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Demigod City Setup Guide


Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up.

Building Levels

“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Get ready to Shape your stronghold with your building levels! However, this is strategy to how you build! Let’s take a look! From the exterior to the interior, what’s important? Now with Demigod levels a whole new game has come into play. In order, to even open Demigod Features your stronghold has to be level 1101. To open certain researches your Academy has to be different levels.

So whether, you want to be Emperor, a Demigod Trap, or just safe your building levels come into play and are extremely important.

Teamrealtips Emperor


So what is the strategy with leveling up your Stronghold so that you’re stronger than Fort Knox? Go as max as possible or wait? Well let’s look at this from both sides.

Attack and Wonder

If you are an attack and wonder player you definitely want to be as max as possible on your building levels. These building levels will increase your stats and march size. You want to be the most feared anyways so level up that building.


On the defense side higher level buildings give more defense. So if you are aiming to just not burn, build away! However, with new demigod building levels certain levels are needed in order to attain certain stats. Building stats matter more now than they have in the past. However, the question remains whether or not players will be able to compensate in other places for stats that new building levels give.

Inside your Stronghold

What Buildings should you build? Barracks, Villas, or Hospitals… (oh my)

  • Villas provide attack
  • Hospitals provide defense
  • Barracks provide health

The first thought of traps will be to go for Health and Defense. However, don’t forget that you also need attack to be able to kill your attackers march. There is a balance needed when building your stats. For more information on our defense vs. attack testing check it out here.

The Academy


The Academy is a crucial building in your city when it comes to Demigods. In order, to even unlock Demigod Research your Academy must be at level 1101. In addition, further levels of research require higher Academy levels. If you keep a low Stronghold build your Academy will not allow you to fully access Demigod Research.

When it comes to troops T1 troops are unlocked with demigod features. T2 require Academy 1110, T3 and T4 Demigods require even higher levels of your Academy.

Best Banners



Banner Stand

Banners have continued to update and we have several now to choose from. We have created several charts showing different banners based off of what stat you are looking for. Keep in mind, even if you are a defense player that attack is important to your setup as well.

To see the full chart with all banners click here:

Banner Chart

Banners with Attack Stats
Attack BannersBanners with Defense Stats
Defense BannersBanners with Health Stats
Health BannersBanners with Rally & Wonder Stats

Rally and Wonder Banners

Banners with Debuff Stats
Banners with DebuffsLeveling up your Banners

Don’t forget!! You are able to combine banners. It requires 4 banners at the same level to combine to the next level. For example, if you have 4 level 3 banners you are able to combine those to get a level 4 banner. Once you have 4 level 4 banners you can combine them to get a level 5 Banner.

Combine those Banners



Gear Workshop

Gear Workshop

Our Current gear is not available for leveling or power up. However, it is available to be improved. This improvement however, looks differently than it has in the past. Improvement instead is taking the gear to the next level. Check it out.

Demigod Improvement

For more information on gear check out, Teamrealtips Forging Ahead.


Demigod VIP is here, and it is the must-have item of the year. Prior to Demigod VIP, march size for Demigods was only limited by how many you could train. March sizes were so large, that without spending a ton, it was impossible to even fill a solo march. A player could literally send everything they had at you!

Because so many Demigods were being sent, we were hardly able to kill any of the march, and players could continue to send Demigods over and over, until you were zeroed, with hardly any cost to themselves. Demigod VIP provides a solution for this problem, as it limits the march size your attacker can send, and it is definitely needed if you want to be able to trap again.

Demigod VIP

VIP 1321

VIP has shifted over the past weeks so that your base VIP is no longer 1300 but 1310. Anything above 1310 is when you get into demigod levels. In essence everyone’s VIP is now 10 levels higher with no cost but this did not change things beyond the number. VIP 1321 is now here and this provides presets for your Valkyrie Hero. It also provides good stat increases all around.

Game of War VIP 1321

VIP 1341

VIP has now increased to 1341. The stats in VIP are great and give a lot of help when defending and attacking. In addition, at VIP 1341 you are able to open Presets for your Sapphire Hero. The Sapphire Hero has brought some great stats to the game especially for players with at T5 and T6 setup. So these presets are a huge asset to players utilizing the Sapphire Hero.

VIPHowever, this is another feature where cost versus benefit needs to be explored. This feature will not come cheap, however, it is a very useful one if you are able to obtain it.

Avatars- More than Just Looks

Wondering where you’re missing stats that everyone else seems to have? It’s your Avatar. Now they are not only part of our identity in chat but provide stat increases. Although many of the old Avatar boosts are now irrelevant, there are new Avatars to help you on your quest for greatness!

So how does it work? What stats do they add? I’ll walk you through.

Steps to unlocking Avatar Boosts

  1. Open Chests in Items
  2. Go to My Items and Special
  3. Scroll down and click use to open Avatar
  4. Once you have all the Avatars for that collection
  5. Go to Avatar Collection
  6. Click Unlock and you’re ready to go!


Speed Dungeon

The Speed Dungeon has had a huge makeover. In the past our speed dungeon had one monster available to be hit at a time. This has changed so that we have a list of monsters that are available to be hit. Explore some of the new features of the Speed Dungeon with Teamrealtips!

The Dungeons

Open your Dungeon and Scroll! This will allow you to see every dungeon that is currently available and pick which dungeon you would like to play.


Each of the dungeons will show you a variety of info from just looking at them. You will be able to see the following:

  • The Name of the Dungeon
  • The Energy required to hit the monster
  • The Possible Rewards

Speed Dungeon

One of the newest features available is Auto Play. This feature allows you to play the dungeon without having to do all the heavy lifting for one hour. However, beware, once you use this item from your inventory the clock starts ticking down. Check out Auto Play! All you have to do is go into the dungeon of your choosing flip the Auto-Battle switch and let it run. Beware if you exit the dungeon Auto Play does stop, however, the time will still run out.

Auto PlayPantheon

Game of War has bestowed us with a new Demigod Upgrade. Our Pantheon’s are once again active with Deities to guide our way in battle. Today Teamrealtips will bring you the information you need to know in order to be successful with your new Pantheon.

What you need to know:

  • Different Deities unlock at different levels of the building
  • Each Deity provides a different stat
  • Unlocking your Pantheon requires a Pantheon Foundation, in order to upgrade Demigod Pantheon Upgrade Scrolls are required
  • Once you unlock the deity all you have to do is tap activate

Check out the deities available with this update

DietyLevel UnlockedStat Provided
Zeus' Authority
1101Thunderlord Attack
Ares' Barrage
Ares' Barrage
1106Firelord Attack
Apollo's Fire
Apollo's Fire
1112Waterlord Attack
Athena's Scorn
Athena's Scorn
1118Demigod Empire Attack
Poseidon's Flood
1125Demigod Rally & Wonder Attack
Hades' Darkness
Hades' Darkness
1130Demigod Troop Attack

Dragon Portal

The Dragon Dimension has arrived. In your city you can now see a Dragon Portal. This leads to a new Dimension. A whole other city awaits you there.There you will find the opportunity to do linked events that will allow you to earn prizes in the Dragon Dimension and the Demigod Dimension.

There is much to be discovered there and the Realtips team is working to get you the best information available! Come explore with us and Roam with Dragons and we will be back to you with more updates soon!


  1. Captain Lethargy says

    Is it actually worth having troops now? Shouldn’t we just use demigods as they zero all “normal” troops.

    1. Cinder says

      Old troops are completely useless. Only use Demigod Troops, Traps, and Mythics

  2. Bold Uhtred says

    Infallible. You keep using that word!

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  3. MrDog67 says

    Any certain gear and troops to send to tiles to get demigod rss that help to reduce to time to harvest

    1. Cinder says

      unfortunately no

  4. Jennifer says

    What’s the best set up for demi in how many troops and traps and what monster work best for attack and defense which are best to burn someone with demi troops and traps

  5. Sadie Wu says

    What runes do we use and what I saw the best bastion/ berserker gear

    1. Cinder says

      Runes do not currently have Demigod Stats

  6. Brenda Marciszewski says

    I like the new site but I don’t see where I can link to my Line account

  7. brian ball says

    Luv the new look, keep up the good work

  8. Clint McCartney says

    I like the new look-keep up the good work!!!!

  9. Sarah Sig says

    I’m trying to find a potion recipe but I can’t seem to find it. I keep getting sent here but there aren’t any recipes. Where can I find the latest ones?

    1. Cinder says

      Potions are not currently relevant as they do not have demigod stats. Typically they are in our city guide, however, not currently because they are irrelevant

  10. Clinton says

    Can you tell me if any of the newer Garrison Buildings will do anything for Demigod Troops?

    1. Cinder says

      not at this point, whether or not this is revamped remains to be seen

  11. SlientStorm says

    Is there a building I should have to make caviar? I want to make more troops

    1. Cinder says

      You can switch production of your farms to caviar

    2. Goat says

      If you are cooking troops with caviar then please be careful. All it takes is one Demi to tear down everything you have trained! And I do mean everything, nothing to the hospitals. Just a warning.

  12. Mobile Hack APP says
  13. CREEPER says

    I thought ALL barracks had more Defense…Thoughts.

  14. Kurt says

    I know it will take longer to load etc. but the resolution on some of the pictures is so low they are unreadable. Can you post higher res pictures or list some of the words in text? The Defense Potion picture is a good example of an unreadable picture.

  15. Tartarin says

    Bonjour pouvez vous me dire comment avoir un bon mur de défense ?? Je voudrais sauter mon bouclier et être attaquer mai j’ai peur. Merci gesika

    1. Cinder says

      Tu vu l’article, J’etre safe. Bon ideas. Pardon mon francais no bon. J’ai etudie trois ans mais J’oublie beaucoup

  16. Keleti Blokk says

    Hi, Have you got an idea how can I get a light red “rolls” for the troop training capacity resource? I bought some of the pack but I still cannot do that. Thanks mate

    1. Cinder says

      I’m not quite sure what you are asking?

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