sh18?

  94. Philip Leong says

    So Maz confirmed that 5M t2 is the nerf limit. Has anyone confirmed whether 5M t1 + 5M t2 is within nerf limit?

  95. Jose says

    Hi! Chad we share alliance a lot of time, until I decided to move and selling all to bandit, those days you known me as Warteca.

    About be nerfed is true , 5 mill each type is max , but in my case I never worry of that because I used do jumpers. If you planned get sh18 or sh 21 in one day is nonsense be worry about nerf because they are going to be meat really quick and account like that could be really funny for coliseum events ( all sh14 are desesperated with a 25 mill sh5 jumper, I changed for a T4 account because the nerf ).

    Actually I have a small one ( 13 mill power, about 6.5 mill troops , nerf intentionatelly ) because I want to test something in a KvK to check if after loss 1.5 mill , nef dissapear or not. So if someone has checked that … Please tell me that you can save 1.5 mill T1 lives

    1. Chad says

      Hi Warteca!
      What level stronghold is your 13mill power account?

  96. Shin says

    Sorry, I have a little bit trouble understanding. So does that mean trap accounts should keep below 5M (t1+t2 combined)? ..Or below 5M t1 + 5M t2 (possible 10M combined)?

    I need clarification please, thank you!

  97. Maz says

    I plan to stay SH18 for a while, I was able to finish all construction, my food is 4m per hour, with the use of upkeep and lvl 6 gear, I have made lots of troops before going negative food. I went to 8 barracks and more villas, If a player has lots of 3 days they might want to set their village up to use 3 days to make T3 troops. I did all research working on cores lvl 5 now, 100 days left on that ><. Next step will be to see if getting to presets is a possibility. So far the events have been a slow drain on gold, where at SH 14 it is fairly easy to make gold. Also getting 1st place in KVK has become harder, I did get 1st in the last KE in this new bracket. The added research (Def and Health and full T3 traps) by going to Sh18 should help offset the new cores, time will tell. I avoided large players with full cores burning this last KE.
    that is the best part of being a low lvl tank, you can always find someone that will hit you over and over, that is the good part of having plenty of T1, so you "lose/burn" every time you get hit, and they keep coming, until they realize that they are in fact losings big time.
    I may never go 21, since the events are basically unachievable unless you are a spender, but a lvl 6 core using tank with presets sounds pretty fun, but only if I hit the lotto.


    1. Kaizen says

      Do you still have 4.9m T1 and 4.9m T2 at sh lvl 18 ? Because the test only showed, that there is a nurf at 5m for sh14 and below.

    2. Maz_FAN says

      Hi again Maz..

      thx for ur responding m8 🙂 Nice to see pl. like u giving out of their knowledge.
      Ill ask u about sh18 if there are any nerf? can we still have 5mil troops or more ?? :)))

  98. Eric-h. says

    With the cores, most bigs won’t hesitate to jump a small trap. I got beat DOWN, even with high health and defense boosts.

  99. Tash Robinson says

    I have a sh14 stonghold with 4.8 million t2 and only 2.4 million t1. It has 45 million power so is an obvious trap. There is no way this guys account has only 35 million. Still took top prize in kvk because an idiot sent 5 full t4 marches which all got but most people wont hit it

  100. Maz says

    Well after the last 2 KVK KEs I think I am done with lvl 14SH traps. MZ has made them obsolete, the addition of cores like the Horseman have made it impossible to successfully be a small trap. I have been hit 4 times averaging 1,500,000-2,000,000 losses per hit. These cores basically erase all of our def. These are solo hits 375k by players using new cores. MZ offset these core the the new def tree, but you must be SH21 to utilize the new tree….Well Played MZ, thanks for once again taking the wind out of my sails. ><

    1. ron says

      Will you go 21 or try sh18?

  101. DemonicDream says

    We just wrapped up a kvk ke and hit a 464M trap with anti on. We found out afterwards that he had 22M troops. He didn’t have any t4s and was very light on t3s. We killed 1.3M outriders, he nearly ate our entire t4 rally. There was definitely no nerf for him. And that was a sh21. Hitting him is actually what got me looking for information about the nerf. Is it actually still in effect??

    1. Chad says

      Do you have more details on his troop count?

  102. Maz says

    Afterburn: I used all my loyalty to purchase Daily Chances for experience, as well as purchasing hero experience with extra gold.

    1. Chad says

      Great advice.

  103. Baddabing says

    Concerning the nerf. A couple
    KvK ke ago we hit a trap that had over 20mil T2. We attacked with cores and got slaughtered. There was definetly no nerf involved

    1. Chad says

      Wow, did you ever get in contact with that guy? Should learn from him ;P

    2. ron says

      What sh level did he have with the 20 mil t2? And how many troops did your rally kill?

    3. Nut says

      What SH was he? 😮

    4. Nater says

      My tests show a t2 / t3 nerf limit of 7:1. I have 23m t2 and 3.45m t3 .. perm gear, no boosts beats any hitters perm gear less than 30k t2 vs 600k t4 vs wild and 1.5k t2 vs 600k t4 for strat.

  104. Maz says

    Hi there, I focus on Def and Health gems….after the KE I hope to do some testing to confirm the nerf is 4,999,999 for both T1 and T2.

    1. Afterburn says

      Hello, Thx for all the information it’s been very helpful. I need a little more help. My hero is at Lvl 46 almost to 47, but as we all know the goal is the big 50. I already used the 25% xp boost. Any tips that can help? Did you also max out the economic tree?

      1. Chad says

        Have you read the article “Building Your Power Fast”?

  105. Little Megs says

    What type of gear/gems – you said what level, but was it a combo of health/defensive?

  106. Lean Lero says

    dont buy a 100 pack for your sh14, i made the mistake and my solo and inferno events are much tougher than my sh14 farm accts that did not buy a pack and rewards are crappier. i been bugging customer support for a month now why is this so and why they are punishing players that buy packs by giving them harder inferno. Mz customer support is crap, they just been bouncing me around giving generic response in 5 emails, never really explaining the discrepancy.

    my sh 14s are on same kingdom, doing same inferno at same time. you either get a crappier rewards or tougher events.

  107. Dave says

    Anyone got proved the theory that the nerf is purly troop number, not sh level or troops unlocked etc

  108. Silver says

    Any change in how this worked for you with the new scoring system?

    1. Chad says

      Works the same, just a few less points.

  109. Maz says

    You should research everything, it does not increase your power too much and you will get lots of gold from easy events. I did all strat. traps, I doubt it makes much of a difference, but may as well make strat traps if you have not already….I also primarily made traps that focus on infantry, you will find that your most common attacker is infantry trying to loot your village.

    1. Afterburn says

      Thx for the help! SH 14 get nerfed at about 5M. Do we know approximately where it happens for anything above SH 14?

      1. Randy says

        I have used 3m t2 with similar results at sh18 with sh14 reaserch other that unlocking t3 troops.

  110. Afterburn says

    So for this method by staying at sh14 I will only have regular t2 traps. Should I aso research t2 strat traps? Is it beneficial and worth it to research trap attack/defense in the hero tree if I’m going to play this method?

  111. ce3joe says

    Thanks for the taking the time to share, all. I love reading about strengths and weaknesses of different strategies and how they evolve as players adjust.

    The most difficult part in building a strong trap account with only the 4.99 and 19.99 packs is convincing a top alliance not to boot you while you’re building the account. Same goes for building a 1bill account with only one of each pack (gotta have one 99.99 pack in my opinion). Both accounts are doable with an alliance like mine. We have members who wake up to over 600 gifts from time to time. But it would take months and you would appear inactive for long stretches. No way you build either account without a strong jumper account and/or a member of weak alliance, IMO.

    1. Chad says

      I can see this being a problem definitely. Maybe try talking to the leader directly, explaining your plan, experience and knowledge and hope he/she will let you stay in the alliance.

  112. thomas says

    rebuilding troops on solo and inferno events gives great rewards so it would be smart to build as much as possible even if you already took the first 3 prizes keep building till event is over!!! duh, Like he said you have to rebuild to get rewarded, pretty much common sense.

  113. Owen Skinner says

    Kinda random and I don’t want to be that guy but FYI there is the user run room in game of course I mean who doesn’t know it lol, called

    The Oracle

    We help ya out in there, and we have lists for everything gear related ie “What’s the best infantry attack gear?”
    We have that list 🙂

    1. Chad says

      I used to learn a lot from that room. Then we made the Hero Gear Tool for those questions 😉

  114. Kim Fleming says

    I have been building a similar set up, but I’ve made a few mistakes. I got impatient!! I got to SH14 and started cranking out t1 troops but my hospitals when leveled just don’t provide the coverage I wanted, so I jumped up to sh17 and now regret it. I did unshield during the last KE and omg I had so much fun. My points were pure gravy. I never gave up a single point – unless I chose to – and made millions. Plus I was totally annoying to people and that, my friends, gave me intense pleasure. It made the game fun and exciting again!!

  115. Maz says

    I once again wrote MZ for nerf Clarification:
    To MZ
    I am bulging a Strong Hold level 14 trap account, can you please provide me with definitive troop numbers for when the nerf goes into effect. Thanks, Maz

    The response…no surprise:

    Hello there,

    Thank you for contacting Machine Zone Support!

    Unfortunately, we are unable to assist players with in-game strategies. We recommend players collaborate with their alliances to brainstorm ideas for tactics.

    Please feel free to send us a new Support Request if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you for playing Game of War – Fire Age!


    Guys please send your large successful trap battle reports to Chad so we can together figure out exactly when the nerf is implemented.
    There seems to be enough people that claimed to be nerfed at SH14, lets figure this out.

    1. Chad says

      [email protected] for those trying to send me pics

    2. Yoiticka says

      all sending reports in does is make it more known. I don’t want it to be known. Better to be unknown so more people attack me. by posting this you effectively ruined the strategy for any previous sh14 trap. big people dont attack me anymore, not even with cores

      1. Whodlungdoo says

        Yeah, I have 4 sh14s for my farms. As an experiment, I put antiscout on 2 of them. Never got attacked. The other 2 were unshielded, no anti, and they were hit 3 times each. Everyone’s afraid of the traps!

    3. Gun Nut says

      Hi maz was wondering what is the nerf number on t1s after the new march tree has been added I had herd it’s 14.9mil but don’t know I’m a sh 21 and have t4s if it is 14.9 is that total or each I have herd both from different people I think maybe they want to see people get messed up idk

  116. Beezer306 says

    No kidding the nerf doesn’t affect him. It doesn’t affect anybody with any amount of troops as long as they remain sh 14 or below. It comes into effect once sh15 is reached.

    1. xYipyup says

      Not true at All. It comes into effect at a certain troop limit, sh has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      1. Chad says

        Whats your proof of this? We were under the impression staying at SH14 and not unlocking t3 troops will prevent the nerf from affecting someone.

  117. Collin says

    Thanks for replying to all the questions Maz! Very helpful

  118. Bad beast says

    What were the sales needed to make a successful lv14 trap?

  119. Nut says

    Erm, doesn’t T2 give like 8 power each?
    So 5m T2s would be 40m power already?

    Also, anyone has any idea what the casualties would be like if someone has like say just 3m t2s?
    Assuming T3s aren’t unlocked, will upgrading to SH18 have any impact on the nerf?

    1. Chad says

      Ya his real power is probably more like 45-50mil because according to the troop calculator, 4.5mil t2s and 4.5mil t1s is a total of 45mil power.

  120. xXLEGENDX7x says

    To salt. Personally I think if he made it to 1b on 45$ I bet you he farmed a lot but did not fight very much.
    Also I have a similar SH15 trap. But spent very litte about the same. Personally its a more detailed article than I would have made. Mine has no beds but has amassed just under 16m kills. I use 200-300k as meats. Reason being as it shows the losses. So then your average idiot won’t think its a trap as it takes losses. But yes I agree. The solo hits were run of the mill with that many troops… you can be just as effective with lets say.. 2.5m t2?

  121. GoDub says

    These setups have became the reason I, along with many many other people are quitting game of war all together. It is complete nonsense. You look at the Super Wonder… Does anybody really look at it and say WOW what a battle? No, you look at it and say there’s a million plus bucks going to work. They’re all using the same cores, same strategies. Game of Money…

    1. Chad says

      Hahaha GoDub, I’ll see what I do about getting you an article on how intense and difficult the SW really is. From my limited knowledge, it’s an extremely complicated and organized battle.

      1. TheMachine says

        Hey Chad, I like your article (cause I’m mentioned haha) the pics wont load any way to see them I am currently building my first trap and want to see my attack on you.



        1. Chad says

          Hey Machine!
          It’s an honor to have you on my site 😀 I tried loading the images on my PC and Iphone 5, and they worked on both… Can you try again with a new device or internet and let me know?

          As far as attacking me, Maz is the one whose account is being showcased, if you want to hit him and I can get in contact with him and try to arrange something for you. I’m in the lounge if you ever want to pm me.

  122. Maz says

    Thanks for the comment all, this is how we all learn
    Dretz: 24 hours per batch of T2 and 12 hours forT1
    Yoiticka: Build hospital for the KE then destroying crossed my mind, but I decided against it, why because MZ only gives 1 point per building increase, if they gave 5 points I would consider doing what you do, it is all about that gold. I also did not want to use so many resources and speeds on the constant transitioning. I have made over 250k gold since the KE Saturday rebuilding, and my power is back over 50m were I started.
    Ron: I have nothing to gain by telling you I only spent 45$ and grew an account to approximately 1 Billion. Please consider MZ had events in the past that were much more achievable. For instance GoW ran events for a few weeks that gave (15) 7 days as rewards, so I made adjustments to my villas and barracks and made mostly T3 and T4 I grew 500 million in a short time until they stopped that event. The key is changing with the GoW events to capitalize on the rewards and constantly trading amongst other players for good deals.
    Only reason I spent I have spent $25 on this trap account is because MZ ran a deal on St Patrick’s day that included High Roller, and I had already have a few drinks, so I let my guard down and bought the pack, was worth it, High Roller has been helpful.
    And yes gear will be much better by next KE, hero will be lvl 50 and that opens up all the good gear.
    Collin: I wanted to only do the relevant research but once again it all came down to making gold, so I did it all. All research is only 4.3m power since MZ took away the March tree and Crafting tree from new SH 14 accounts.
    Last but not least I wanted to thank Skilly, Coors1 and Chaos, without their help and guidance over the past year I would have never made it this far.


    1. Yoiticka says

      Cool (: once again, your choice. Glad it works for you. I do it differently but I also wouldn’t take a rally lol and risk losing that many troops 😛 Usually my rebuilding is never that great and 1 barracks (with the tons of 3 hour speeds i get from gifts) is more then enough to train back my 20-100k t2 losses. Once again, your choice though. I can take 320k troops out of a hospital though with one 3 day speed up. And my hospital has only ever overflowed once.

    2. xYipyup says

      I forgot they screwed the research on new accounts, luckily I transitioned a farm I had so I mostly use cores rather than perm gear and it works great IMO, only downfall is the timers are extremely short so I go through a lot of them.

    3. xXLEGENDX7x says

      If you managed to make a 1b + account on 45$ I’m guessing you are not a fighter, and before you bring up your trap. A fighter is not a trap. It’d be easy to get to 1b with little fighting. But if you were an avid fighter. Not possible.

    4. Bill says

      Wild Fire CA is GOW name. I have a SH 14 and massive army of around 5 mill T1 and 9 mill T2. Why do my T2 die more than T1. I lose 150 k T1 (or less) and at same time lose about 600k T2.

  123. Liu Frank says

    Just a simple calculation for 10 lv14 villas(140% training boost) and 10 lv14 barracks to train troops: full load training with 10500 T1 troops per time need 18.21hrs. It means for 1.05 million T1 troop, you’ll need 1821hrs, i.e. about 75.875 days or two and half month. You can image that for 8 millions troops… wow, such a long time!! Lol!

  124. Collin says

    Also, the account surely is higher than 35 million power no? 4.74 million tier 2 troops is almost 40 million power on it’s own right?

    1. Chad says

      Ya his real power is probably more like 45-50mil because according to the troop calculator, 4.5mil t2s and 4.5mil t1s is a total of 45mil power.

    2. Chad says

      As he gets hit a few times it drops a bit as well obviously.

  125. Collin says

    A question regarding research. Have you only done specific research to minimize power gain, or is everything maxed out? Looking to build a SH 14 much like yours and I’m glad to see such success!

  126. Ron says

    $25 is realistic in this trap account being as low as it is and seeing the gear your hero has. It’s easy to do events as an sh5-7 and earn gold/speeds if you have a bigger account that can give you resources.
    I don’t see having a billion power for $45 as being realistic unless you got into an alliance that spends like crazy and you rack up the gold gifts.
    I like your play-style of sh14 with high troops. I have considered that myself for a fun alt account. I hope the people reading this make an effort to get some decent hero gear or at least some relics before they take rallies like that.

  127. Maz says

    xYipyup, thanks for the comment, that is valuable info, do you think you could have 9m t2 and 9m t1 and stay under the nerf threshold?

    1. xYipyup says

      As far as I know, the Nerf works per tier but don’t quote me on that as I’ve only seen it affect one tier since neither of us use t1. Maybe someone else has some insight to this

    2. Evil snowman says

      From what I know the nerf only truly kicks in at sh15, so as not to wholly disadvantage smaller players

  128. Maz says

    Hello all, I will try to answer the questions:

    #1 No hospitals, I will never build a single hospital; I never did on my old large account either. Troops are too easy to rebuild when you have 11 Barracks and 10 villas. The amount of troops a SH 14 could heal with full hospitals would still be minimal. Then rebuilding would be a nightmare without the barracks and villas.
    I have already rebuilt 75% of my troops and made 100k gold doing so. You need to rebuild to make gold, and earn chest to improve your gear.

    #2 I took the rally just to see the damage, no regrets was a learning experience and will do it again in the near future and I will still lose but do much better. IMO it was far more fun than throwing up a skirt releasing the trapped hero’s like a chicken.
    Being SH 14 and having multiple SH 21 hero’s is not only funny but very fun! Consider I also took a hit at the Wonder from a guy with full cores, most would have shielded, I wanted to see what would happen, the attacker said he will never solo a trap SH14 trap again.

    #3 I am not bragging about money spent just trying to help educate people that the game can be played smart and still be able to grow giant without throwing cash at MZ over and over. MZ has set up events in a way you can break even or even prosper is you are patient.

    #4 This approach I have used IMO makes for a more interesting game, instead of mindless farming of small player, now people should pay a little attention


    1. DRetz says

      Hi Maz,

      Thanks for responding. With 11 barracks and 10 villas what is the train time for 11550 t1 troops? With any training gear on, what is your total training speed boost?

    2. Yoiticka says

      Ok, so you can look up my name in game. Same name as I commented on this post. Click my graveyard, you’ll see I haven’t unlocked one cause im sh14, as it will say I am under sh15. Now, I currently have 43m kills at 51m power. I ONLY run hospitals. So keep in mind both strategies work. I can switch buildings easily and retrain the troops. I have only ever lost 700k t2. I also exclusively run t2, no t1 for me. I have had 6m troops go to the hospital total. So lets keep this open minded and remember there are other strategies. But good job none the less.

    3. Yoiticka says

      Not to mention… This strategy has become far too popular. fewer and fewer people attack by the day. And im positive by the end of this article next to none will attack. People only fall for this trick once guys, never twice. Too many sh14s are already out there imo. But I guess everyone else can join in too. Just dnt expect to get kills unless you’re in a new kingdom.

      1. xYipyup says

        I 100% agree with you. When I made my account I would easily get 150-200m pts per ke and now I’m lucky if I get 50m. Its becoming more rare to be hit, however you’ll always find one or two idiots out there to take a few shots not thinking twice about an sh14

    4. Maz_FAN says

      Hi Maz..

      Is it without hero gear? and what if i have low hero gear can i still take this rally hits etc and have a good trap acc.?

      -Ur big fan 🙂

      1. Maz says

        Hi there, and LOL at the name! No it is a bad idea to try taking a rally ever at SH14. Yes you can take hits with low lvl gear, just have lots of troops and try to check the attackers gear, if there are cores being used shield.

  129. David Traylor says

    My thoughts exactly – I need the secret to 1 & 2 🙂

  130. Chad says


    8 – Must be a magician

  131. xYipyup says

    Myself and a friend have sh14 traps as well. Right now we both have between 8-9m st2. He had built up to 100m power just because of the milestone goal and had 10.5m st2 and his first 3 hits on the next KE were definitely effected by the Nerf. Between those 3 hits he lost almost 2.5m troops and usually we lose somewhere between 50-300k depending on t3/4 and their gear. So after that we decided to stay around 9m t2 to avoid Nerf range.

    1. Kyle Walthers says

      I just finished making T2- T4 at 10:1 may I use this formula with out being Nerfed? I was talking with someone whom left our alliance for the #1 alliance in our kingdom, he told me to use a 10 to 1 t2 t4 and also destroy all t1 and t3 troops,( I am a little concerned this not enough)so as of now I have 20. Mil each t2 and 2mil each t4! Will this be a useable ratio, having it not at the 12.49 : 1 you have posted?
      I am a little worried to go to war until I have this ratio confirmed properly. Thanks Very Much

      1. Darkthorne says

        10:1 ratio is more than safe. However, your T1 will be of little help to you and I also advise removing them from your trap. These troops will typically be a guaranteed kills for rally leader and may push you over the threshold of burning. Also, check nerf limits on T1. It is very small, like 25 m max. If you have more than 25 m t1 you will be nerfed. Also, yes, these nerf limits have been confirmed. You can trust them. There is a new nerf limit suggested that is 13:1 but I’m not 100% that it is trustworthy because its coming from a new site on the web relative to Realtips and others posting nerf limits. To be safe, I generally shoot for 12:1 T4:T2 and I’ve never had a nerfing issue.

  132. DRetz says

    is Maz all Villas or Barracks? Why not hospitals?

    That seems like it would be a pain to retrain all those troops after that rally he took.

  133. Pamela Atkins says

    Is there anything a sh lvl 21 that has t4’s can do about facing a trap/nerf besides avoiding it?

    1. Jay Olvera says

      My alliance leader is working on that at the moment. I believe he’s going to have 2m t4 and 2m t3 and a mix of the others

  134. Silver says

    Wow, no hospitals. Considering that last Rally I guess you need all barracks/villas so you can rebuild quickly. What’s your inner city setup?

  135. alkdaniels says

    Impressive!!!!! He’s doing way better than me.

    Is he willing to share how he amassed so many troops in such a short time.

  136. Symon says

    If only you had hospitals. You wouldnt have to retrain hardly any troops unless you take a rally on. Congrats

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