Defense Quick Guide for Demigod

Gear, Runes, Gems, Banners, Monsters, and Potions for Defending in Demigod Realm.

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Defending in Demigod Realm

Since the beginning of the Demigod Realm, capping heroes has not been possible. The best you can do as a defender is not burn. The Second important thing to remember is that traps are on the front line when defending.  Therefore, you want to make sure you are prioritizing the trap stats. The stats that apply to troops only (type stats) will NOT help you at all until all the traps are zeroed. But, let’s hope that you never get to that scenario! These quick guides are here to help you see what’s best for your city build at a glance. Gear, Runes, Gems, Banners, Monsters, and Potions are all listed here for you to in the Defense Quick Guide!

Which Stat to Choose?

In the Demigod realm, you can choose to focus on defense stats or attack stats. Defense saves more of your troops, while attack stats kill more of the enemy’s troops. We recommend choosing defense stats first. Defense always keeps you covered. Now, some do choose to switch to solo attack gear once they stop burning, as it will increase the number of kills. However, all it takes is one big release, or even a few attack releases close together, to cause an account to start burning again.

For more places to build your stats to complete your build, check out Where Do I FInd Demi Stats?

Best Defense Gear

With the release of new Devastator Gear, we are now starting to make the rounds of gear pieces again. So, you will want to use the Devastator pieces where available, and fill in the rest with Elite Dominator gear. Level one of the basic Devastator gear is higher than level 6 of the Dominator gear, so even the basic solo attack pieces of the Devastator Gear have higher defense than the highest defense Dominator gear. 

If no Devastator gear at all, you want to make sure that you try and use Elite Dominator gear over Dominator gear whenever possible. If you do not have Dominator gear, then Noble gear will be your third-best choice.

Remember that there are two roads to go down when choosing stats for defending. Attack stats help you kill more of the incoming march and defense stats help you save more of your troops from dying. For gear, we emphasize saving troops first, and we always recommend using defense gear. The exception is if you are an account that never burns, then solo attack gear will work.  

  1. (Elite)Defender Devastator Gear
  2. (Elite) Wrecker Devastator Gear
  3. Shiverspite Dominator Defense Gear
  4. Drakeplate Dominator Solo Attack Gear
  5. Shadowstep Noble Defense Gear
  6. Dawn’s Noble Solo Attack Gear

For the best hero and skilling to go along with the gear, check out our Demi Hero Guide!

Best Runes for Defense

The new runes were released, and already I need to add a disclaimer! The Infinitycrystal is giving 800k empire defending defense per rune, instead of 8k which it should be. The total is coming to 3.2milllion instead of 32k!! This will keep nearly EVERYONE from burning!! (This has been corrected but keep an eye on stats)

The Timelystone and Charonite runes are very similar. Both have the same attack.  However, the Timelystone runes have the edge due to the added defense of combining the Trap Defense with Demigod Defense.

  1. Infinitycrystal
  2. Timelystone
  3. Charonite
  4. Radonoil
  5. Overcrystal

Gems for Defending

With the release of new gem sets, we can now go back to using complete gem sets rather than piecing together the best gems.

  1. Storm Gem Set
  2. Final Fury Gem Set (These have the 4th gem wonder stats, but are also the best choice for traps and fillers that do not burn)
  3. Assault Breaker Gems

Defense Banners

New banners were recently released and they are quite different than the usual banners. For starters, they only have an eight-hour duration while most banners last for a whole month. Secondly, these are the first banners to offer increases to the march sizes.  Last, they also offer Demi attack and Demi defense along with mythic, troop, or trap increase, and at a higher percentage than previous banners. For this reason we recommend using all three banners when you are on game, and then filling the fourth banner slot with one of the other best options. When you are done  filling, switch the banners to other defense banners that have a duration long enough to last overnight. 

The Demigod Mystic Pauldrons Banner is the newest Demigod banner, but the Stiff Stockade has defense where the Mystic Pauldron has trap and troop attack.


  1. Mythic March, Trap March, and Troop March Banners and then one from the list below. They are in order with the best banner being listed at the top.
  2. Stiff Stockade Banner
  3. Mystic Pauldrons Banner
  4. Defender’s Drink Banner
  5. The One’s Demigod Powerwell Banner
  6. Great Lancet Banner
  7. Heavy Bombardment Banner
  8. Mighty Palisade Banner
  9. Super Shrine Banner

Defending Monsters

Defending Monsters are added to the wall to help protect your city.  But, do not forget that the monster lair itself gives some stats that could help defend.

  1. Celestial Dragon
  2. Golem
  3. Demigod Void Dragon
  4. Alicorn

Best Potions for Defending

  1. Flask: RoadBlock
  2. Eerie Spore 25k Defense
  3. Golden Tentacle 20K Defense
  4. Spooky Candle 25k Health
  5. Golden Stump 21k Health
  6. Spectral Eyeball 25k Empire Defender Attack
  7. Eerie Wolf Tooth 23k Attack

Last But Not Least

The best thing you could do for your defense account is to complete all your research! Research is the foundation of every single great account. To get an idea about each research tree and what it has to offer, please see the Demigod Research Guide.  Get the edge over your competitors!

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