The New Defense Tree is Great for Big Trap Accts

troop defense tree feature

Great news trappers. The defense tree was created for you guys. Let's take a look at it.

Defense Tree: Great for 250-600M trap accounts

MZ has released a new defense research and it is worth researching as fast as possible. Although, it requires you to have Academy 21 done. The boosts are excellent but the tree adds a lot of power to your account so it's for higher power trap accounts.

Benefits of the Defense Tree

If you are a trap account and you haven't researched the new defense tree, you need to asap. All the bigs will have it done, making their rallies that trap defense treemuch stronger.

  • Individual troop defense, when maxed, will double your individual troop defense from 131% to 262%. Your overall troop defense will double as well!
  • Out of all the trees it's one of the cheaper ones.
  • For T4 players you have an advantage over T3, T2, T1 because they cannot research the tree without academy 21. (Although a T3 account can have academy 21 if they want)

Cost of Defense Tree

The new tree isn't costly, which is nice for a change. I was able to complete all the new research with only one $100 pack. The pack included 75 x 3 day speeds and 5 x 30 day speeds pack.troop defense tree

It took 2 kvks to complete when the kvk was giving 5 points for research. It also only took 3 infernos to complete the kvk doing the new research and if timed properly you will gain anywhere from 500k gold to 1 mill gold in the process.

Note: Always remember to do research, building, and training in bursts as much as possible in order to win event rewards.

As for the times to complete, they aren't bad. If you have the best possible normal research gear and at least a 10% research boost, the longest level 10 research after max helps is roughly 225 days. Completing each level 10 research category will give you an additional 6 mill power.

If you pick the right infernos, the ones that give back 5-7 x 30 day speeds, you should be able to complete the entire new research on one pack.

Contributed by General Bow

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  1. What level 10 research was 225 at it’s most expensive ? Hospital capacity 10 is about 500 days before helps with the best gear icluding reapers hood and char crusher

  2. Yes is the cheapest tree, but still is expensive, I could boost until lvl9 the first 16 items without spend money, only I started with 25 3 days speed ups, playing in the research event 5X, but after this point the research become hard and expensive, the lvl10 are at the march tree level. of course you dont have to spend 5k or 6k to complete the tree, but the lvl10 are 1 pack per item, so anyway you need to spend around 2k dollars in this tree. most of ppl can’t finish the crafting and march tree and they added 2 more trees, is crazy, in my kingdom the ppl is disappointed and quitting, sad a great game finished destroyed by the same creators.

  3. Trap accounts for 100.00 article

    You had mentioned that you need to research combat up to level 9…Here is my question Strong Holds level 9 or in the tree 9/10 ??

  4. I wish 600m was a big player in my kingdom. In 378 though a big player Starts at 500m and can be 10x that.

  5. Chade, tem algum site relacionado a Game Of War confiável que podemos comprar ouro e pacotes mais baratos?

  6. This tree should have been accessible at academy 20 so the under 100 million traps could survive all of the crazy core that have been built by the above 500 million players and maybe survive an attack long enough to shield

  7. Actually this makes me even more likely to quit the game. As a free player I already do pitiful damage to top players, now I will do even less and my relevance in the game is further reduced.

    • Well if you finish the tree (which is easy to do) you will do the same amount of damage.

      • That’s just it, it’s easy to max but you need a lvl 21 academy to access it which is doable but an incredibly long slog for free players. I’m still a ways from it myself, in the meantime players already at the top now have another huge set of bonuses that further increases their already overwhelming combat capability in comparison with mine.

  8. I agree, you can gain anywhere between 500K to 1M gold if timed properly. Although I did some T4 researches (7 total including T4 troops itself) I gained 1.47M gold. Though, needed to spend some of it for the 10’s in defense tree, it’s the best tree to research for 5x research infernos and definitely worth it. (Completed with 1x pack easily). 500K gold now left, which is awesome.