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This year has been a doozy and April has been a rough month for many. As our world continues to find ways to fight COVID 19 we are seeing people stuck at home and unable to engage in the world in ways they have previously. This month whether we were “stuck” (safe) at home or essential we took the time to ask some questions and see what our community was up to and we loved hearing your answers. So now we want to take the time to share some of your responses! 

Week One We’ve only just begun

Week one of quarantine we began to see many turning into chefs! We asked what you were whipping up at home and got some mouth-watering pictures! Check some of these out! 


When people aren’t calling me Tazzy Tony they either call me Chef Tony or Dad!🙈

I didn’t cook anything for 13 days, isolation is fun, but quarantine is a real ride, some people could go a month without actually making a proper mess in the kitchen, for others it’s daily, for me it was my all day every day until COVID closed the restaurant followed by the world, 

but when I finally felt like getting my knives out again 

I meal prepped like a demon chef running on Phoenix blood, I made garlic mash potatoes, a slow-cooked potato and 3 cheese bake, roast potatoes with sage n thyme (served with chicken curry, last night was a beef and tomato pasta and I have a lot of other spontaneous recipes I’ll be making over the next month (at least) while I’m home, I mourn for the recipes Italy has lost in March, but am hopeful of a whole better recipe book as humanity learns from this bat stew disaster.  

Chef Tony Chef tony Chef tony Chef Tony

We have Chef Tony cooking up a storm and then you see me and Draginfly over here baking up some bread! 

Draginfly’s Banana Bread

Draginfly Banana Bread

Cinder’s Zucchini Bread 

Cinder's Zucchini Bread

Week 2 All you need is Love

We are all starting to feel the lack of social interaction even the introverts! So we wanted to know what you were doing to get your social time in. While some of you were still working we wanted to hear from those of you who were really stuck at home on the daily with your children or at home alone. 

We got to see a picture of BadSanta’s social distancing partner (daughter) as they spent some time fishing! 

We also heard from Barkicimetto who stated:

I’m still going to the office but I’m on the side of the building by myself. We have conference calls three times a week so that helps a little. Plus I have my dogs. 

We heard from many that their social interactions were coming from digital communities such as Line or Facebook or zoom and google hangout calls. We are all getting creative to find ways to socially distance while remaining safe. 

Week 3 Giving back 

We wanted to hear from those of you giving back during this time. We have many people within our community who are essential workers and still going out and about every day to make sure that the world is taken care of. To those of you who are caring for the world, I want to send a huge thank you! 

We heard some from Jared who works in National Security. I took the chance to go donate blood to help those that need it the most. We also heard from CarolMay. 

I’m a mom. My job is apparently essential 😂😂😂

In all seriousness, I have a network of moms in my neighborhood that I help. So when these moms can’t find things like diapers or formula or cleaning items to be able to sanitize their kids toys (most of them are young single moms with no help but some are my age and just hit really hard time), I do my best to find a place that is donating or find someone who has extra, and I pick it up and deliver to the moms in need. My mom has also been making home made masks and I’ve made sure they got to some moms who are dealing with auto immune issues or have kids that have health issues, so that they can all be safe too. It’s not much, but it’s my way to try and help. We bought groceries one week for a family with three kids who lost almost all their income. To some ppl things like that are small and insignificant but to others it’s a big deal and keeps their kids bellies full. So it doesn’t matter how big or small, whatever you choose to do for someone else means a lot to the person on the receiving in. Although to the person that tried to snatch my antibacterial hand sanitizer: karma will come for you 😡



Ok, I’ll get the convo started 😬. I’m still going to the office.  The company I work for makes an animal food additive that kills salmonella.  It is mostly used on chicken feed.  I’ve also ordered materials to make face masks and hope to get them soon so I can get started


I work for a local shipping company, I won’t name names (not supposed to😂) continue to work every night to ensure our customers receive their shipments, whether hospitals, essential businesses, public safety, or residents looking to purchase supplies no longer available in their local stores. makes me feel good knowing that in my own small way I can help alleviate the anxiety of not knowing what tomorrow brings, by ensuring packages are delivered to the trucks intact and on time to go out for delivery.


I work in a private care agency. I provide personal care to the elderly. My job is considered “essential” and a lot of times it’s driving clients to the store/appts or bathing. Or holding their partner’s hands while their significant other passes away.

Elric the Mad

Work as a health physicist (radiation safety guy) for the state health department in Ohio. Slated to work from home, but volunteered to help in logistics and shipping for PPE coming in from feds and commercial suppliers. Most goes out to counties and other state agencies for distribution to end-users, including hospitals and prison infirmaries. Getting great support and lots of hard work from the local National Guard unit.

Wrapping it up

We have loved hearing from all of you this month and we are going to ask to hear from you one more time! We know that this is not over but we are wrapping up our conversation topics. So to wrap it up we want to hear from you what is the most positive thing you have seen during all of this, the silver lining in all of this? 

Comment on this article with your answer to that question and we will enter you into a drawing for a 25 Dollar Gift Card to your choice of iTunes or Google Play. We want to hear from you and support you! 

Steps to Enter

  1. Answer our question by commenting on this article. What is the most positive thing you have seen during all of this, the silver lining in all of this? 
  2. Make sure you leave your In-game name, Line ID, and email address for us so we know how to contact you. 
  3. You are free to comment, as long as you want, the drawing will take place on May 8, 2020

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  1. Mimie says

    The month of April was a hard one for me being hospitalized twice in 8 days not knowing if I would be back again to see so many of you playing. As a very active player being hospitalized and not knowing if I had Covid19 was very sad and frightful. Days passed by being very sick. But even when I went to the hospital I made sure to send my love to all of my friends in case I didn’t come back. The Welcome back was overwhelming with love, many messages on game, line app and few missed calls too. I am very grateful for all the love, caring for me not only as a player but as a friend too. GOW is much more that it seems, we are players, we are friends and we are a family. THANK YOU! With love, Mimie aka SexyMimie

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Glad you are doing better!

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