Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting

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Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting

Trapping in general can be pretty boring because your action is determined by when others decide to hit you. I’m an impatient person so I decided to go back to the first rule of solo trapping and apply it to my rally trap account; minimize power to appear weak.  I have a research guide to rally trapping, but summing up in a sentence: you need T4 troops, 4 presets, and the entire core crafting tree done.  In addition, at the minimum you need 5x the troop power of an incoming march or 15m T4.  When complete, you should be in the area of 1.2b-1.4b power; the perfect size to get plenty of action.

It’s fairly easy to go online and look up all the best defense, health, and attack pieces to make a really good core set to defend with.  If you haven’t crafted much, your account probably has enough rare pieces to make 3-4 really good general defense sets that would eat rallies of any troop type.  That ends up getting really expensive because most defense sets will only get one, maybe two hits.  Here I’ll show you how to craft defense sets that use pieces and cores that would normally be considered useless.  I crafted and used 15 defense sets off 1 pack for the past 2 kill events we had.

Most of the time, a rally attack will consist of one troop type.  With one troop type attacking, it allows you to exploit its weakness and also to strengthen your defending troop type that is weakest to it.  To do this, you will need three different core sets ready, one to defend against each troop type attack.  The individual defense sets are cheaper to make because they don’t require rare pieces and cores, and they generally have better statistical results if you craft them right.

Many people ask me for my recipes I use, but I’ve honestly never written any of them down because my sets are dictated by what pieces and cores I have available to use in my account.  Instead, I’ve created a table that will be your guide to crafting each set.  It’s important to know that the percent of each stat I’ve listed is VERY general and just a guide for you to follow.  I’ve color coated what types you can use to get to that target percent.

Converting to a Rally Trap_Core Crafting Chart
The goal is to reach the target percent using any of the types listed.  So for example:

Defense target 1800%-2200% = Attack debuff + Cavalry Attack debuff + Troop Defense + Ranged Defense

Slay SeXay Cavalry Killer

Above is an example of a Cavalry Killer set I made.  This set has 1063 inf attack + 465 troop attack + 150 health + defense debuff for a total of over 1600 in attack stats.  You can also see that the defense stats total over 3000 which is high.  This set could have been made better by lowering the attack by 100-200 and adding to the health.

There is no benefit to having higher attack stats than needed because the max damage that you can do is kill a 3M T4 march.  After you reach the threshold of attack that will kill the whole march, any additional stats should be added to health and defense which will reduce your troop losses for a better result.

Some of you may be thinking that 1200-1500 attack boost is too high.  You are wrong.  It is called attack boost because it boosts the ‘intrinsic’ attack contained within your defending army.  So while 500 attack for a 160m T2 trap is sufficient, 1200-1500 is needed for a 15m-18m T4.

Crafting/ Gemming/ Hero Tree Strategy

So you know what stats you need in a set, how do you get there?

The most EFFICIENT sets only use pieces and cores that have stats that contribute directly to what that set is used for.  Let me clarify with an example.  ‘Golden Thread’ piece has troop defense 20%, troop health 20%, and infantry defense debuff 15%.  It’s a good piece to use for any of the three sets, but its MOST effective to use when crafting your infantry killer set (aka your Ranged Set) because that’s the only time the infantry defense debuff will actually be used.

Start off by picking a core that will use stats you are looking for in the set.  Add pieces in the same way, only choosing ones that have the stats listed for that set in the table.  After you’ve crafted 2-3 parts of your gear set, add them to the preset.  Now look at the stats for your set and determine if it is lacking in one of the areas.  If it’s low on one of the stats, then focus the next piece you craft to be heavy on that stat to make up for it.  Add that piece to the preset and continue on in this fashion until you have all 7 pieces of gear for that preset.  Gemming and setting your hero tree will give you the opportunity to fine tune to meet your target stats.  Let’s say you crafted your set and it already has 1400 attack stats, then gem and set your hero tree with all defense and health.  There is no reason to add attack gems or set more attack in your hero tree.


I’ll state my disclaimer now that the target stats listed in the table are only a guide and that no matter what you craft, you’ll never know exactly what stats the rally leader is attacking with.  There are many defense debuff sets out there that have over 1000% defense debuff.  Defending against such rally would require less attack and more defense than I suggested in the table.  For events, I will have a few Firecracker accessories that have 300-400 defense and just let them sit in my inventory.  If I happen to see a rally leader lurking who is burning a ranged defense debuff set, I’ll swap a Firecracker accessory into my ranged killer preset to adjust for what I think is coming.

Another huge exception are the Odin and Orion sets.  Both of these are set up to attack with two troop types and include huge attack debuff, sometimes up to 1500%.  The defense sets in the table would not work against these sets and you will burn.  You need to get creative and craft using stats that impact the incoming set.  Find cores and pieces that counter what’s coming.  The Orion helm for example is a great choice to defend against Odin (Ranged and Infantry kills Infantry and Cavalry).  Similarly, defend against Orion marches with a defense set mixed with dragon bone and frost cores (Ranged and Cavalry kills a mixed Orion march).

Finally the biggest head scratcher is the new Frost set which CAN be beat. Frost stats include troop attack debuff up to 1000 and infantry attack debuff 600-700.  The way you beat this is to craft a defense set that has ZERO troop attack and about 2000 infantry attack.  This renders the troop attack debuff useless for frost because you have none to start with.  Add on 2400 defense and 1600 health and you won’t burn.

Here’s proof that my trap can crush Frost Cores:

frost trap slay sexay frost trap slay sexay (2)

As mentioned earlier, you need at the absolute minimum, 5x the troop power in T3/T4 defending compared to a march in order to eat it.  So 108m power x 5 = 540m troop power.  Anything less than this will not work no matter how good your cores are.

Rally Trap strategy contributed by Slay SeXay

Article 1: Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 1 : Research
Article 2: Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting

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  1. Winter says

    This article and everything about it seems to be regarding a solo trap. Not a rally trap. Most people can send 3m troops solo when using march size boost.
    My question is, “How would your set up stand up to a 7m-8m rally?”
    This is a shot of one of the many back to back rallies I took. I was in full Solas when attacked.

  2. Tank says

    Is there an updated troop count to go with the new march research?

  3. Medea's Wrath says

    Yay, Slay!

  4. The Joker K2
    The Joker K2 says

    Hi, am currently in the process of doing a rally trap purely on T3 (i do have 110k T4 but dont plan on training more in a while) the goal is to be around 60-80m T3 before i try taking a hit. ill be around 2-3B power when that happens (intentionally i want to be around that power) i am currently aiming to use cores for defending, anyone got suggestions on how i should do them, right now i think either ill do missile sets 3 and 1 Overall and defend with the most appropriate one each rally that comes at me, i also consider doing hybrid sets thats good vs 2 types: what should i do? and what boost % should i hit to succed in killing a full T4 Rally and loose as little as possible – The Joker K2

    1. Eddy says

      Joker you can get by with a 15-million reg t3’s and 5-million each reg AND strategic of 3-3 1/2 million each t3s. Back that up with a million of each t4 reg/strat. Craft a few mish-mash or missile defensive cores-anti zeus ,anti Poseiden and youll be taking heroes,of course dont forget hero skills ,presets and backup core sets. gd luck

  5. […] Article 1: Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 1 : Research Article 2: Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting […]

  6. TIE says

    Question. I have a rally trap. 1.9 m power, 30mil troops evenly divided between t3 and t4. I can currently only craft 1100/2100/1800 Attack/def/health. Is that enough or no! how do I improve. Will that possible eat a rally. thank you. All research is done(reseach you suggested)

  7. Built1 says

    15mill troops is a good starter for new to trapping that are after broad range of types, I’ve used that including enough t3 meat to take multiple rallies while taking heroes with tones of reports to prove, but it is easily done with far less mostly I have strayed targeting frost with low troop count and more t3 gen t4 . What has been said is generally what I’ve told other thou troop numbers won’t make you stronger against frost while trapping and may be same with cores to come

  8. aguinaldo says

    I have 42 million t4. T2 how I should have?

    1. Jeremy says

      I’ll post my troop layout. I’m still play around . I have T3 also

  9. JGC says

    All T4 traps… really? Agreed with Ryan… try to beat that and 150M + Troops lol

    1. David says

      Whoa.. Umm, what gave you that much defense if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. JGC says

        Cores hehe Here the new ones… good luck!

  10. Bo says

    I agree with you Ryan. T4 traps are nowhere near as good as t2/t4. I am at the target size suggested in article and take any hero, including true frost, with t2 meat shield. Takes some good crafting but quite doable.

  11. Magnus says

    Are you getting rallied at 2.2 billion power?

    1. ryan says

      Around 4 times per KE for 0 losses . Against Frostbitten and more run of the mill . Frostbitten report was shown below . And I have no experience with rally traps until these last 2 KE . Someone as experienced as the writer with making cores but using T2 with T4 Instead of all T4 will have far superior results at the 1.4 -1.5B range, they will just be all barracks because Defense tree will be untouched . the cores just need to be different . Losing 2m t2 costs much less than losing 1m t4 . I’m experimenting myself to see how much attack I have to add in to kill a full March and still be under beds . It’s going to take awhile to find what works best . An article written with the superior T2 and T4 setup would be much appreciated

  12. ryan says

    Am I the only one seeing this article as proof that all T4 rally traps are the worst you can make ?

    1. With all T4 , you have to adjust to cores being used which they won’t always show you,coring in last seconds is popular . With a 120m T2 and T4 army you can just stack defense and ignore attack and health. You will eat the 3m no matter what

    2. With the 120m T2 and T4 army. Even against huge defense and/or debuff cores, you can lose even less troops than when using all T4 just from the boosts of the massive army because you can stack Defense while all T4 needs to constantly counter

    3. T2 AND T4 traps can take multiple rallies at once if all barracks while all T4 can only handle 1 at once because of possible different types of cores being used on u

    4. An T2 and T4 could take multiple rallies with no beds whatsoever and the replacement costs still be significantly Lower than T4 . With Pack trends exploding the speeds and gold , while shorting resources ( in Comparison ) ,the resources needed to recover are more important than the speeds/gold

    5. T2 and T4 can make cores more economically like you do but it’s entirely optional , while all T4 is required to do this to counter the new sets and still get enough hits

    6. Why are you using beds setup when you lose more troops than are wounded ? You haven’t done hospital bed capacity research if your beds are that low , so why not switch to all barracks to make it easier to replace AND have higher boosts ?

    7. The point of trapping is to have the most possible strength for the least power , and do it in the most economically feasible way . All T4 traps are the weakest you can make for same power goal . I would say T1 and T4 were the strongest if not for the tiny 14% Troop power ratio limit the site has proven to exist . So currently large T2 and T4 armies are the strongest rally traps , the most efficient , the least need to counter , and significantally less replacement cost

    The main flaw of going T2 and T4 is the poor points given for Infernos. But inferno prizes have been crap ever since the significantly increased pack contents anyways. But their advantages far outweigh that initial disadvantage

    1. Steven A. says

      Did you not read the article? The point of this type of trap seems to be that will gain tons of action and score many points in KE. Your mindless 4b t2 trap that you litterally don’t have to be online for will get hit once and no one will touch you again.

      1. ryan says

        I read the article ,and I listed the ways T2 and T4 is superior . I am providing a photo to show it . This was a 3m Frost Core hit against me wearing 4 Piece Cores . I was 1.9B at time of hit . Only 10m of my army was T4 . If you completely ignore Defense tree and go all barracks ,you can have similar results , and be significantly lower in Power ( like an Inferior all T4 trap )
        You just failed to read my constructive criticism with the critical reading center of your brain turned on

        Nice math , 4B power lmao

        1. ryan says

          My current power now is right under 2.2B now , with 5m less troops,losses from taking several hits in Haunted . I’ve upgraded to 6 pieces and 4th gems so I can takes wounded to under 1m t2 against 3.2m t4 Frost with stacked defense cores . You could be significantly less power if you didn’t care about replacing t2 every hit and ignored Defense tree . With the excellent Cheating the Nerf Perfectly article written here showing you can have T2:T4 up to 12.5:1, all T4 traps are weaker old dinosaurs , T2 and T4 gives the best results for the same coin and same dollar ( often cheaper on the dollar as the train costs of T4 are ridiculous for only being 2.25 times intrinsically stronger than T2 )

  13. Anonymous says

    With attack debuff being so high in all new cores, you have to be troop specific to kill full march and not get debuffed

    Great article thanks!

  14. Magnus says

    Excellent article. Why didn’t you have any troop boosts enabled on the two battle reports you posted? Is anti scout more important, or was it a time factor? Just curious.

    Do you see attackers calling off attacks when they see your cores equipped very often? It’s a tightrope for me; If I equip too soon they cancel, if I wait til the last few seconds, the boosts from the cores often aren’t applied.

    If troop power is, say, 800 million, does the ratio of t3/t4 matter?

  15. Chivalri says

    Many thanks for sharing your method.

    However why use all these different recipes when you can just use a single core-set to beat every kind of attack? In my last two KE I was often faced with double and even triple simultaneous rallies with all three single troop missiles; something which is fairly common place in multi-kingdom events especially when they’re trying to recuse heroes.

    1. fishman says

      If I might answer, two reasons which are somewhat related in my view, specific counters allow u to run much lower boosts than a ‘even’ set does. This allows you to stretch out the contents of a pack much further. As an extreme example, you see people defending with 4h, but youre not gonna get more than one of those from a pack at best.
      I do keep a ‘monster even’ set around for doubles though with some of the rarest mats around.

      1. Chivalri says

        To reiterate my original point you cannot use specific counters against multiple simultaneous rallies which is becoming standard in multi-kingdom events. Trap play has to evolve to meet these changing tactics.

        I craft with level 5/6 cores and often much lower level pieces to obtain mystery bonuses economically. I also use Hades gems to keep rally leaders guessing. Last KE I capped 8 heroes from high level accounts which I eventually released for the price of 600k x 2 T4 solos each. All this on a single set.

        I run a 36B main with a 1.5B rally trap. It is fun to play both sides of the battle and highly educational.

  16. HumanTorch42
    HumanTorch42 says

    Full 7 cores and that’s as high as your stats are getting? I only use 3 6×6 cores and I hit the low/middle end of your target stats without any trouble… The only core set I haven’t eaten yet is frost (and the new set), and I have 75m kills after 6 kill events (my rally trap is kvk only)

  17. Jessica says

    This has to be one of the best articles I’ve read. Thanks!

  18. fishman says

    Nice article slay. Stats are generally in line with what I go with as well. I prefer a little more on the debuff side and a little less on health but to each his own. I used to be 1.6b and have about 250m kills now. Have boosted up slightly more now since dread pirate came out and level 12 march size.
    The most important insight here is the fact that you must counter missile rather than use even generic defense sets. A lot of beginner rally traps miss that out. With counter missiles you can even get away with mixing a couple of the right regular gear!
    I do find frost easier to swallow though (only times I’ve burnt on frost is when lag prevented set from loading) than orion/odin. The latter two are a pain to plan against and require rarer material which I hate.
    But tbh, this build and approach is so similar to mine, down to the fact of not remembering recipes, I feel like someone peeked into my city, hahaha. Kudos!!

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