Crafting Research Tree for Dragon Realm

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After much anticipation, the Crafting Research Tree has finally been released for the Dragon Realm. The two biggest benefits to completing this research will be the ability to use the Fourth Slot for Special Gems, and an increase in the strength of all gear pieces.

What do I need to start and complete the Crafting Research?

The beginning portion of the research only requires that you have Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources, and that your Academy be Level 20 or above. Most player can complete the top portion without purchasing special crafting packs. However, for the second and third portions of the Crafting Tree, you will need both Crafting Research Scrolls and Gem Research Scrolls. The Gem Research Scrolls will unlock the fourth slot gems further down in the research.

Gear Stat Multipliers

The majority of the Crafting Tree is researching the Stat Multipliers for each gear piece. Multipliers increase the base stats of each piece of gear by a percentage. These greatly increase the strength of your gear as a set. You can see your multipliers by clicking Profile, then Boost, then scrolling down to Troop Boost. There are three levels to the gear multipliers, and each level requires your hero to be at a certain level.

  • Multiplier I : Hero Level 1-30
  • Multiplier II : Hero Level 31-40
  • Multiplier III : Hero Level 41-50

Gear Stat Multipliers in Crafting Research Tree:

Multipliers for Helm, Armor, Feet, Weapon, and Accessories

  • Level I : 40%
  • Level II : 50%
  • Level III : 60%

Production, Luck, and Speed

Since this is a crafting-based research tree, the Production, Luck, and Speed researches are only crafting-related.

  • Silver Production Increase: 100%
  • Bond Production Increase: 50%
  • Loot Tile Gathering Luck: 20%
  • Crafting Luck: 10%
  • Crafting Speed: 30%
  • Crafting Speed II: 70%

For those that do not know, Production Increase research will increase the output of the rural buildings. However, in this case, the Bond Production research will not start until you use a Production Change for the Villas. Once you switch production from Silver to Bonds, the Bond Production increase will begin and the Silver Production will end. Loot Tile Gathering Luck will increase the chances of receiving higher level materials from Loot Tiles, and Crafting Luck gives you a better chance at getting the highest possible level for the gear piece you are crafting. Crafting Speed reduces the amount of time and the amount of speed ups you need to craft the gear.

Special Gem Slots

Those of us that have played GoW for a while have been waiting to finally be able to put special gems in our gear. The research in the bottom portion of the Crafting Tree opens the Fourth Slot, which is only for Special Gems. These Gems are usually higher in stats than any of the first three gem slots. Each gear piece has a specific research tile for the corresponding Special Gem Slot. Don’t forget, these are the researches that will require both the Crafting Research Scroll and the Gem Research Scrolls.


This Crafting Tree is very important for any player, no matter if you are burning strongholds or capping heroes. Let us know about your favorite piece of crafted gear in the comments below!

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  1. Tankpower
    Tankpower says

    How do I unlock the rest of the research tree? I can see it goes down further but can’t access it. I can’t complete quests as I need to do more crafting research but it’s completed as far as I can scroll down. Also what is “research awareness?” It’s in a pack.

    Thank you

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      This Tree ends at the end of the special gem unlocks for accessories. There is a SH level limitation associated with this research as well. Research Awareness is a guide that helps you know what research is available basically.

  2. Bob says

    What are the best gems to use in Dragon War Dimension for Glorious Architect gear?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      There is a gem called the “Builder’s Gem” use this one with your architect gear to reduce your time more. Also if you have the fourth Gem slot unlocked be sure that you toss a Prophecy Gem in as well and equip a second builders gem.

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