Demi Hero Guide – Part 2

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Are you strong enough to lead your army, or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Above all, does your hero have what it takes? Let’s continue to take a look at the new Demi Hero Guide.

If you have not done so, take a look at Part One of the Demigod Hero Guide. The first part reviews the stats associated with each hero, including combat and economic sections. For this second part, we will dive a bit deeper and take a look at skilling the hero, and the stat importance.

Skilling Your Hero

This is the recommended skilling based on the hero for the combat situation. So you may notice important stats not included in the list, and that is because it is not available on the hero to skill.  In the next section, there will be a list of stats to prioritize, but this is only about the selected hero. 


Use Striker Hero.  Other Options: Spellbinder or Ward

  1. Defense, Health, and Attack at the top and bottom that are usually one skill point.
  2. Type Defense
  3. Defender Defense
  4. Type Health
  5. Defender Health
  6. Type Attack
  7. Defender Attack
  8. Attack Debuff
  9. Health Debuff
  • If you are filling rallies and you don’t burn, you can forgo debuffs and use skill points for march size increase. 
  • If you are using the spellbinder hero, follow the same general skill priority. If you are not using lower tier traps then you do not need to prioritize the trap stats at all. 


Use Striker Hero or Alternative: Kingslayer,

  1. Troop Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health (usually 1 point)
  2. Empire Rally Attack
  3. Empire Rally Health
  4. March size increase
  5. Rally size increase
  6. Type Attack
  7. Defense Debuff
  8. Health Debuff
  9. Attack Debuff
  10. max any other skills you choose


USE Spellbinder

Wonders have the biggest differences in small changes in features such as hero skills. Usually wonder leads have enough additional skill points to max all skills, but not the beginning stages of new heroes.


  1. Skill Troop Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health (usually 1 point)
  2.  Wonder Health/ Holding Health
  3. Wonder Attack / Holding Attack
  4. Rally Attack
  5. Wonder Defense/Rally Defense 
  6. Wonder Health Debuff & Wonder Holding Health Debuffs
  7. Wonder Attack Debuff  & Wonder Holding Attack Debuffs
  8.  Type Attacks
  9. Any extra defenses and Defense Debuffs

Importance of Hero Stats

This is a refresher, more about the stats and not the skills. Not every hero will have every stat on the list, but you can see the order of importance. From there, you can decide what you need to skill for your hero and your city. 


  1. Troop Attack
  2. Troop Health
  3. Empire Rally Attack
  4. Empire Rally Health
  5. Type Attack 
  6.  Type Health
  7.  Troop Defense
  8. Health Debuff 
  9. Attack Debuffs
  10. Defense Debuff


  1. Wonder Rally Attack
  2. Wonder Holding Attack
  3. Troop Attack
  4. Wonder Rally Health
  5. Wonder Holding Health
  6. Troop Health
  7. Troop Defense
  8. Type Attack
  9. Wonder Holding / Wonder Rally Health Debuffs
  10. Troop Health Debuff
  11. Wonder Holding / Wonder Rally Attack Debuffs
  12. Troop Attack Debuff
  13. Troop Defense Debuff
  14. Defense Debuff and Type Attack Debuff


  1. Troop Defense
  2. Troop Attack
  3. Troop Health
  4. Type Defense
  5. Type Health
  6. Empire Defender Stats
  7. Type Attack
  8. Attack Debuff
  9. Health Debuff
  10. Type Attack Debuff & Defense Debuff
  11. Type Health & Defense Debuffs
  12. all other stats

Looking Ahead

Coming in June, you will continue to see more of the basics about the game covered. So much in the game has changed since the start of Demigod, and I want to make sure that all of you have the most up to date info!

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Where to Look Next?

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