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Game of War Daily Bonus Club is a feature for players of all types.  This club should be the first investment you make in Game of War each month because it provides additional benefits in packs, event rewards, significant gift every day that you log in, and features not obtainable any other way, such as "Break Item."

Daily Bonus Club Rewards

The Daily Bonus Club or DBC, continues to improve.  The popularity of the DBC was an overnight sensation. As a result, each month Game of War updates the rewards so they remain on par with the demands of the game.  So, when the renewal becomes available I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.

As I mentioned, each month the rewards improve.  In fact, this latest month the DBC improved mid-month and in order to receive the improved rewards you needed to renew your DBC.

This brings us to our next subject.

How to join the Daily Bonus Club?

The Daily Bonus Club should look something like the one shown below.  Look for the Daily Bonus Club Token in the pack.

If you've made up your mind to join then just tap the image to head into Game of War and grab your Daily Bonus Club pack.

Additional Benefits for DBC Members

As a DBC member you will enjoy benefits exceeding the daily rewards provided from being a member.  Also, your gold store packs will often have additional items available only to DBC members.

Therefore, if you plan to buy some packs in Game of War, its important you start with the DBC pack first.  That way, you gain the added benefits of each pack you purchase throughout the month.

In addition to better packs, you gain more rewards in inferno events.  Furthermore, your reward chests will contain additional rewards.

Occasionally, Athena will just send you gifts.  The gifts will appear in your inventory along with a mail from Athena saying, "Thanks for being a DBC member!"

DBC members also enjoy improved stat bonuses, currently its provides 250% boosts to Attack, Defense, Health of all traps.  Check out your VIP Prestige for more information after you've purchased your DBC Token.

Also, when you renew your DBC membership in you receive a 4th Banner slot. This is just one of many benefits that the DBC includes each month! If you are new to Game of War take a moment to ask Alliance mates or comment below if DBC is worth the investment for serious GoW players!

Finally, DBC members will occasionally enjoy insane benefits! For instance April 26, 2017, DBC Members who unlocked all three new Imperial Banners received a free Ultimate Combat Research Tree.  These members received the entire tree without spending a resource or speedup. Completely free!  Be a member!


The Daily Bonus Club is the wisest investment in Game of War Fire Age.  If you plan to purchase packs in GoW then your first purchase should be the DBC to maximize your investment throughout the month.

If you have further questions concerning the DBC please leave me a comment below!

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  1. What is the cost?

  2. I have . dbc . what number kingdom is the dbc trove

  3. I would also agree that DBC WAS a great investment when the hero levels and VIP and many other factors of the game did not change so rapidly. With the latest massive changes every week or less, the DBC becomes unhelpful by the 7th day or so. The next one will have much more, but at the current pace of change, it too will become useless very quickly. So now I will wait a week or more after some big change comes out (Strat T5, etc) and buy a pack that has all the stuff for the major changes that took place combined and get far more stuff than DBC can offer in 30 days.

  4. ‘At first, the daily bonus club was an amzazing purchase. However, with the introduction of the new T5s and the new VIP levels and the amount you need to unlock these is absurd. 6 Billion VIP is now virtually useless, the fire shard amounts are virtually useless, and the stone columns are virtually useless. Granted the resources are always a great thing to get each week and I do appreciate the random gifts I receive at times, but maybe including black market tokens and things of that nature would be nice. March size boost, instant executes .

  5. Does the DBC last for 30 days from the day you buy it or. Do you have to renew the 1st of each month reason I ask is today is 23rd I don’t wanna spend $99.99 today if I got to again on the 1st?

  6. Hola. Yo tengo una “teletransportación del DBC”. Él me dice que permite acceder a la cámara del DBC. Él es para usarlo en los eventos especiales del Campo de batalla. Yo no entiendo. Vosotros sabéis algo más?

    Y otra tema. No había un Reino sólo para miembros del DBC? Alguien sabe cual es?

    Muchas gracias.

  7. I have not seen any of these “special icon sales” that they put on their blog.
    To enter the DBC am I undesrtanding you just buy the plain $99.99 gold pack? It doesn’t say DBC.
    I am in Sonata kingdom if that matters.

  8. If I already have an active DBC and I purchase another, do I lose the remainder of the first pack, or does it just start when the first one expires?

  9. If I have a current DBC pack and I buy another, how would that work. Do I lose the remainder of the last pack or does it add on to the end of the current pack?

  10. Can you not just purchase DBC pack on its own as I can only see it with other things for £79.99 which is a lot of money

    • The DBC Pack is typically a full cost pack each month. Typically the second pack is half cost.

      • Thanks on a separate note my wheat is draining and can’t understand why. It’s flashing red

        • Your troops are eating more than you are producing. You can use a food boost or Upkeep boost to help with that, but if it is a zero, your troops aren’t going to die. Just remember, if you don’t apply a boost and your production is still below, any you add will start to dwindle again.

  11. This month Athena has not granted DBC members and surprise gifts