Defense Avatars, Best of the Year Stats, and Savage Got Burned?!

SavageArab goes over the last drops including some new Defense Avatars, Highlighting some of the Best Players of the Year, and an educational reflection on getting Rallied.

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Defense Avatars, Best of the Year Stats, and Savage Got Burned?!

SavageArab is back for one more video in 2019. He goes over the most recent Fortress Wars Event, some new Defensive Avatars and more!

The Defensive Avatars you have to earn through the Bonus Rewards Events. Once you’ve acquired them, you must equip them in order to activate the bonuses.

As you can see from the bonuses provided, it’s suggested that you try and get these Defensive Avatars while they’re available. 2,500% Empire Defender Attack is nothing to scoff at.

The 2,200 % Empire Defender Health and 2,000 % Empire Defender Defense is a great boost as well.

Lastly, having an additional 1,500% Troop Attack is never a bad thing, right?

Later in the video, Savage goes over the Hall of the Fame Players of 2019. It starts with Mike Yunis who used over 211k Speed Ups this year! Hopefully, this is a great little feature that should be continuing through the rest of the year.

It would be great to see who held the Super Wonder the longest, or who had the biggest rally of the year.

There’s some new Lifetime Combat Boosts that are available for you to research.

Lastly, Savage goes over a recent Rally against himself and was getting destroyed! He goes over the Battle Report explaining why you shouldn’t Rally to alert your opponent if you’re powerful enough to Solo Burn.

One final mention, Savage is going to have a small surgery and will be out for a few weeks, so make sure to show him some extra love while he rests during this time. He’ll be back stronger and healthier than ever, but make sure to wish him luck and a speedy recovery!

What do you think of the Defense Avatars? Will you be able to grab them before the Special Event drops off? Did you learn anything from Savage’s burn?

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