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Darius and Phoebe Explore Her Dragon

A Primer on Dragon Skills


As night fell on her Stronghold, Phoebe studiously ignored the angry shouts from the prisoners in her dungeon. “Serves them right,” she fumed. “I was so very close to a kiss from my beloved Darius. They can languish there for 3 days until they die of lack of water.”

Suddenly, a baby dragon appeared on her windowsill clutching a scroll in his tiny claws. “Well, this is different,” she mused, gently extracting the message before the adorable little beast burned off her eyebrows.

Spinning in a circle in glee, Phoebe immediately instructed her servants to begin preparing the Stronghold for Darius’ arrival, paying special attention to the pen in which her Dragon resided. The days dragged by slowly as she awaited his arrival. Finally one morning, a bright purple light inside her wardrobe door awakened her. Stepping through the portal was none other than Darius in the flesh!

Clutching the covers to her chest, she exclaimed, “Darius! Could you not have entered through the front door?!”

“My apologies, my love,” he muttered with a scarlet face. “I will await you downstairs in the hall. Perhaps we can venture to the Dragon pen and you can explain to me his skills and abilities.”

Of course, the first thing he thinks about is the dragon, she sulked. After putting on her wardrobe for the day, she met Darius downstairs and led him to the great enclosure where her Dragon resided. “Let me explain to you the skills he possesses,” she declared. “Resetting the Dragon’s skills is free, so you may adjust any time you like.The maximum boost allowed is limited by the level of the Dragon.

Utility Dragon Skills

“First, the Dragon has the ability to increase your Economic boosts,” she explained.

wdt_IDSkillMaximum Boost
1Construction Speed50%
2Food Production100%
3Wood Production100%
4Research Speed50%
5Stone Production100%
6Ore Production100%
7Silver Production100%
8Training Speed50%
9Upkeep Efficiency50%

Attack Dragon Skills

“Next,” she continued, “you can skill the Dragon for Attack boosts.”

wdt_IDAttack SkillMaximum Boost
1Dragon Attack: Razor Swipe235,000%
2Dragon Attack: Twin Fangs655,000%
3Dragon March Speed: Dragon Flight40%
4Dragon Attack: Firebreathing3,668,000%
5Dragon Attack: Poison Claws1,152,800%
6Dragon Attack: Stone Gaze6,681,000%
7Dragon Attack: Sonic Roar3,144,000%
8Dragon March Speed: Dragon Flight+60%
9Dragon Attack: Meteor Strike13,755,000%

Defensive Dragon Skills

“Finally,” she explained, “the Dragon can be skilled for Defense of your Stronghold.”

wdt_IDDragon SkillMaximum Boost
1Dragon Armor: Toughen Hide160,000%
2Dragon Armor: Spike Carapace720,000%
3Dragon Healing Speed: Regenerative Tail80%
4Dragon Armor: Scale Shield6,400,000%
5Dragon HP: Giant Growth12,700,000%
6Dragon Armor: Enchanted Scales625,000%
7Dragon Healing Speed: Regenerative Tail +120%
8Dragon HP: Colossal Growth17,300,000%
9Dragon Armor: Molten Heart12,000,000%

“As the Dragon’s health decreases, so does its benefits, so beware. He must rest at home and regain HP before he is fully prepared for battle again.”

“This is amazing, Phoebe,” said Darius. “What is your Dragon’s name?”

“Ummm,” she said, “I haven’t named him yet. What shall we call him?” As Phoebe and Darius pondered, their Dragon paced back and forth in front of them, finally sitting down with an exasperated huff.

“I know!” exclaimed Phoebe, “We can call him Smokey.”

“Phoebe,” said Darius, glancing up and down the Dragon, “I think you’re missing something vitally important. Your Dragon appears to be a girl.” Phoebe blushed beet red, as she realized she’d been so engrossed in the Dragon’s abilities, she hadn’t even thought to check.

“Let’s ponder the name awhile longer,” she stated. Darius was so entranced with her embarrassment and cute red cheeks that he leaned in closer, meaning to brush a kiss against her fair lips. Suddenly, a wet and very warm snout pushed its way between their faces, resulting in two kisses on a very pleased Dragon’s snout.

“Again, really?” Phoebe glared at her steed. “I do believe I’m going to have to ghost rally you now to get a minute alone…”

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