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Want to contribute to the Game of War Real Tips community?

We are looking for Experienced Players to share their knowledge to the GOW Real Tips Community! Gain site-wide recognition and praise from your peers!

If this sounds appealing, let your skills and strategic insight be known in the community by sharing a guide or strategy of your own!






What kind of content?

We look for content that helps others become better players. We look for veteran players to contribute stories, tips, creativity, and current events that intrigue the Game of War community. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, share your point of view and be heard by gamers who like to spend their days competing to become the best. Don’t hold back, we are open-minded and we want to learn from you.

If you feel that you have something awesome to write, please search our previous articles, to make sure that your content hasn’t been written about before.  Don’t worry if you think we’ve covered everything, there is always something new to be written about! Go wild and check out the submission types below to narrow your choice.

Sounds great. How do I submit?

For all submissions, all you need to do click on the “Submit Content” button below and fill in the applicable fields. Currently, you will only have the option to paste plain text, but you can upload photos in order to spice up your submission. In order to get recognized by other members of the website, we ask you to include a headshot photo and a short description of yourself.  Don’t worry, a few sentences and selfie will suffice.

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Then what happens?

After you submit your article to us, we will begin reviewing it and will respond ASAP to inform you if we will publish your content.  If you have any questions during the review phase, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We will reply to you regardless of whether or not your submission is approved. It’s likely we ask you to revise in some way before we post it.

Anything else I should know?

Before you get started, there are a few things you should know …

  •  We accept all content contributions with open arms, but not all get published. You’re really awesome either way.
  • If you don’t get published the first time, don’t worry! Either resubmit the article with more additions, or submit an entirely new one!
  • We edit submissions for grammar, punctuation, and clarity to keep things consistent for Real Tips readers.
  • All written submissions/stories/interviews must be original works not published elsewhere online. Nobody wants redundancy!
  • When you submit, you acknowledge that you own full rights to all provided content. Game of War Real Tips is not responsible for any inaccuracies or infringements.

In summary

  • We are looking for creative writers who are willing to provide content for our site.
  • Articles can be Strategies, Play Styles, Tips, Game Analysis, Stories, Interviews, News, or anything that you believe is worthy enough to be featured!
  • Once you submit your content, any photos, and a short bio, we will review your work.
  • After we review your article and accept it, we will send you a short survey to help improve our contributing process.
  • Finally bask in your new fame, or start working on another article.

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Have fun, share with your friends, and good luck!

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