Core Crafting Basics for Game of War

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Lessons on Crafting Cores

Article 1: All Core Crafting Basics
Article 2: The Essential Core Crafting Strategies You Need to Succeed
Article 3: How to Craft Great Core Gear
Article 4: Crafting Cores with a Purpose
Article 5: Crafting Your First Core
Article 6: When to Take Chances While Crafting
Article 7: The Most Under Rated Core Gear
Article 8: The Best Core Gear You Can Craft
Article 9: The Deadliest Cores: Four Horsemen + 1 Bonus Core Recipe

All Core Crafting Basics

At this point since cores have been released, quite a few people now have them available at high levels but they aren’t quite sure how to go about crafting the cores they want. This should be a very helpful guide for those of you trying to understand core crafting.

This article was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on 12-7-15.

Cores are the most powerful type of Gear in Game of War. Far more than Regular Gear and Relic Gear. Cores are only activated for a limited time, but they can burn targets you never thought were burnable.

massive rally hit

Cores are ultra customizable so that you can adapt your attack to any type enemy. They give you the ability to adapt to more situations, more effectively. For example, by having an infantry attack gear set, a ranged attack gear set, and a cavalry attack set, you can rotate between which set is more effective for whoever you are targeting or whoever is targeting you. Since most players will have only a few Core sets, use them only when engaging in a very difficult battle. If a player isn’t geared for War when you hit them in Cores, you have a very high chance burning them significantly. The only exception is a potential Monster Gear Trap..

You have to unlock the level of research equivalent to the level of core you are trying to craft. (Note: It’s probably best to wait for the debuffs to be available for researching before crafting too much Core Gear.

One of the most difficult parts of Crafting Cores in Game of War Fire Age is obtaining the more difficult pieces to complete a recipe. Often times you will have 3 of the 4 required pieces at Legendary quality, but the 4th piece will only be Rare quality.

Finally, as you probably know already, the gear is timed, so you lose your materials that you used to craft the gear but you get to keep your gems.

Buying Cores & Pieces in Chests

I will briefly mention the percent chance you have of getting a certain level core when you try to buy them:

Common (500 gold): 33% chance for each level 1-3

Uncommon (1,800 gold): 33% chance for each level 2-4

Rare (4,500 gold): 33 % chance for each level 3-5

Epic (2,500 gold): 16% chance for every level 1-6

As I’m sure you guys already know, other ways to get cores are from daily quests, looting resource tiles, attacking monsters, battles in general, dig sites, the dungeon, and events.

Since this article was originally published, Game of war has made a couple of changes to the Core Crafting layout within the Forge. After clicking on the Forge in your Stronghold and selecting the “Craft Core Equipment” tab, you will come to a screen that looks like this:

Core Gear Cores

Notice that there are two tabs, Cores and Pieces. The “Cores” tab is highlighted, showing that it is active.

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Below the Cores tab are six subdivisions of types of cores. Each type represents an equipment slot.  The general guidelines for each slot are:

  • Attack (Weapon icon/Weapon slot) :     Troop attack and march speed.
  • Helm (Helm icon/Helm slot):                  Troop attack, troop health, march speed, enemy troop health debuff.
  • Chest Plate (Chest icon/Armor slot):    Troop health, specialized individual troop attack and enemy attack debuffs (cavalry, infantry, ranged), troop defense, march speed.
  • Ring (Ring icon/Accessory slot):             Troop health, troop attack, troop defense.
  • Boots (Boot icon/Foot slot):                     Troop attack, troop health, troop defense, march speed.
  • Helm/Sword/Armor (Core Sets):       Represents Core Sets

The superimposed helm, sword, and plate armor, represents Core Sets. Clicking on this icon allows you to scroll down through Core Sets. If the Core is highlighted, it means you possess the item in your Forge. If it is grayed out, you do not have it. Here is an example:

Core Crafting Equipment Set Gear

The number in the bottom right of the individual Core icon shows how many of that item you have in your Forge.


The changes to the Pieces tab are a little bit more extensive. Here is a screen shot. Again, note that the “Pieces” tab is highlighted, signifying that it is active.

Core Crafting Gear Pieces

There are now seven subdivisions under the Pieces tab. They are listed below with a brief description.

Equipment Bag: All Bonuses


This sub-tab is a catch all. It gives access to all pieces available in your Forge inventory.

The subsequent tabs subdivide the Pieces based on their characteristics. These guidelines apply to each of the next five sub-tabs: If the specific characteristic appears in the Piece in any amount, it will be included under that tab. This means that any Piece, regardless of Troop type or sub-type, will be included under a specific sub-tab if it possesses that characteristic. It also means that a single Piece might be included under multiple sub-tabs. Pieces under any tab are always listed in alphabetical order. Continuing from left to right, these sub-tabs are as follows:

Crossed Swords: Attack

Crossed Blads

Pieces with Attack stats, regardless of type, can be found under this sub-tab. This includes any Piece with Troop, Infantry, Ranged, or Cavalry Attack stats.

Red Cross: Health

Red Cross

Defense Symbol: Defense

Defense Symbol

Troop: Attack, Defense, Health, Debuffs

Attack Symbol

This sub-tab is slightly different. It characterizes each Piece based on troop sub-type. Any Piece with any characteristic of that troop sub-type will be included. For example, Infantry is the first Troop type listed. All Pieces with Infantry Attack, Defense, or Health can be found here. It will also include all Pieces with Infantry Attack, Defense, or Health Debuff. Pieces will be listed in alphabetical order, irrespective of its characteristics. The order of the sub-types is Infantry, Cavalry, then Ranged. Unfortunately, this can make the Cavalry, and especially the Ranged, Pieces somewhat difficult to get to under this sub-tab.

Coins: Hero Attack and March Speed

Coin Symbol

Core Set Pieces

Set Gear

This sub-tab contains each of the Pieces relevant to creating Core Sets. Again, they are grouped by specific Set. Core Sets are grouped with the most recently released Set at the top and get progressively older (by release date) as you scroll down.

Core Research

First and foremost, you need to have the cores researched for each level.

core crafting guide 3
Each level of the Core needs to be researched before you can begin combining that level Core.  Crafting refinement allows you to create a stronger Core.  Each Core and each Piece has a minimum and maximum stat.  The refinement allows you to have a higher combined stats of all Pieces combined.  In the Crafting tree, you can also Research Gathering Pieces, better Crafting speeds, extra Piece slots (first 3 are given to you), Duration and Luck, and a fourth Gem slot for specific equipment Pieces.

Combining Cores & Pieces

At VIP Level 16 you will be able to combine all your Cores and Pieces. Otherwise, you will have to do it manually.

  • Combine Cores all the way to Legendary (gold)
  • Only combine Pieces to Epic (purple). You can make more cores this way!

The reason for combining Pieces only to purple is because you need far more Pieces than Cores in order to complete a Core item. It takes 42 Pieces to make a complete Core Set. You can make 4 Core Sets using purple Pieces or 1 set using all gold. An all gold set requires combining 168 purple Pieces.

Remember it takes 7 (there are seven gear slots) of each piece when making a complete Core Set. If you have 4-6 gold of each Piece and enough purple to combine for the rest, then you should look at making that perfect Core Set. Perfect Core Sets are to be saved until that special target comes along that’s heavy in Power.

Pro Tip: For most targets, gold cores and purple pieces are just fine.

Organizing Your Cores & Pieces

Combine all of your cores and pieces. Move all purple and gold cores and pieces that you plan on using to the top before you start combining. To choose the ones you plan on using you need to have an idea of what type of core you want to craft (will discuss more below). Don’t have any pieces of low-quality at the top.

How to Swap Cores and Pieces

Scroll down to where you see Cores (or Pieces) that are unavailable.

Core Swapping Available vs Unavailable

Tap a Core (or Piece) that is dark and therefore unavailable. An option to Swap it will appear. Tap the button.

Core Swap Button

Now you will select the Core you want to Swap Arching Legs with. In this case I will choose the Imperial Battle Skirt.

Core Swap Selection

To finalize the Swap, you will have to pay in Gold unless you have a Swap Core item.

Core Swap Payment

Aching Legs Core has now been placed among your available cores 🙂

Core Swap Completed

Pro Tip: It’s best to use alliance funds for obtaining the Core and Piece Swaps.

Core Strategy contributed by Mslegacy and CREED XS

Article 1: All Core Crafting Basics
Article 2: The Essential Core Crafting Strategies (Coming 12-10)
Article 3: How to Craft Great Core Gear
Article 4: Crafting Cores with a Purpose
Article 5: Crafting Your First Core
Article 6: When to Take Chances While Crafting
Article 7: The Most Under Rated Core Gear
Article 8: The Best Core Gear You Can Craft
Article 9: The Deadliest Cores: Four Horsemen + 1 Bonus Core Recipe

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  4. Art says

    Do I understand it correctly chad, that if I craft the Core, it has a limited duration? It will only be good for so long. When does the clock start? Once I equip my hero with the item I crafted? So if I craft a fork sword weapon. Say level 6. I think the duration could be an hour or so. I will put in my inventory, but when I want to attack, I woudl equip heo and I only have the hour to use? The gems I use will go back to inventory, and the cores and pieces i used to craft will also be gone?

    Just a little confused on the duration portion.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Yes they all have limited time frames that start AS SOON AS YOU EQUIP THE GEAR. If you unequip the gear immediately after, the time will still run.

      Everything else you are correct.

  5. Urie says

    What use are these cores anyway? They seem only to confuse.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      They are MUCH stronger gear than normal or relic gear.

    2. Luismo says

      Any item you add to the Hero will reflect on your men. the items increase the Boost on the Hero which increases the Boost on the men.

  6. Als
    Als says

    A little tip in case you havent tried this, you can combine items that are still shaded.

  7. Erika Martinez says

    I had two inventory bags but I still have material blurred out, if I buy more bags will I be able to access it, I have but 12 open slots right now

    1. says

      Hi Erika, unfortunately you cannot access those materials until Machine Zone releases the ‘Vault’ in the alliance city.

      However, you can spend gold and ‘swap’ out a blurred out piece for one in your inventory to combine! Those inventory bags are for items you forge. Essentially, they become useless after you max out your ability to hold items. I for one, have 223 unused inventory bags, that simply cannot be used!

      Hope this helps,

  8. Erika says

    How do I free up inventory so I can combine my Piece core items?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      You have to swap items.

      1. Whitney says

        What do you mean “swap items”?

        1. Navi
          Navi says

          “Core Swap” , look in items under special.

    2. Luismo says

      you can combine whether they are locked or unlocked once you get them to the highest level, then move them. Basically start from the bottom and work your way to the top. you may have to do the trip a few times but it gets done and at the end you move the higher pieces and/or Core up to where you can craft them.

  9. RY says

    Where can I get a list of the cores and peices and the range of boost?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      No list has surface yet, but we are working on one. We’ll try to have it done soon but finding people with high level cores to report the stats is difficult.

  10. Wapper says

    Stupid question maybe, but how do you make a screenshot in the game?

    1. Lars Olafson says

      On the kindle…hold the volume down and power button for a good second

  11. BS says

    I tried to swap out cores of a level I cannot yet craft, for cores of a level that I can craft. I clearly have core swaps I purchased in the alliance store, but it still says I do not have enough gold..? Does it cost gold and swaps to switch cores from inventory?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Try going to my items > core swap > use

      1. Andrew says

        I’m having the same issue, and it shows the same message whether I try to use it from my item screen or from the forge. I have core swaps, but still tells me I don’t have enough gold, and can’t swap any out.

      2. Whoflungdoo
        Whoflungdoo says

        I’m having the same experience as Andrew.

  12. Valery says

    If I embed some gems into a temporary (relic or core) gear, what happens after this gear being used? Gems just dissappear, or will I get them back?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      You get gems back, but not materials.

  13. cahokianish says

    I’d really like to see an assessment of the value of cores. My forge looks like a rumble sale of crazy bits, and it seems like lot of trouble to research gear that lasts for less than half an hour. Clearly MZ really wants people to be using gear that must constantly be replaced, but I’m not convinced. And the research times on higher levels are crazy long. This would be a great topic for a discussion by people familiar with using these. I’m annoyed that the quantity of regular mats in rss tiles and monster caves has gone way down.

    1. Luiso says

      Think about when you attack and your hero gets taken. any good items you crafted will be lost to the taker. if you get the hero back, he will be stripped naked. would it be better to give them items that will most likely expire by the time your hero returns or items that they can turn around and use on you?

      1. Navi
        Navi says

        Luiso, you do not lose your gear to the enemy when they kill your hero. The gear your hero was wearing goes back into your inventory.

    2. Devlregekt says

      I am all wondering the value. My hearth flame gear has 500-600% in attack and other high percentages. Seems like a lot of trouble and takes up a ton of speed ups to get to lvl 6 core

      1. Robert says

        I have seen cores with 3000% attack boost. If you are planning on being a big player, then cores are essential.

  14. whoflungdoo says

    What are the mechanics of switching pieces / cores? When combining, things get locked out due to lack of room? Seems if you’re combining, it should create more room in your inventory? How do I create space so that I can combine to create higher quality stuff?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      You have to “swap pieces”, you can only have a certain amount of pieces available for swapping at any period of time.

      1. Whoflungdoo says

        That’s the confusing part. I had 50 ‘blocks’ on the pcs page. After combining some that had qty of 4 to ‘free’ up space, I thought I’d still have 50 but in fact, I now have 48. Do 4 L4 pcs take up the same space as 16 L1s? Or do 126 L1s take up the same space as 1 L1? Those are the ‘mechanics’ I’m struggling with.

      2. Derek says

        I had that happen too but when i logged out and back in it was back to normal.

  15. Bodsworth says

    Also, while you’re picking your pieces, if you tap on the core image above the slots, it will show you the cumulative stats of the core and peices combined. Thanks for the guide.

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