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Daily Milestone Reward: How To


Game of War now has Daily Milestone Rewards!  Find these potential rewards in your Academy below all your research.  Daily Milestone Events in GoW provide the items necessary to upgrade your Daily Milestone Rewards. You also earn Daily Milestone Tokens to unlock a Supreme Milestone Mystery Chest from the event.  The reward chest provides a significant boost that you may choose to boost using the Rewards page.

Daily Milestone Events

Daily Milestone or DM Rewards are claimed by opening Athena’s Gift each day.  This will complete the Supreme Daily Milestone Event. In other words, log in once a day to complete this event.  You then receive the following:

Daily Milestone Rewards GoW

So, you will gain Bonds, Salt, Enamel, Olives, Cane, a Milestone chest and a Daily Milestone Token when you complete the event. Next, you can use those to choose an upgrade in the DM Reward page.

Daily Milestone Rewards

Once you’ve collected some DM reward items from the DM events, head over to your Academy to find DM at the bottom. Below is an example of the DM Rewards you may choose from.  Notice you may choose any of the following.  In other words, no prerequisites.

Daily Milestone Rewards Page GoW

Remember to equip your Inquisitor’s Research Gear when spending reward items.  The Inquisitor’s Set reduces the cost of the upgrades!

Personally, I went with Legion Defense Debuff first because its a fairly difficult stat to obtain. I want the Legion DD to better burn traps. Defensive players will likely go a different route.  One that increase defense and health.  Wonder and Super Wonder accounts will focus attack or Wonder boosting rewards.


Strategy is required to benefit properly from the DM Rewards because so few rewards items are available daily. Currently, the only way to get these items to upgrade you DM Reward page is by completing the DM event.  So, its important to choose the best stats for your needs while wearing your Inquisitor’s!

Tell Us Your Thoughts

What thoughts do you have on this release or other recent releases?  Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Micarta says

    Have you worn Inquisitor’s Research Gear while collecting the Athena’s Gift that triggers and completes the Supreme Daily Milestone Event? I tried this once and couldn’t see any difference, but a repeat on the next day increased the amount of salt from 1000 x 11 -> 1000 x 55. Collected quantities of Bonds, Salt, Enamel, Olives, Cane remained unchanged at 1000 x 11.
    Although it isn’t possible to draw conclusions from an increase on one out of two days and of one resource out of 5, it would be interesting to hear the experiences of other players who have tried this.

    1. Micarta says

      Although it first seemed that wearing research gear caused an increase in the amount of one of the resources collected, further testing has shown that the increase in collected resources happens on its own. Each day a different resource increases from 1000×11 -> 1000×55, regardless of the Hero Gear worn.
      Apologies for leading anyone on a wild goose chase!

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