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Cores levels have continued to go higher and the higher they are the stronger they are. It appears they are on the rise and everyone will want to be in the know! We have been sharing some core recipes here at Teamrealtips with you and now it is your turn. Can you find the hidden recipe?

We all know they are out there. From the beginning of cores we have had secret recipes that rise above the rest. The in game blog introducing the demigod cores eluded that this would be no different and stated that there were “secret combinations.” Our challenge to you our community is to find these. The first person to find a hidden recipe will win a 100 dollar gift card to their choice of Google Play or iTunes.

How it Works

  1. It’s simple. Find the Secret Combination.
  2. Submit Recipe and Stats
  3. Teamrealtips will check it and award the first person to find it a 100 Dollar Gift Card
  4. Those from Canada and other areas are unfortunately unable to participate as US gift cards do not work in the appstore.

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  1. Mark Baines says

    Will the recipes be shared through Real Tips? That would be awesome…especially for those of us outside of the US who can’t participate in the fun!
    Proudly Canadian… and unfortunately exempt from the contest. :_(

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      You can participate.. unfortunately when we tried to do a gift card it didn’t work for the canadian user.. so we would have no way to award you the prize

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