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Frequently asked questions about Trapping in the Dragon Dimension

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Trapping is a huge part of Game of War. We have many people come to us and ask, how do I trap in the Dragon Dimension. Players want to hear about what troops to use and how to build. There is one question that we get asked often, “How many troops do I need?” I will let you in on that rant in a little bit. Traps make up a huge part of the Game of War Dynamic. 

Trapping has changed quite a bit since the beginning of the Dragon Dimension. While some of the basics of building have remained the same, it has also changed. To trap and trap well you have to be able to and willing to evolve as a player. For information on trapping at the beginning of the Dragon Dimension be sure to check out the article:

Dragonville Trapping

This article also has some great information for beginner traps as some of the information is still very relevant. However, for this article, we will be moving into some of the frequently asked questions about trapping that are relevant to today’s Dragon Dimension Trap. 

Just Some Frequently Asked Trapping Questions in the Dragon Dimension

We are going to cover the most frequently asked questions we see in the Dragon Dimension from traps. Here you will get my thoughts and feedback on these questions uncensored, in other words, this article is not for those who cannot handle a little bit of honesty. However, this article is for those who are looking to grow, excel, and really learn what it takes to be a trap in the Dragon Dimension. 

Frequently Asked Question One: How do I set up a trap in the Dragon Dimension? 

Trap SetupThis is one of two questions that I am going to ask my trapping community to STOP asking. When you enter a room or a conversation with a fellow trap do not ask, how do I set up a trap? This may seem a bit harsh, but here is the reality, what works for me, might not work for you. 

Trapping is an art form, it is a craft that takes time to hone and if done right every trap will have its own intricacies and unique aspects. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COOKIE CUTTER TRAP. Leave the cookie-cutter builds to construction workers in the suburbs and make your trap uniquely you! 

So what should you ask instead? 

I am not going to say that this question is completely invalid. When we are new traps, we need to learn the art and learn what we need. However, there are questions that we can ask instead that will help us to not only build but to learn how trapping works. Learning how trapping works is ultimately going to be your best defense against a strong offense. 

One thing you will hear a lot of traps say is to burn and learn. However, those new to the trapping game do not necessarily know what that means or how to burn and learn. The Alternative questions we ask will help to address this, however, part of this is that if you are burning you can see where you need improvement, once you know where you need improvement you know what direction to move in. 

Alternative Questions to ask:

  1. What stats do I need to effectively trap? 
  2. How does stat (fill in the blank) work? 
  3. How do I know what stats I need to add? 
  4. Based on this report (share report) what do I need to improve? 
  5. How do I read reports so that I know how to change my setup? 
  6. I have this, this, and this done… Where should I go to get more (insert chosen stat here)? 
  7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using different troop tiers and types?
  8. Do I need, x, y, z?

Frequently Asked Question Two: How many troops do I need? 

TroopsThis is the second question I am going to ask that everyone please, for the love of all that is good… STOP ASKING ME HOW MANY TROOPS YOU NEED!!! In the past, there have been people who have worked out complicated algorithms of if you get x result you need x more troops. I am not one of those people. I will never be one of those people. When you ask me how many troops you need I will roll my eyes and point you to this article as your answer. 

I also do not know what your stats are, what troops you are planning on using, what troops you have unlocked, what your budget is, and so many other things. Here we are going to go back to the concept of Burn and Learn. We are also going to focus on building uniquely to you. 

So how does Burn and Learn apply when it comes to troop count? 

When it comes to troop count, I build conservatively. This means that I build a low number of troops, take a solo and see how it works out. Based on the report I adjust either stats or troop count. If I do not have the ability to add more attack in my stats then I am going to add that attack by increasing my troop count. I am going to build up and every time I burn I am going to reevaluate whether I need to add troops or other stats. 

How does building uniquely to you apply when it comes to troop count? 

Meet Cin and TorresMeet Torres: Torres is a 70 mill trap with only 9 mill troops. He changes his set up and troop count from event to event and even with almost no troops manages to beat most solos. Torres also has excellent stats and is not afraid to burn. Torres taught Cin to trap and shakes his head at her because he cannot comprehend how her setup works. 

Meet Cin: Cin is a 300-millish trap with about 30 million troops. She has low stats that Torres constantly makes fun of but can take on most solos and some rallies. She burns from time to time, laughs and adjusts and continues to play. 

These two traps are very effective and bring in hits, however, they obviously have very different builds. Your troop counts and troops builds are going to be customized to you as a player. So for the love of cheese, stop asking how many troops you need, instead ask, how do I adjust my troop count based off the hits I am taking. 

Frequently Asked Question Three: Is there Nerf in the Dragon Dimension? 

NerfAh, the signs of a trap that has been around Game of War since the days of Nerf. The days where if you did not build the correct ratio of Tier 4 troops to your Tier 2 troops you went POOF up in flames. Those were the days. However, Nerf is not a thing in the Dragon Dimension. Nerf is not needed in the Dragon Dimension because we have something that is called Troop Capacity. What is Troop Capacity you may ask?

Troop Capacity means that if you hit X number of troops you will no longer have the ability to train more. The follow-up question when this is mentioned of course is, “How do I know what my troop capacity is?”

Well here’s the thing… I have no clue… there is no magic calculation, there is nowhere in your city where it tells you… HEY… HEY YOU!! YOUR TROOP CAP IS APPROACHING OR YOUR TROOP CAP IS…

You train, train, train until one day you cannot train anymore and then you know what your troop cap is. I will tell you that you can increase it using perm boosts, research, and increased levels of your stronghold. I will also tell you that as a trap if you are hitting troop cap, you and I need to sit down and have a little talk. 

Frequently Asked Question Four: How do I cap?

CapAt this point in the Dragon Dimension seeing a trap player cap is very rare. Capping is possible, maybe. However, in order to cap in today’s Game of War you need to have enough attack to be able to kill off all of your attacker’s march, this includes the Dragons they are sending as well.

The power gains that would be needed as a Trap in the Dragon Dimension to kill off a full rally with Dragons are not worth it. Hopefully, we will see this change and see traps once again go back to capping. However, for now just focus in on not burning and we will revisit capping later. Cause we all know how much us traps love our caps and the resulting emails requesting for Heroes to be returned to their rightful owner. 

Yes, yes, we know you have more questions, but do not despair. We have more frequently asked questions that you are not going to want to miss out on! We will revisit these in the next article addressing trapping, More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs. In the meantime, hit us up in Line, Discord, and Facebook with the questions that you still have and who knows, maybe you will see those questions here next. 

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