Reminiscing About Super Wonders of Yore

A Retrospective on Super Wonders of the Past, with Darius

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Evening falls in the castle as Darius sits at his desk, candles flickering and casting long shadows on the wall. He contemplates upcoming battles, and realizes that the Super Wonder will be arriving soon! “Ahhh, the Super Wonder,” he sighs. “So many memories…so much snoring on Discord at 3am.” His mind wanders as he takes a long trip down memory lane…

The Mains/Leads

For many alliances, the player who was going for the win was selected weeks in advance, or was already a defender for their title. Famous examples of these include StayAlive, School Bus, XxCtessexXDN, and many others. So much work went into getting their accounts ready for the Super Wonder. Hours upon hours of Core crafting, training, research and more. Success hinged on holding the Super Wonder for the longest time over a course of three to four days.

School Bus Emperor

The Blocking Alliances

Supporting the Main alliance were Blocking alliances, usually up to five. While the Main rallied and tried to hold, the Blockers had what was often a more complicated job. Their job was to keep everyone ELSE out of the Wonder in order to secure longer holds for their Lead.

Blocking teams had to coordinate with the other Blockers and coordinate with Main. It required a lot of timing and “shouting.” For example, a Blocker for School Bus would need to identify the main competitors and carefully time following them into the Wonder to knock them out, keeping their holding time to a minimum. This resulted in lots of math and cancelled rallies, as the opposition would cancel to avoid being capped. Hence the name “Blockers”.


These were the unsung heroes of the Super Wonder. The Porters got the front row spots for the Leads. They trained for this for weeks in advance. It was imperative that the lead accounts were close because you can’t win a Super Wonder from row 26! Yes, row 26. Super Wonder had thousands of participants!


Speeders and Fillers

The team! Arguably the most important part of the Super Wonder: nothing got done without a full rally and speeders to move in marches and reinforcements. Keeping the teams running often meant players moved alliances on an hourly basis!

The Coms

Finally, what brought it all together: Groups of friends working for days on end together on voice coms. There was laughter and there was tears. There was snoring and forgetting your mic was on when you went pee. Those four days cemented many a life long friendship. Hilarity was frequent, as you can see from this memory from (nPX) NanaTheWhite.

“The best memories I have of playing GOW are always the Super Wonder events. This was the time to get together with lots of friends throughout the game and laugh and play and stay up long hours. For some reason, my very professorial voice always made the others on the group chat giggle. One of their favorite activities was to make this very sweet innocent little old lady grandmother (uhhh) read definitions from the urban dictionary. They would find words or phrases and tell me to look them up and read them back. So if you can imagine me reading definitions of such glorious terms as ‘clam slamming’ in my very quiet, modulated professor voice, you can see why they laughed.”

Darius was suddenly startled out of his reverie by something flying in through the window and smacking into the side of his head! Falling into his lap was a poor, bedraggled carrier pigeon. In his claw, he held a missive. “Behold, Darius! It must soon be time for another Super Wonder! Start preparing your forces!”  What odd timing! “Emperor Darius…” our hero thought. “Do I have what it takes to take the crown from (D73V)Huckster3?” Do you?

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  1. John says

    I will never forget that days when we work for weeks before sw and the team. that was the best part and now there’s nothing right with gow. it’s just GAME OVER.

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