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All Core Crafting Basics

Cores are back and they arrived in flames of glory. Many players weren’t around when cores were first released. So #teamrealtips has put together a detailed guide to everything you need to know about cores! This should be a very helpful guide for those of you trying to understand core crafting. 

Cores were the most powerful type of Gear in Game of War and look like they want to reclaim that title. However, all great things come at a price. Cores are only activated for a limited time, so be sure to make the most of this time.

Table of Contents

Equipment Bag: All Bonuses
Core Research
Current cores to use


First, we will look at what cores do for you. After that we will look in our forge and see what is important to know. Finally, we will take you through a quick tutorial on how to build your first core.


Cores are ultra customizable so that you can adapt your attack to any type enemy. They give you the ability to adapt to more situations, more effectively. For example, by having an immortal creature attack gear set, a beast attack gear set, and a dragon attack set, you can rotate between which set is more effective for whoever you are targeting or whoever is targeting you. Since most players will have only a few Core sets, use them only when engaging in a very difficult battle. If a player isn’t geared for War when you hit them in Cores, you have a very high chance burning them significantly.

Since this article was originally published, Game of war has made a couple of changes to the Core Crafting layout within the Forge. After clicking on the Forge in your Stronghold and selecting the “Craft Core Equipment” tab, you will come to a screen that looks like this:

Crafting Screen

Notice that there are two tabs, Cores and Pieces. The “Cores” tab is highlighted, showing that it is active.

Cores Tab

First, we will start by looking at the Cores tab. Below the Cores tab are six subdivisions of types of cores. Each type represents an equipment slot. The general guidelines for each slot are:

  • Attack (Weapon icon/Weapon slot) : Troop attack and march speed.
  • Helm (Helm icon/Helm slot): Troop attack, troop health, march speed, enemy troop health debuff.
  • Chest Plate (Chest icon/Armor slot): Troop health, specialized individual troop attack and enemy attack debuffs (cavalry, infantry, ranged), troop defense, march speed.
  • Ring (Ring icon/Accessory slot): Troop health, troop attack, troop defense.
  • Boots (Boot icon/Foot slot): Troop attack, troop health, troop defense, march speed.
  • Helm/Sword/Armor (Core Sets): Represents Core Sets

The superimposed helm, sword, and plate armor represent Core Sets. Clicking on this icon allows you to scroll down through Core Sets. If the Core is highlighted, it means you possess the item in your Forge. If it is grayed out, you do not have it. Here is an example:


The number in the bottom right of the individual Core icon shows how many of that item you have in your Forge.


Next, let’s look at the pieces tab. The changes to the Pieces tab are a little bit more extensive. Here is a screenshot. Again, note that the “Pieces” tab is highlighted, signifying that it is active.


There are now seven subdivisions under the Pieces tab. They are listed below with a brief description.

Pieces Subdivisions
First up the Equipment Bag: All Bonuses
Equipment Bag

This sub-tab is a catch-all. It gives access to all pieces available in your Forge inventory.

The subsequent tabs subdivide the Pieces based on their characteristics. These guidelines apply to each of the next five sub-tabs: If the specific characteristic appears in the Piece in any amount, it will be included under that tab. This means that any Piece, regardless of Troop type or sub-type, will be included under a specific sub-tab if it possesses that characteristic. It also means that a single Piece might be included under multiple sub-tabs. Pieces under any tab are always listed in alphabetical order. Continuing from left to right, these sub-tabs are as follows:

Second, Crossed Swords: Attack


Pieces with Attack stats, regardless of type, can be found under this sub-tab. This includes any Piece with Troop, Infantry, Ranged, or Cavalry Attack stats.

Third, Red Cross: Health


Fourth, Defense Symbol: Defense


Fifth, Troop: Attack, Defense, Health, Debuffs

Attack, debuffs,etc

This sub-tab is slightly different. It characterizes each Piece based on troop sub-type. Any Piece with any characteristic of that troop sub-type will be included. For example, Infantry is the first Troop type listed. All Pieces with Infantry Attack, Defense, or Health can be found here. It will also include all Pieces with Infantry Attack, Defense, or Health Debuff. Pieces will be listed in alphabetical order, irrespective of its characteristics. The order of the sub-types is Infantry, Cavalry, then Ranged. Unfortunately, this can make the Cavalry, and especially the Ranged, Pieces somewhat difficult to get to under this sub-tab.

Sixth, Coins: Hero Attack and March Speed

Hero Attack and March Speed

Finally, Core Set Pieces

Core Set Pieces

This sub-tab contains each of the Pieces relevant to creating Core Sets. Again, they are grouped by specific Set. The Core Sets are grouped with the most recently released Set at the top and get progressively older (by release date) as you scroll down.

Core Research

Next, let’s take a look at the research surrounding cores. Currently, Core Research is 2 years old. Everyone should have it done. If not they definitely have an instant item to complete the full tree. But just in case we will list the research.

First and foremost, you need to have the cores researched for each level.

Core Research

First, each level of the Core needs to be researched before you can begin combining that level Core. Then, Crafting refinement allows you to create a stronger Core. Each Core and each Piece has a minimum and maximum stat. The refinement allows you to have a higher combined stats of all Pieces combined.

Next, in the Crafting tree, you can also Research Gathering Pieces, better Crafting speeds, extra Piece slots (first 3 are given to you), Duration and Luck, and a fourth Gem slot for specific equipment Pieces.

Organizing Your Cores & Pieces

Next, we are going to look at how to organize your cores and pieces. Combine all of your cores and pieces. First, move all purple and gold cores and pieces that you plan on using to the top before you start combining. To choose the ones you plan on using you need to have an idea of what type of core you want to craft (will discuss more below). Finally, don’t have any pieces of low-quality at the top.

How to Swap Cores and Pieces

First, scroll down to where you see Cores (or Pieces) that are unavailable.


Second, tap a Core (or Piece) that is dark and therefore unavailable. An option to Swap it will appear. Tap the button.


Next, you will select the Core you want to Swap Arching Legs with. In this case, I will choose the Imperial Battle Skirt.


Finally, to finalize the Swap, you will have to pay in Gold unless you have a Swap Core item.


Aching Legs Core has now been placed among your available cores 🙂

Crafting Your First Core

Finally, let’s take a look at how to actually craft a core. We’ve already talked in depth about the fundamental question behind Core crafting which is: What will be the purpose of this Core? You are the only person that can answer this. This will determine what you craft and how you craft it.

Now we’ll walk you through a brief guide to Crafting your first Core.

Choose a Purposes

First, we will look at the three different purposes for crafting a core. Thes are first leading a rally, second taking a rally, and third holding the wonder. 

Leading a Rally

This is the easiest category, just focus on doing as much damage as possible based on in-game stats at the time. Currently, mythical creature attack is doing the most damage so that’s a great place to start. Also, consider debuffs. A good balance is key to crafting awesome cores. This strategy is what most players long for.

Taking Rallies

Assuming you have the needed creatures to take a rally you would want to focus on mythical creature health and defense. You can accomplish this by adding individual health and defense or overall mythical creature health or defense.


Step 1: Go to your Forge

First, Click on your Forge.


Second, Click on “Craft Core Equipment”.


Then this will open you to your Cores Inventory.

Inventory Inventory

Next, once you know what stats you are aiming to maximize, pick the Core and Pieces that have the highest bonuses for your target stats.

At the bottom left of your screen, you will see a button that says “Cores Stats”.

Core Stats

Then, click on the button to bring up each stat for all the Cores you have. Since I am showing the Fork Sword, we will be talking about that as an example.


As you can see, each item that is available for the Weapon slot is shown. If you scroll down you can see the others you have. Clicking one of the other categories on the ribbon will give you different choices. First, choose the Core you would like to use based on the stats. Stats are key to getting the specific items you want. The level 6 Fork Sword shows a Strategic Troop Attack Bonus, with stats of 25.63% – 39.47%. Whatever you chose, will be your foundation Core. Then, click the Add button to add it to the queue.

Next, click the Pieces tab.

Click the Pieces Stats Button and use the same process. First, Go through the categories, then scroll through the pieces, and add your Pieces. You can add up to 6 pieces depending on how many slots you have Researched. This can increase your Gear’s stats enormously!

Also note, that you can add level 6 Pieces to any level of Core, the Core is the foundation and the pieces enhance the Core. You can combine a level 4 Core with level 6 Pieces for better stats. Although just because you use level 6 pieces does not change the Core to legendary, it stays at the same level even if the Pieces are higher.

If you have any Pieces or Cores greyed out, they will not be available to be used or seen, use Piece Swap items or Core Swap items.

You can easily delete and place a Piece or Core back into your inventory to chose a different one if needed.

So let’s say you have a Core and 3 Pieces queued. First, at the top of the screen, you will see all the items ready. Next, at the bottom of the screen, you see three buttons: Pieces stats or Core stats depending on the screen you were last in, an Instant Craft button, and a Craft button to use Silver to Craft your Piece. Either Gold or Silver can be clicked to craft, it is your choice.


Next, Speed Ups are used to reduce Crafting time. Finally, when completed, you get an in-game email, with a link to the Core you created. It will show you the name and quality of the Core, and the stats it contains after combining.

Final Product

Current cores to use

Demigod Cores

The battles of the gods continue. Casualties in the millions.  Mere mortals and demigods do not stand a chance. A mighty weapon will be needed, who will be the hero that will rise to hold the mighty weapon! Athena has bestowed upon us, the gift of Demigod cores. Their power will rival that of the gods. Millions of possibilities, but only one way forward.  Do you have what it takes to hold these mighty cores. Head to the forge and check out the all new sets!





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