Crafting Time Doesn’t Determine Gear Quality

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Crafting Time Doesn’t Determine Gear Quality

It’s a common myth that crafting time determines the quality of the gear you can craft. Don’t be fooled by those who think they can cheat the system. People will try to start the craft, cancel it, start the craft again and repeat until they have found the highest craft time. Then they think that if they finish the craft at this longer time period, they have a better chance of getting the highest level of material.

This however, is definitely not the case.

The Truth About Crafting Timesr_crafting_icon

What is true is that the crafting time does change based on the level of materials you are using to craft, but the change in time higher or lower does not change the percentage chance of which level of gear you end up with. The most confusing part about this whole myth is that even when you use the same materials at the same levels to craft the same item, the craft time can vary slightly and yet the percentage chance stays the same.

For example,

If you were to combine a lvl 1 copper, with a level 2 string, you might get the following craft times

Craft 1 – 17min 45 sec

Craft 2 – 17min 45 sec

Craft 3 – 17min 45sec

Even though all the times are the same, you can get white gear or grey gear from each of them.

Even if you have gear or research done to reduce crafting time, the outcome percentages will always stay the same.

Here’s a quote by Daze Ruiz to summarize the truth:

If you think looking at the timer gives you a better outlook on what the outcome is going to be, you go ahead and keep doing it. I’ve crafted plenty of sets and whether it came out purple or gold, the length of time did not effect the outcome. Nor did it effect the amount of silver used.”

More Crafting Myths People Claim Are True (for the lolz)


This week’s episode of MythBusters is on Game of War.

The following tricks are myths about what will increase your odds of crafting higher quality gear:

Doing a head stand when pushing the craft button.

Speed it up to the last 15-20min then let the craft finish by itself.

Using larger speed ups to complete the craft.

Speed it up until it hits 5min, then use an 8 hour speed.

Highest level item in the first slot.

A more elaborate myth is describe by Daniel:

“When I go to craft and I have a mix of gold and purple materials I look at the gold cost (instant craft), then I change the gold mats to purple, if the gold cost goes down with all purple mats I change the mats back to gold and craft. If the gold value does not change after switching to all purple I dont craft. It has worked every time I have tried it.”

This is just a misunderstanding of where the instant gold cost comes from. The instant craft cost only changes because the time it takes to craft changes from one speedup value to another. Instead of the craft time being 6 days and 23 hours (10k instant gold cost), the craft time jumps to 7 day 2 hours (40k instant gold cost).


The reality is that if there was a real way of rigging the crafting system so that you could always get the highest level of material, it would have been figured out already and everyone would know about it.



Inspired by Twe7k

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  1. David says

    I am trying to craft a legendary piece, I have all legendary materials, is it possible or do i have to buy a pack with the gear i want?

  2. Ugalee says

    I don’t believe the crafting percentages at all. I have lost too many gambles and it’s impossible to get materials without spending a ton of money. I risked a 70% to craft lvl 6 but wound up getting the %10 lvl 4 instead. The last three items I risked getting a 80% lvl 6 actually gave me the 20% lvl 5. The percentages are all lies, I’ll never try to craft anything again unless it’s 100%. Even then that may fail lol.

  3. NPilgrim says

    I think the luck gems thing is a myth too… I’ve gotten too many purples on 80/20s after putting them in my smith gear for it to have anything to do with crafting luck… These days most of the new gear is so expensive I’ll gamble once if I’m minimum purple, if the item is usable in purple, and then I’ll wait to do 100% if I don’t get it…

  4. Maeve says

    I use luck gems – and so far they work, sometimes. That being said – I rarely if ever do mixed crafting. I’ll put it this way – if I’m crafting gear that I have lots of mats for and the silver isn’t hard to come by and I need gold mats for something more important I usually take a chance then. However – if mats are hard to find, the silver is crazy expensive etc., then why would I take that chance? I could use the silver for research instead, I could just spend $50 and maybe (yeah – maybe) get enough of the unobtainium material to make my godforsaken pixel slave uniform.
    Ahem – I digress, I have no idea if luck gems work – I only know that I wear them when I craft, when I open gifts, when I open chests and I have them all over my monster gear. Does it make a difference? I doubt it. MZ uses algorithms that defy interpretation and probably would have the Feds crawling all over them if they were a casino in Vegas.

  5. Eddie says

    Where do I find formulas for crafting gear sets? This is and continues to be a big issue for me.

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Actually during this next week I’ll be posting tons of sets and exactly how to set them up and use them 🙂

  6. IneedWelfare says

    I will at %40 craft junk gear until I get 3 purple in a row. Then go for the gold… Because if you get 3 purple in a row at %40 your pretty much do for one to hit gold. The chances of getting purple 4 times in a row is like hitting the lottery. I’d say works %80 of the time

  7. Yellow Bmbr says

    When I first started crafting, I lost a couple of important gambles. After that I always crafted at 100% because the material was so hard to get. I finally lost patience waiting for velvet, gambled again, and won. I won so consistently with 80/20’s that I would intentionally select them even when I didn’t need to. After I had crafted a large chunk of the gear (40 or 50 pieces), I couldn’t get my 80/20’s anymore.

    I thought this was just me and the fact that I had had an incredibly good run of luck. But, MZ uses some strange formulas. For example, think about the way that the quests regenerate in the Alliance City. Legendary quests are rarely seen. But, if you do have a legendary quest and don’t use it, it always respawns another legendary quest in the next quest cycle. Various theories ran through my mind. Maybe I had to many gold pieces in my inventory. Maybe the Set Gear, got harder to get if you had over a certain number of Set Gear pieces. Then I started hearing complaints from other players, who were actively crafting, about the fact that they also lost the ability to successfully get 80/20’s.

    Navi, I think that there is much more to the crafting percentages than the published numbers. When large numbers of people can no longer get the 80/20’s even 50% of the time, I suspect that MZ has changed the internal formula.

    I know MZ has done this at least once, since the core’s crafting percentages were changed for a short time to make it more difficult to get gold and then changed back after many player complaints. You currently always get gold core gear using any combination of gold and purple pieces. For a short period of time this was changed and you were no longer assured of getting a gold core gear. The higher level players complained and the formula was returned to its original form.

    I will say this. When I analyzed a game of chance, for a person who was trying to sell a new game to the casinos, runs of 1,000 games never gave the true odds. You had to run 10,000 to 100,000 games to see numbers that were close to the predicted percentages. I doubt anybody will be able to “prove” any percentages in the crafting world. You do what works the best for you in the previous times. I recommend that you use the percentages as a guide to how risky your craft is, but I don’t believe the percentages.

    If anybody has access to the Beta program and the time, I would be curious to hear about what “Luck Gems” do. I’ve got them in my Blacksmith Gear, hoping to influence the percentages, but I’m not sure if this is another myth or not.

  8. Mr Ram XXX says

    I use luck gems in my crafting gear. I would say 8 out of 10 times I get gold items. I have crafted gold with a 60/40 chance 1 time. Most times I use the 80/20.

    1. Jason says

      You’re saying you get gold 8/10 times with an 80/20 chance? Get outta town. My mind is blown.

  9. Rod Lee says

    Navi. …it’s not quite true. I’ve crafted legendary gear using a combination of over speeds at the city view. The best I’ve achieved is 1 L6 + 2 L5 +1L4 material…3 day craft and using a 100 day speed up got legendary. I teach folk all the time how to get legendary with minor materials and it ALWAYS works….

    Rodlee85 (Alesky)

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      You have 100% success rate with your method? regardless of the percentage chance?

      1. Rod Lee says

        Yes….with over 50 crafts (mine and others).

        1. Club says

          Great, now MZ will see this and fix it in a future update.

  10. Silver says

    Fun article. Here’s a couple more myths/crafting thoughts for this. First, I do not believe the percentages posted by MZ. Obviously 100% equals 100%, but I do not buy for a second that 80/20 really equals 80/20. I have crafted far too many pieces of gear at 80/20 and watched far to many of these turn out purple for it to be true. Strangely, 60/40 *seems* to work out more often than 80/20, but I admit that may be completely perceptual. Lastly, gambles, be they 80/20 or 60/40, seem to work out more often after purchasing a pack. Again, probably not reality, but this is another “myth”.

    1. Sens says

      I wouldnt be suprised if the “luck” is mainly based on personal gift level. First few crafts you get lucky then your bad luck starts untill you bought enough packs to get lucky again….

      I have to gamble due the lach of the rare materials all the time and my luck is so low. Only 10% of my last ~20 crafts came out gold.

    2. Jason Cosand says

      I’ve had majorly improved chances crafting regular gear with all my luck gems on my normal crafting gear. It’s so drastically different on mine that my first real kick in the nuts was crafting a reaper hood with all gold and 1 blue item with it only having a 10% chance of becoming blue, but of course my first reaper hood was blue. With the luck gems I’ve tried crafting 4 pieces of the general training equipment with the percentages at 80% chance for purple and 20% chance to be gold and got gold 3 out of four times. I did that with my last accessory for my frost set while my little brother was dogging me about how dumb it was and the great waste of silver it would be. I laughed about five seconds later with him cussing the entire time about how incredibly lucky I had just gotten, but it’s night and day from before I used the luck gems. I wouldn’t try anything less than 100% for a long time because that’s how fixed the outcomes were for me. I’ve tried the luck gems with the core crafting set and haven’t noticed any difference, but even if it did work on cores I think it may just be subtle differences in the bonuses given.

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