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Ten Timeless Super Wonder Strategy Tips

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Super Wonder (SW) for the Demigod Dimension is quickly approaching. While we saw BeastYNaga win Super Wonder on the Dragon Dimension this past weekend it is time for Demigod to battle it out. SW is a long-standing tradition in Game of War. It is a battle that proves the best of the best.

One thing you hear a lot is that the winner is determined by who has the biggest wallet. However, while stats do make a difference in the battle to become Emperor there are ways that you are able to take on top players even if you are lacking somewhat in stats. Head to Head you may never win. However, one thing that is important to note about SW is that it is a team game. It is all about building connections and conquering together.

Top Ten Timeless Super Wonder Strategy Tips

Today we want to provide you with some tips to help you in the upcoming battles and battles to come in the future. While things such as Gear, Banners, Gems, Runes, etc, will change over time these strategy tips are timeless.

Game of War Real Tip’s own YouTuber Savage Arab recaps the recent Super Wonder and takes a look at the new research tree in the video above.

Tip Number One: Clear your Calendar

If you are really serious about winning SW you need to be sure you have the time to win SW. This means that you will constantly be online and ready to go during the event. This can mean a sleepless night and a day of hiding on your couch with snacks and a blanket but the battle does not stop. If you want to win you cannot stop either. Those lulls in gameplay where people take a break can make a huge difference. Leave your opponents sitting in Wonder too long and they can rack up a good amount of time.

Tip Number Two: Organization is Key

When it comes to SW knowing who will be doing what and filling what role and when people will be online is key. The last thing you want to happen is for 3 A.M to roll around and find out that your team cannot fill a rally because Billy Jo Bob took off. Everyone having a role, knowing the role, and knowing when they are needed will help to prevent mass confusion and chaos during the event. Also important to know it is better to have too many fillers on than not enough because as we all know, Life happens. We will look more at the organization in the following tips.

Tip Number Three: It is all about your Team

The best of the best recognize that they cannot win SW on their own. There are various components to a SW team and every player can function in a different role. The main roles you are going to see on a SW team are as follows:

  • Lead- This is your account that is actually going for the Emperor title. This player will have to do a lot of prep work to prepare for the event and will need a team that supports them. It is essential that you stick to this lead throughout the event! Changing who you support mid-event due to flaring emotions will be detrimental to your team.
  • Fillers- This is also an essential role. For fillers, it is important to know what troops your Lead needs you to have ready so that when SW rolls around you can fill rallies appropriately. This is extremely important due to the fact that the wrong troops can be the difference between a win and a loss.
  • Blockers- An alliance with leads and fillers that can help you double rally and block the opposing teams will help to push you over the edge. This is where the support and the connections you make in Game of War become very important.
  • Drivers- These players are going to be people that are very trusted. These are the people that can play another person’s account if they do need to take a break for some reason so that you can ensure that you still have that account filling or leading.
  • Speeders- Sometimes there are smaller players that feel that because they do not have the ability to fill they are unable to engage in this event. However, playing the role of a speeder really gives them the opportunity to engage with the event. Whether your players gift them march speeds or they have their own, helping to speed marches in can help immensely.

Tip Number Four: Good Coms are Essential

Communication is essential when it comes to SW. You need to be able to communicate with your team in real time and coordinate the movements of multiple players. We know that sometimes there can be an issue with language barriers however, having someone who can help those with Language barriers communicate to the team can help address that. Some of the most successful teams stay in calls via Line or Discord the entire SW event. They are able to communicate imperative information to their team within that call in real-time. Here are some great ways to be able to set up that communication:

  1. Have a Free for all Call- Even if your fillers are not needed on the call have a call going for them as well. It keeps them engaged and online and bonding as a team.
  2. Have a call just for Leads, Blockers, and Drivers- This is the call that is going to communicate the most imperative information between these players. Too many voices on this call can quickly make it overwhelming and not helpful which is why this call should be set up to only allow essential people in it.
  3. Have a command giver- In-game there will be times when you have to relay information from the lead call to the rest of the team. Let your team know who will be the voice and who they should listen to when it comes to what they should be doing.

Tip Number Five: The Double Rally

Recently, we saw even the Game of War In-game blog address the double rally. There will be times where your opponent’s stats beat your stats. It is a reality of the game. However, there are ways to strategize around this so do not despair. The Double Rally is one way you can overcome the difference in stats. However, what is important to note is that timing is very important when it comes to this. The Rallies need to hit almost simultaneously so that your opponent does not have time to be able to reinforce between hits.

Tip Number Six: The Slingshot Rally

Many of you are probably wondering what in the world a slingshot rally is. This is terminology I have learned for this type of rally, however, I am sure that even if you do not know this term, you know what a Slingshot Rally is or at least have a little bit of knowledge on how one works.

This is a method that will help you with your timing and it is really quite simple. Let’s take a closer look at how a Slingshot rally plays out within the game.

  1. Your Lead sets a Rally
  2. Fillers fill the Rally
  3. One Predetermined Filler fills the rally from further away and does not speed their March in (if you have people helping speed marches make sure they know not to speed this person’s march)
  4. When the timer is up you will see the rally status switch to “Waiting”
  5. Here is what this does, while the Rally you set may be for Five minutes that Rally will not march until everyone’s troops have reached the lead. This allows you to hold your rally until you are ready to send and then have that last filler speed their March in. This then launches the rally.

Tip Number Seven: Be willing to be Flexible

As mentioned before, over time what you are wearing and equipping will change. However, the strategy of the troops you are sending will change as well. Whether that means you are sending an even march with Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry troops or a Missile (a march that specifically targets another troop type), it is important that you remain flexible and willing to change up your setup.

Tip Number Eight: Ensure that you are knowledgeable about Game Mechanics or have a Teammate who is

This feeds directly into our previous tip. You have to be willing to be flexible. However, you also have to have good knowledge of the game so you know when it is appropriate to change your setup or how to change your setup in the midst of battle. However, recognize that we all have different strengths and that someone on your team may be the better strategist. Know who they are and be willing to lean on them for support and advice on how to change things up.

Tip Number Nine: Practice Makes Perfect

Take every opportunity you get to play Wonder with your team. You should know who your team will be and who will be filling what roles. Those battles around Wonder during Kill events, during the course of the week even can quickly become a way for you and your team to hone your strategy and learn to work together as a team.

Tip Number Ten: Have Fun

You are probably wondering how having fun plays into the strategy. After all, these are Strategy tips, right? You are correct, and having fun is probably one of the most important tips I can give you. At the end of the event, someone will walk away with the Emperor title. It may not be your team. However, it remains the same that it is a game. If at the end of the event your team can walk away with some disappointment but still be smiling because of the memories made… In my book that equals a successful event.

A team that can walk away from a loss and still had fun is a team that will continue to support you in future SW events. A team that walks away and feels admonished or defeated will quickly lose their enthusiasm and you will quickly lose your team.

What timeless tip do you all have to offer when it comes to Super Wonder? Let us know in the comments below and we will be watching!

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