City Setup Guide

City Guide

Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up.


  1. Introduction
  2. City build
  3. Makeover Guide

Building Levels

Building Levels

“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Get ready to Shape your stronghold with your building levels. Levels are now available to 775. However, there is a strategy to how you build. Let’s take a look. From the exterior to the interior, what’s important?


Let's look at the strategy to leveling up your Stronghold and how to decide whether to max your buildings or wait. 

Attack and Wonder

If you are an attack and wonder player you definitely want to be as max as possible on your building levels. These building levels will increase your stats and march size. You want to be the most feared anyways so level up that building.


On the defense side, higher level buildings give more defense. However, they may seem minor in most cases. So if you are aiming for max defense stats, build away. However, as traps know many times we get more attention by not maxing our building levels. There are places you can compensate for the stats lost by not doing this. So really it’s up to your style but not as necessary on the defense side. For other ways to stay safe check out the Am I Safe? article for a full list of the perfect defense set up.

Inside your Stronghold

What Buildings should you build? Barracks, Villas, or Hospitals… (oh my)

  • Villas provide attack, defense debuff, defense, legion defense debuff, onslaught attack, and defense annihilation stats
  • Hospitals provide Attack, health, defense, legion defense, and resolute troop defense stats
  • Barracks provide attack, defense, legion defense, onslaught attack, resolute defense, and defense annihilation

For our lead and trap, we have chosen hospitals. Not only do hospitals give the same amount of defense as barracks but they also give health and attack stats. We do lose some attack by going with hospitals over villas however, we choose to do this for the extra defense we get when heroless as Villas give less defense than barracks or hospitals. Say you aren’t worried about getting that extra defense or health and you want as much attack as possible, then Villas are definitely the right choice for you.

The buildings you choose to shape your stronghold with will highly influence your outcome in the war. See Home Makeover article for easy steps of re-structuring your city.

Auxiliary Buildings


Does your city need an extra boost? Your auxiliary buildings serve two functions. One of those is giving massive combat boosts. In addition, Special Buildings have just been updated to go to level 800, with this update they now include Mythical Stats!

What's in the bag??

Sorry, Can't tell you.

Come on!! Tell me!!!

Nope never!!!

This is how I feel about special buildings, you may never know what's inside the bag (enemy Stronghold), but you are sure it's amazing. It could be nothing at all and an easy target or it could be maxed and your hero is dead. This hidden boost is one of my favorite game contents because it can completely boost your account without anyone knowing. Especially since Stronghold Level and Special Buildings Level don't have to match. This is an easy way to truly hide your stats. As a trap, this is the dream.

These buildings not only increase your stats but have a function as well. Check out what stats each building applies to your city.

Stat Guide

This will be updated to include information from Mythical Stats as we get them!

Athena’s Armory and Mythical Training Grounds

Athena’s Armory grants the benefits from multiple gear sets all at once. It also gives good attack, defense, and health stat increases.

The Mythical training grounds is where you train your mythical creatures. Currently, mythical creatures are your front line of defense and very important. Leveling up this building increases yours mythical creature march size, attack, training speed and queue, and health. It also increases your Super Troop Attack.

While Athena’s Armory and the Mythical Training grounds do give good stat increases if you are a trap you do not want to level these buildings up. You want to unlock them, however, once you level them up you gain 1MTTTT power per level. There are no mythical defense stats in these buildings or Super Troop Defense so right now it is not necessary for traps to upgrade these two buildings.

Best Banners for Each Category

Banners can be set for defense, attack, or wonder. Below you will find each category and the best banners for each. The awesome thing about banners is now we have a preset where we are able to easily flip between banner sets. This can be utilized for trapping or changing from leading rallies to conquering wonder.

With Mythical Creatures playing such a big role we now have banners to help support them. Check out the new Recommended setups!

1-12 Banners


Defense Banners

  1. Tincture Banner
  2. Imposing Crest Banner
  3. Storage Banner
  4. Sharpshooter Banner
Attack Banners

  1. Imposing Crest Banner
  2. Tincture Banner
  3. Hatchet Banner
  4. Sharpshooter Banner
Wonder Banners

  1. Imposing Crest Banner
  2. Leadership Banner
  3. Tincture Banner
  4. Hatchet Banner

New banners were released with the Athena Banners that have put Eco Banners back into play. These banners not only help with being able to increase your Athena’s gift every hour but also allow the cost of training of T22 through t24 to be reduced.


Gear Workshop

Gear Workshop

So you’ve got the newest gear. You’re excited to set it up and take it out for a spin and you think... Hey, I can just level it up later, right? Wrong!

Check out below the stats of my Barbarian King Gear before visiting my gear workshop.

Barb King Before

So then I took a trip to my Gear Workshop, leveled up my gear and improved the quality. Now check out the stats of my Barbarian King Gear.

Barb King After

These functions drastically increased the stats on my gear.

A visit to your gear shop is of the utmost importance. In it, there are three categories that will help make your gear the best of the best.

Power up

Power up provides increased stat levels and goes all the way to level 50. When powering up your gear don’t forget to toss on your Power Forged Gear to decrease costs.

Set Gear Leveling

Here you are going to get huge stat increases. This uses different charms for different gears and increases different things based off of what gear you are leveling up. Those eco gears are great to max level to reduce costs. Leveling on other gears provide increased Attack, Defense, Health, and Defense Debuff stats.

Improve Quality

This currently goes to level 10 on some gear and level 5 on other gears. Different materials are required based off of what you are improving.

So visit the Gear Workshop first and take that new gear out for a spin. Check out our Gear Article to see the best of the best gear!

Monster Lair

The monsters hiding under your bed are not real.. Or are they? Game of War has given us monsters to help us devastate our enemies and turn our coming into their worst nightmare. No longer do your soldiers march on their own but with the powerful force of a monster to accompany them.

Your Monster Lair houses your monsters that boost your march. Activating different monsters provides different stats. Your monster lair can also be upgraded so that it can provide boosts as well.Upgrading it requires Monster Lair Bars. This is definitely a must-have for leads with current monsters having amazing boosts.

Current Monsters


Current Monster is the Bone Ice Dragon with some Amazing Mythical Stats!

How To:

  1. Go to Your Monster Lair
  2. Level up your chosen monster using  Monster Badges
  3. Activate
  4. Dominate

Get ready to dominate with your new monsters and send your opponents cowering in fear!

Alchemy Lab


Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble...

Get your cauldron ready New Potions are here. Potions are very important in  Game of war and can be a difference between a burn or cap. Also, remember to craft and equip a new potion every time you level up this building so that new stats apply.

There are different options for every type of player. Craft a potion that best works for you.  The newest potion is Athena's Potion.This potion has the potential to give some incredible stats. 

Defense Potion

Athena's Attack

How do I craft a Potion?
  1. Skill gear for crafting potions, if you have any luck charms, gem your gear with these
  2. Put on skilled gear
  3. Go to Alchemy Lab
  4. Go to Craft Potions
  5. Choose Vial
  6. Choose Ingredients
  7. Press Craft
How Do I Equip a Potion?
  1. Put on Potion Gear to Equip for a longer time period
  2. Go to Alchemy Lab
  3. Go to Inventory
  4. Select Desired crafted potion
  5. Press use

If you don’t have access to a recipe all hope is not lost.

Creating your own Potions
  1. Go to your Alchemy Lab
  2. Select Craft Potions
  3. Then Vial Stats
  4. Select Your Vial based off your needs
  5. Go to Ingredients
  6. Go to Ingredient Stats
  7. Select Ingredients with Stats based off your needs
  8. Craft Potion

And Voila! You’re now an expert potion maker!

Building Boosts - Secret Edge

With building boost, you may finally have the edge you are looking for. Building boost don't show up on the scouting reports. And with such a wide variety of boosts to choose from, you can set it up any way you want.

Another advantage I would like to point out is that building boosts apply even without your hero, making heroless traps and rallying the wonder even easier than you thought.

Maximum Building Boosts

Currently, your building boosts can go to 850. NOTE: Luck levels are no longer affected by your Stronghold level. Every player can max building orbs. Check out the possible stats at this level per building.

Building Boosts



What has changed in the last few updates is having these stats for Max that take some of the guesswork of boosting these buildings. In addition, previously different buildings provided different stats, but now all buildings provide the same stats. Check out what VIP 850 did for building boosts in our Hero Guide

This has simplified the process of boosting buildings. Now all you have to do is:

  1. Boost your luck level to max using VIP Boost Manager
  2. Boost your building until you receive one of three stats you want (mentioned above)

Building Boost

In the above image, you can see the Rewind Orbs, Time Orbs, Luck, your Current Boost, and Total Boost.

The tooltip explains that you can apply Boosts using Time Orbs to receive Luck XP.  Each time you roll, or spend Time Orbs you will increase the Luck XP of the building.  The higher your Luck XP the greater the boosts.

Each time you "roll" by spending Time Orbs you will receive a different stat with a different multiplier.  With each Time Orb spent to roll different boosts you are granted experience toward your building's Luck level.  

Higher level buildings gain more Luck XP when rolling for boosts.

Avatar - More than just looks

Chat Avatar

Wondering where you’re missing stats that everyone else seems to have? It's your Avatar. Now they are not only part of our identity in chat but provide stat increases. The most recent has been the Halloween avatars with some great Defense and Attack Boosts.

However, there are many chat Avatars that can help with boosts too. So how does it work? I’ll walk you through.

Steps to unlocking Avatar Boosts
  1. Open Chests in Items
  2. Go to My Items and Special
  3. Scroll down and click use to open Avatar
  4. Open all Avatars
  5. Go to Avatar Collection
  6. Click Unlock and you’re ready to go!

Note: You do not need to wear this chat Avatar in order for the boost be active.

Home Make Over in just minutes!

home makeover

No need to sit and destroy buildings and waste all your time and resources (RSS) making a new one. If you want to change out Barracks to Villa or wish you had more Hospitals, now is the time.

Before, it took way too much time and RSS to do it, so most people were just forced with what they had.

Now, you don't have to worry! Just tear down the buildings you don't need (be sure to leave 1 of each) then instant build all lvl 1's of the new building. Use your instant lvl 90 item and booom! Home makeover complete in less than 5 minutes. It's amazing! So much easier than my last home makeover...

The only downside is you will lose your building boosts which isn't that big of an issue since everyone has millions of them.  As building levels continue to grow, I am sure we will see more items like this in the future.

If I want to swap out my buildings to be more trap friendly or to be more of a lead style, I will just look for these items and it is as easy as 1,2,3. This is a trick we all will get a lot of use out of. Now the only issue is making up my mind on which buildings I want.

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