Demigod City Setup Guide

City Guide

Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up.


  1. Introduction
  2. City build

Building Levels

“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Get ready to Shape your stronghold with your building levels! However, this is strategy to how you build! Let’s take a look! From the exterior to the interior, what’s important? Now with Demigod levels a whole new game has come into play. In order, to even open Demigod Features your stronghold has to be level 1101. To open certain researches your Academy has to be different levels.

So whether, you want to be Emperor, a Demigod Trap, or just safe your building levels come into play and are extremely important.

Teamrealtips Emperor


So what is the strategy with leveling up your Stronghold so that you’re stronger than Fort Knox ? Go as max as possible or wait? Well let’s look at this from both sides.

Attack and Wonder

If you are an attack and wonder player you definitely want to be as max as possible on your building levels. These building levels will increase your stats and march size. You want to be the most feared anyways so level up that building.


On the defense side higher level buildings give more defense. So if you are aiming to just not burn, build away! However, with new demigod building levels certain levels are needed in order to attain certain stats. Building stats matter more now than they have in the past. However, the question remains whether or not players will be able to compensate in other places for stats that new building levels give.

Inside your Stronghold

What Buildings should you build? Barracks, Villas, or Hospitals… (oh my)

  • Villas provide attack
  • Hospitals provide defense
  • Barracks provide health

The first thought of traps will be to go for Health and Defense. However, don’t forget that you also need attack to be able to kill your attackers march. There is a balance needed when building your stats. For more information on our defense vs. attack testing check it out here.

The Academy


The Academy is a crucial building in your city when it comes to Demigods. In order, to even unlock Demigod Research your Academy must be at level 1101. In addition, further levels of research require higher Academy levels. If you keep a low Stronghold build your Academy will not allow you to fully access Demigod Research.

When it comes to troops T1 troops are unlocked with demigod features. T2 require Academy 1110, T3 and T4 Demigods require even higher levels of your Academy.

Best Banners



Banner Stand

Banners are currently easy. We have one banner that is able to help us with Demigod stats. Currently, most people have received a level one in email. Level 3 Devotion banners are in packs. As these banner levels get higher they will definitely be a must have.

Devotion Banner Level 3 (Attack and Defense)

Devotion Banner

Explosion Banner Level 3 (Attack and Defense)

Explosion Banner

Glorious Banner Level 3  (Rally and Wonder)

Glorious Banner


Leveling up your Banners

Don’t forget!! You are able to combine banners. It requires 4 banners at the same level to combine to the next level. For example, if you have 4 level 3 banners you are able to combine those to get a level 4 banner. Once you have 4 level 4 banners you can combine them to get a level 5 Banner.

Combine those Banners



Gear Workshop

Gear Workshop




Our Current gear is not available for leveling or power up. However, it is available to be improved. This improvement however, looks differently than it has in the past. Improvement instead is taking the gear to the next level. Check it out.

Demigod Improvement

For more information on gear check out, Teamrealtips Forging Ahead.


Demigod VIP is here, and it is the must-have item of the year. Prior to Demigod VIP, march size for Demigods was only limited by how many you could train. March sizes were so large, that without spending a ton, it was impossible to even fill a solo march. A player could literally send everything they had at you!

Because so many Demigods were being sent, we were hardly able to kill any of the march, and players could continue to send Demigods over and over, until you were zeroed, with hardly any cost to themselves. Demigod VIP provides a solution for this problem, as it limits the march size your attacker can send, and it is definitely needed if you want to be able to trap again.

Demigod VIP






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