Demi Hero Guide; Part 1

Comparing Stats of Combat Heroes and Econ Heroes

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Are you strong enough to lead your army, or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Above all, does your hero have what it takes? Let’s take a look at the new Demi Hero Guide.

 This is the first in a two part series where we look in depth at the most recent heroes for combat and economics. The first part today will cover the combat stats of the top four combat heroes. It will also touch on the economics skills and which hero they belong to. The second part of the series we will talk about the uses of each hero, and the importance of stats and how to skill in each scenario. So, lets just jump right in!

Combat Heroes

To begin with,  in the Combat portion of the Demi Realm, we have 4 heroes to choose from; Earthshatter, Ward, Illusionist, and now Striker.  Their overall stats are very close, however, it’s the specialty stats in each skill tree that make it useful to certain situations.

Striker Level 100

  • Attack 65,500%
  • Health 60,000%
  • Defense 95,000%
  • Type Attack 75,00%
  • 2nd Type Attack 50,000%
  • Type Defense 90,000%
  • Type Health 110,000%
  • Empire Rally Attack 55,000%
  • Empire Rally Health 60,000%
  • Wonder Rally/Holding Attack 40,00%
  • Wonder Rally/Holding Health 75,000%
  • Defender Attack 100,000%
  • Defender Health 85,000%
  • Defender Defense 100,000%
  • Health Debuff/Type Health Debuff 50,000%
  • Defense Debuff/Type Defense 55,000%

Earthshatter Level 150

  • Attack 52,700%
  • Health 39,600%
  • Defense 47,800%
  • Type Attack 27,000%
  • Type Defense 25,500%
  • Type Health 18,200%
  • Rally Attack 20,500%
  • Empire Rally Attack 28,375%
  • Rally Health 21,500%
  • Empire Rally Health 28,375%
  • HD 22,200%
  • DD 34,500%
  • Type HD 30,000%
  • Type DD 34,500%
  • Lava/Storm/Whirlpool Attack  21,500% each

Ward Hero Level 150

  • Attack 72,800%
  • Health 60,600%
  • Defense 97,000%
  • Type Attack 76,700%
  • Type Defense 94,400%
  • Type Health 114,900%
  • AD 73,200%
  • HD 47,200%
  • DD 54,900%
  • Type HD 47,200%
  • Type DD 94,400%
  • Trap Defense 81,200%
  • Trap Health 52,,200%
  • Trap Attack 75,400%
  • Rally Attack 48,000%
  • Rally Health 101,500%
  • Wonder Holding Health 60,200%
  • Rally Defense 73,200%

Illusionist – Level 150

  • Attack 52,400%
  • Health 39,200%
  • Defense 45,800%
  • AD 46,000%
  • HD 27,600%
  • Wonder Rally Attack 60,000%
  • Wonder Rally Health 60,000%
  • Wonder Holding Attack 90,100%
  • Wonder Holding Health 90,100%
  • Wonder Rally Attack Debuff 36,000%
  • Wonder Rally Health Debuff 36,000%
  • Wonder Holding Attack Debuff 33,750%
  • Wonder Holding Health Debuff 33,750%
  • Demi Rally Attack/Health 34,500%

Steadfast Skills

Steadfast skills are a new feature that packs a punch. They are definitely more costly, but the amount of stats is worth it. The way that the steadfast skills work, instead of applying only when the hero is activated, they apply at all times. So, no matter which hero you have activated, you receive the benefit of any steadfast skills you have opened and skilled. If an account does not have the Steadfast skills activated, it is losing a large portion of stats!

Demigod Illusionist Steadfast Skills

  • Troop Attack 16,000%
  • Troop Defense 24,000%
  • Troop Health 10,000%
  • Attack Debuff 20,000%
  • Defense Debuff 30,000%
  • Health Debuff 12,000%
  • Wonder Rally / Hold Attack 28,000%
  • Wonder Rally / Hold Health 24,000%
  • Wonder Rally / Hold Attack Debuff 21,000%
  • Wonder Rally / Hold Health Debuff  21,000%
  • Mega Debuff 15,000%

Demigod EarthShatter Steadfast Skills

  • Troop Attack 16,000%
  • Troop Defense 24,000%
  • Troop Health 10,000%
  • Attack Debuff 20,000%
  • Defense Debuff 30,000%
  • Health Debuff 12,000%
  • Type Attack 18,000%
  • Type DEfense 26.000%
  • Type Health 11,000%
  • Type AD 25,000%
  • Type DD 35,000%
  • Type HD 15,000%
  • Empire Rally Attack 18,000%
  • Empire Rally Health 15,000%

Demigod Ward Steadfast Skills

  • Troop Attack 26,500%
  • Troop Defense 33,450%
  • Troop Health 16,300%
  • Attack Debuff 28,000%
  • Defense Debuff 36,400%
  • Health Debuff 16,500%
  • Wonder Rally Attack 31,600%
  • Wonder Hold Attack 40,000%
  • Wonder Rally Health 31,600%
  • Wonder Hold Health 36,600%
  • Wonder Rally Attack Debuff 32,340%
  • Wonder Hold Attack Debuff 28,560%
  • Wonder Rally Health Debuff 27,300%
  • Wonder Hold Health Debuff  26,670%
  • Mega Debuff 18,780%

Economic Hero Guide

Valkyrie HeroSpartan HeroFrost KingSapphire Hero

Here is a quick guide to which heroes have economic skills, and what they are for,


  • T2/3 Demi Troop Food Upkeep Reduction 20% Valk 
  • T1/2/3 Demi Troop Food Upkeep Reduction 25% Frost 
  • T1/2/3 Demigod Food Upkeep Reduction II- 25% Frost 100+
  • T1/2/3/4 Demi Troop Upkeep Food Reduction- 25% Sapphire
  • Demigod Food Upkeep Reduction-50% Spartan


  • Demi Construction Speed I 10% Spartan
  • Demi Construction Speed II 15% Spartan
  • T1/2/3/4 Demi Construction Cost Reduction 5000% Frost
  • T1 Demi Construction Cost Reduction II 1000% Frost 100+
  • T2/3 Demi Construction Cost Reduction II 1000% Frost 100+


  • Demi Research Speed I 10% Spartan
  • Demi Research Speed II 15% Spartan
  • Demi Research Cost Reduction Econ 50% Valk
  • Demi Research Cost Reduction Defense 50% Valk
  • Demi Research Cost Reduction Combat 50% Valk
  • Demi Research Cost Reduction Overlimit 50% Valk
  • Demi Research Cost Reduction Gathering 50% Valk
  • Demi Research T1 Cost Reduction Debuffs 300% Valk
  • Demi Research T2 Cost Reduction Debuffs 200% Valk
  • Demi Research T3 Cost Reduction Debuffs 100% Valk
  • Demi Research T1/2 Cost Reduction Restorative 5000% Frost
  • Demi Research T1/2 Cost Reduction Battle Mark 500% Frost 100+
  • Combat/Defense Research T2 Rss Cost Reduction –Beryl
  • Combat/Defense Research T3 Rss Cost Reduction –Beryl
  • Combat/Defense Research T4 Rss Cost Reduction –Beryl

Upkeep Reduction

  • Demi Upkeep Reduction 50% Spartan
  • T2/3 Upkeep Reduction 20% Valk
  • T1-3 Upkeep Reduction 25% Frost
  • T1-3 Upkeep Reduction II 25% Frost 100+
  • T1-4 Upkeep Reduction  25% Sapphire


  • Core High Range Boost 25% Spartan
  • Crafting Core High Range Boost, Duration, and Luck 500% Valk
  • Econ Blessing Modifier 2500% Valk
  • Combat Blessing Modifier 2500% Valk
  • T6 Demi Rss Capacity Increase – Earthshatter
  • T7 Demi Rss Capacity Increase- Ward
  • T456 Gathering Speed Increase- Illusionist
  • T123 – Gathering Speed Increase- Illusionist
  • Hero attack Vs Raid Boss – 10,000,000%- Striker
  • Energy Cost Reduction- 20%- Striker

1st Hero

The original Pre Demi level 550 Hero has many uses, as new releases come out, players are very resourceful at finding a way to apply the original hero.

  • Blessing Duration – helps extend demi blessings
  • Power Up Efficiency- Use original hero when powering up pieces of gear and it will reduce the cost of the materials required to power up each level.
  • Monster Skills- depending on your hero situation, the original hero could be more beneficial to use when killing monsters and for Raid Boss
  • Potion Duration- Use this skill to make your potions extend from ten days to two weeks. 
  • Training- The original hero can provide reductions for training higher-tier troops. For more information see our troop training guide!

Looking Ahead

For the month of March, we are going to continue to go over the basics of the game, while adding the newest releases in our Quick Guides. Next week, as I previously mentioned, part two of the hero guide will be all about choosing the best hero for different scenarios and how to skill them. 

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Where To Look Next?

One of the most important things that can help you save resources and speed ups is correctly setting up your hero when training troops. In the Demi Realm, different tiers require different hero setups. The Demi Training Guide goes through each tier, step by step, and tells you which hero and which gear saves you resources and speeds. 

Training Troops Effectively in the Demigod Realm

If you are struggling to understand what the stats in the hero skills actually DO for your empire, its ok. Likewise, a lot of players have the same questions. RealTips has a list of some of the most used stats and their meanings, along with which stats are more important for each build. 

Understanding Demigod Stats: The Foundation 

Finally, in the Demigod Realm, there are often places that players overlook when trying to improve their demi stats. With such a variety of features, it is easy to forget some of the less prominent places. This last article will  go through all the places that add stats to your city and ends with a checklist that will help you make sure you have everything ready to go!

Where Do I Find Demi Stats


In short, your hero is the most important part of your city. Therefore, if not used correctly, you could be missing out on a ton of useful stats that are needed in combat! Join us in Line, Discord, and Facebook and connect to Game of War players just like yourself. We, certainly, look forward to seeing you there!

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