Demigod Deft Combat Research

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The Demigod Deft Combat Research is the newest research released. This research is the first to really focus on combat since the Expert Combat research that was released a long time ago. If you combine these research stats with the latest rune upgrades, T10 Troops, pantheon upgrade, and hero upgrades then you may be surprised just how much these hits may hurt. 

Demigod Deft Combat

The Demigod Deft Combat Research is divided into three sections. The difference is that each section requires a different material to complete the research.

The three materials to unlock each section are:

  1. Unlock Demi Deft Combat research
  2. Unlock Master Demi Deft Combat research
  3. Unlock Ultimate Demi Deft Combat research

Usually, you need to have all the research nodes in the first section to at least 8 before you can proceed to the second section, and so on for the third section as well. This research seems to be following the same pattern. 

Comparing Deft Combat to Expert Combat

Like mentioned above, this is the very first combat centered research since the release of the Expert Combat Research. To put it into perspective, these stats are at least three times the amount of stats offered in that Expert Combat Tree, so they are going to pack quite a punch. When you compare these two trees you will notice striking similarities as well as blatant differences. 


The research trees follow the same line of thinking. Both center on combat stats. The Expert and Deft Research both cover everything from main stats, type stats, Empire Defender stats, Empire Rally stats, Wonder stats, and increases in March and Rally sizes. Each tree was also a huge boost at the time of their respective releases.


Despite the obvious difference is the amount of stats that each research tree, there is one big difference that you can spot immediately. The Expert Econ tree is heavier on debuffs. Right away you can see that the Deft Combat Research changes gears and removes most debuffs in the first section. The Deft Combat instead has Type Defense, Type Attack, Type Health, and Empire Defender stats. The Expert Combat started off with Type Defense, Type Attack, Empire Defender stats, and Type Attack Debuff

Then, the second part of the Expert Combat starts right away with the Type Defense Debuff.  This shows the progression in the game. If you follow your research trees, you can see that GoW has moved away from debuffs as a main stat. Of course, there are still some scenarios where debuffs can certainly help. Especially when talking about rallying an out of date city. Debuffs are also very important stats when talking about Wonder and Super Wonder.  

However, in a current defending scenario, debuffs are only a supporting stat, and even then it’s not that prevalent. The number of debuffs would not come anywhere near the attack of a Rally lead, so there is no use in making debuffs a priority. Of course, we all know so well that all it takes is one crazy release to change that 🙂 

Compare Type Defense

Expert Combat comparisonDeft Combat Comparison

Above you can clearly see the difference between the Expert Combat tree (left) and the Deft Combat Research tree (right) on just the one Type stat. This echos throughout the entire tree.

Deft Combat Research Stats

  • Attack 75K
  • Defense 40K
  • Health 30K
  • Empire Defender Attack 40K
  • Empire Defender Defense 50K
  • Empire Defender Health 30K
  • Troop March increase +1.5M
  • Troop Rally increase +1M
  • Empire Rally Attack 47K
  • Wonder Holding Attack 41K
  • Wonder  Rally Attack 46K
  • Wonder  Holding Health 39K
  • Wonder  Rally Health 42K

These are only a highlight of the stats in the Deft Combat Research tree. Many more are available to research. If you want to check out information on all our other research trees then check out the Demigod Research Guide


The big lesson to take away from this is that the Deft Combat Research Tree is going to be crucial for all cities. If you are defending then you will need to train some extra traps, mythics, and troops if you are going to take a hit from a lead that has the Deft Combat research finished. If you are an attacker, the cities that have this research completed are going to be much harder to burn. 

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