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Our Guide Detailing How to Defend Against the New T10 Threat in Demigod GoW

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Demigod Defense has been constantly evolving in Game of War. While many assume that defending is the same as being a trap, that is simply not true. Trapping is the art of appearing to have a weak account when, in fact, it’s very strong. If you are simply building to defend, you are not worried about appearing to have a small account worth hitting. You simply just want to make sure you can fill rallies and drop your shield without the fear of being burned by a solo or rally.

In this article, we will go over what it will take defending against T10 rallies. Reports thus far show about a 30-35% increase going from a T9 rally to a full T10 rally. 

Important Stats for Defending

Knowing which stats are important when defending against T10 rallies is the most important piece of information to have. This will allow you to guide yourself through gear, hero skills, and other areas such as the Boost Hall with greater ease

Of course, we all know that Demigod defense, attack, and health are the most important. Also important are attack and health debuffs. But remember that those are supporting stats, and they affect the attacking player’s troops and not your own.

Any stats that improve your troops are stronger than the stats that affect the incoming troops. Having high debuffs will not save you if you have not made sure your demigod attack and demigod defense and demigod health are as high as you can get them. 

Lets also not forget Empire Defending stats. These are secondary stats that apply only when defending. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of trap stats. Your traps take the brunt of the hit and are usually the only thing lost in a battle. Adding trap attack, trap defense, and trap health anywhere possible is always a bonus. 

Recommended Stats:

  • Attack 2.2M
  • Empire Defender Attack 375K
  • Attack Debuff 1.5M
  • Defense 3M
  • Empire Defender Defense 375K
  • Type Defense 400K
  • Health 1.1M

These are minimal numbers to shoot for, so as always, make sure you test!

Gear and Hero for Defending


Depending on what kind of set up you are using will greatly influence your choice of gear. It also will have a lot to do with which pieces of gear you have leveled up, powered up, and enhanced the farthest.

Currently, we have Devastator, Dominator, and Noble gear.  Also, remember that you will be using the Elite gear pieces from both sets. 

Another fact to note is that even basic Elite Devastator gear has higher stats than obsidian Elite Dominator, gear, so you can switch pieces almost instantly. 

Recommended Gear:

Complete Devastator Defense set. If you want to sacrifice some defense to kill more, consider using Wrecker weapon and/or Wrecker helm. But, if you are still burning by a large amount, stick with all Defense. 


You want to make sure that you are using the hero that is best suited for defending against T10  and gives you the higher stats. The Ward hero is the newest and has the best overall stats, along with trap stats, but the Earthshatter hero is a very good substitution. For an in-depth look at heroes and the best order to focus your skill points, check out our Demigod Hero Guide

Demi heroes

Troop Composition

This is a highly debatable subject matter, as well as highly diversified. But keep in mind, your troop build will be directly related to your stats. If you have higher stats that are closer to the max, then you can cut your troop count down farther than most. 

However, if you’re stats are average to below average, you will need extra troops to help you take those hits. Keep in mind, this is a safe general recommendation for most players for defending against T10 rallies. We recognize that there are many possibilities to choose from, especially if you like to play different styles, but this is the most general setup recommended to not burn.

Building to Not Burn

First, using T5 as a meat shield is no longer suggested. The amounts that you would need to build would be very costly, and they just do not seem to hold up as well as they used to.

T6 or T7 would be the lowest tiers recommended for your meatshield. It’s up to you which tier to choose, and would probably depend largely on what you already have trained. Just keep in mind that as you increase in tiers, your troop count for the tier above will need to be adjusted to take the brunt of the attack. When you are training your troops, you also want to make the majority of your “troop” count to be mythics. Remember back to the beginning where mythics help kill traps, and since you take a huge hit from incoming mobile traps, you want to have a high amount of mythics. If you are choosing to drop your T6 barrier and go to T7, make sure you have enough T7 to take the hit before dropping the T6.

Recommended Troop Counts: 

When using T6, you will still need a significant amount of troops. If you are looking to keep your power small then this may not be the tier to use as your meatshield. 

Traps: 40 bil

Troops: 25 bil

If you are going for a smaller build, then T7 will be much better for you. This will keep your power down, but will also be a bit more expensive. 

Traps: 20-25 bil

Troops: 15-20 bil

Now, if you are really adventurous you can go for a T8/T9 build and have a ton of fun taking hits, but we will leave that for another article.  Now keep in mind that after your meat shield is in place, you are going to want to train troops, traps, and mythics for each higher tier, but you will not need to have the numbers that you trained for the lowest tier. 

You can train a smaller amount each level to support your bottom tier taking the hit. But, if you fill rallies, you want to make sure you have a substantial amount of T10 troops, traps, and mythics to send to their deaths in rallies. 

Miscellaneous Information

All The Extras 

Research- You want to do as much research as possible. Power gained from doing research is not anything to be concerned about any longer. Besides your gear, your research is your most powerful tool for defending against T10 rallies. Get in that academy and get to work!! To get an idea about each research tree and what it has to offer, please see the Demigod Research Guide.

Demi research

Lifetime Boost Hall- We can not stress the importance of this building. Although the stats seem small, they do all stack and will add up to a significant amount. 

Think about the stats we have discussed in this article, and then figure out what you think your account may be missing. This is one of the places where you can really get the Trap specific stats built up.  Use this boost hall to your advantage!

VIP- Vip doesn’t necessarily need to be maxed, as this can sometimes defer leads from hitting you. If you are building a trap, then just upgrade a little at a time. If you are just building to defend without burning no matter what it takes, then go ahead and get your VIP as high as you want.

Avatars- Do not forget that these add stats when you complete the collections. Also, to have the stats apply you will need to open the collection and activate the bonus. 

Special Buildings- The special buildings are very important for defending. These can be leveled as high as you can get them, and as long as you run Anti Scout, no one will know if you have them maxed or not. Some buildings to focus on leveling first for defending :

  • Black Market– Demigod attack, Demigod defense, and Demigod health
  • Alchemy Lab– trap attack and attack debuff
  • Speed Up Treasury– trap defense
  • Gear Workshop– empire defender demigod attack
  • Archeology Hall– empire defender demigod defense
  • Mausoleum– empire defender demigod health

There is also a special building guide to help decipher the order to upgrade these buildings!

Now, we all know that the releases in Demi can come rapidly, and there will always be new gems, runes, potions, monsters, gear, etc, etc, etc. Well, have no fear because RealTips has all of the latest and greatest defending information in ONE article for you! You will never again have to search out multiple posts and read through entire articles to find the one-word answer you are looking for. 

The Demigod Defense Quick Guide will answer your questions regarding the best defense features, and it is updated no less than once a month so that you are never left wondering!! 

Remember to Stay Safe

Now that you have all your troops in order and you are taking hits and kicking butt, do not forget to keep your city protected. Nothing is worse than getting to the point that you can finally take hits and fill rallies only to wake up and find out that you forgot to shield before bed.  Protect your investment and use a shield! Even if you think you can take any hit from even the strongest player, you still want to shield overnight. There could be a huge drop overnight that could burn you or a dreaded glitch in the matrix that burns everyone! 

What if you lost your phone and had no way to log? These things happen so make sure you shield when you know you will be away for a while. At the very least, use an auto barrier 🙂

A big thank you to Chiz at IWG for all the help on defending against T10 rallies! 

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