The New Daily Bonus Club Rewards

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The Demigod Daily Bonus Club is one release that will benefit Traps, Leads, Big Spenders, and Small Spenders alike. Who doesn’t want free goodies every day you log in!?

Daily Bonus Club Confusion

Yes, we must acknowledge that when the Daily Bonus Club was first released, there was a bit of disappointment once players started to see what the daily prizes were. Each day, the gift awarded was only 300 gold. However, since then, MZ has corrected the issue and the daily gifts are actually pretty awesome.

How does DBC Work?

In order to receive the daily login gifts, you have to purchase a pack that has a Daily Bonus Club token. Once you purchase the token, you will get a daily gift every day. Some of you may remember when DBC was first released years ago and you had to resubscribe each month. This is no longer the case. You just purchase one Daily Bonus Club token and it’s permanent. Sometimes MZ does release a new updated version where the daily login gifts are upgraded. But, if you don’t purchase the new one, you will still continue to receive the gifts from the original DBC you purchased.

What are the Daily Login Gifts?

Once you purchase the Daily Bonus Club, there will be a screen on the right of your screen, under the boost icon, where you can view which gift you will be receiving. The gifts repeat themselves weekly.

  • Day 1: Day one is 100 mystery resource chest! You will get an assortment of T1, T2, and T3 resources. I was very happy to see the first DBC mystery chest! The T1 resources were around 600 million to 6 billion, depending on the resource. T2 resources were around 250 million, and the T3 resources were around 270 million. It was a little odd that the T2 resources were less than the T3 resources, but the amounts are still pretty awesome!
  • Day 2: The second day is a chest with ten trillion VIP points
  • Day 3: One hundred mystery chest with T1 and T2 speedups is waiting for you on day three. I received 3,150 one day T1 and 3,200 one day T2 speed ups.
  • Day 4: Today you will receive one hundred mystery chests filled with Creation Components to use in the Lifetime Boost Hall. I was awarded 41.9 million Athena rewards boost creation components on my first chest for this category. Remember that the Athena Components have been extremely hard to get. Also, it is possible that the next time I open this chest that there will be a different boost component.
  • Day 5: This day you will be rewarded with another one hundred resource mystery chest. This time with T4, T5, and T6 resources. This chest provided me with a very considerable amount of resources. It varied from 112 million T4 Ore to 82 million T5 silver to 64 million T6 wood. 
  • Day 6: The sixth day has another one hundred speed up chests with T3 and T4 speed ups. My first time opening this chest, I received 1,425 One Day T3 and 3,900 one day T4 speeds. This is a very substantial amount, especially when you consider you will receive this amount each week.
  • Day 7: The last day has five mystery chest that have a combat boost.

Just to clarify, the first day of rewards are awarded on the first day you purchase the Daily Bonus Club. Then, after you receive the first seven days of rewards, the gifts repeat themselves.

Now Enjoy Your Gifts!

These daily rewards really add up, especially considering that you would be receiving the gifts multiple times per month. The Daily Bonus Club is actually something that I would highly recommend to players that do not spend a lot, as you would be continuously be rewarded with items needed to upgrade. Even still, it is beneficial to both big spenders and small spenders alike. Who doesn’t want to be given something free just for logging in?

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