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The Essential things you need to know about Demigod Research

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In Game of War, research is a fundamental tool for success. Many times, the research that is offered has the most significant stats we can find in the game and is necessary for both leads and traps.

We are going to take a trip to the Academy today to look at some of the most important research currently available. Let’s begin by taking a look at some cheats and tips for research.,

Research Tricks and Tips

Because research costs RSS, Speeds, and Materials, it can be very time consuming to complete. Teamrealtips wants to help you save time and resources. Here are our tips and tricks to help you be at your research best.

Start Next Research

Start Next Research is a feature that is available with VIP levels. This allows you to automatically go to the next research that is available to complete without having to scroll down the research tree to get there. This is a huge time saver.

Demigod Research


Always make sure when researching that you have whatever tokens are offered to reduce costs. Not only will this save you time, but it will also allow you to complete more.


Don’t forget to equip your Demigod Ultimate Research Gear for a huge speed reduction, and gem it too. Check out Teamrealtips Forging Ahead for more information on this.


Research requires speeds. These Demigod Speeds can go quickly, so be sure that before you click away, you ask your alliance to hit the help button

Instant Multiple Research

This feature is such a time saver! It allows you to complete many types of research at one click of a button.  It will allow you to complete as many researches as possible, depending on the materials, resources, and speedups that you have. Plus, it will give you a summary of what stats are being unlocked at the bottom. 

Game of War Demigod Research

Let’s take a look at some of the newest research that Game of War has offered us and the benefits.

Demigod Combat

Demigod Combat is your basic research, and very essential to be able to play the game in its current state. As mentioned in Rise of the Demigods, Demigods brought about a reset of the game. None of your old troops can survive against Demigods. This research tree includes:

  • Demigod Combat Stats
  • Demigod Troop Unlocks
  • Demigod Mythic Unlocks
  • Demigod Rally March Speed
  • Demigod Attack March Speed
  • Demigod Training Speed

Demigod Defense

Demigod Defense is similar to our old defense research. It contains many important things that you will need to be able to survive Demigods.

This research tree includes:

  • Demigod Trap Building Speed
  • Demigod Trap Unlocks
  • Demigod Combat Stats
  • Demigod Training Speed
  • Demigod Trap Stats

Demigod Economics

Demigod Economics is similar to our economics tree of old, but it contains so much more. You will want this research to boost your production, as well as all of the other benefits it provides.

This research tree includes:

  • Construction Time
  • RSS production
  • Demigod Combat Stats
  • Demigod Research Speed
  • Demigod Absolute Power

Demigod Overlimit

If I had to compare Demigod Overlimit Research to previous research, I would choose our march tree. With the addition of Demigod VIP, the size of Demigod march leads could send was restricted, based off of the defender’s VIP level.

Demigod Overlimit Research gives attackers a chance to send more troops by overriding the VIP restriction. For example, my VIP level may restrict my attacker to only 60k troops per march. Depending on the level, the Override research will allow my attacker to send 2.5k more troops instead of just being restricted by my VIP level, the attacker can fight back and send 62.5k troops at me.

This research tree includes:

  • Overlimit Troop March Size
  • Overlimit Mythic March Size
  • Overlimit Trap March Size
  • Demigod Combat Stats

Overlimit Research is split into sections. To unlock the next section, not only do you need to reach a certain level for your research in the prior section, but you also need unlocks for each subsequent section.

Demigod Rewards

Demigod Rewards Research is reminiscent of Athena’s Rewards. Just like Athena’s Rewards, you can only gather the materials needed in gifts and events. This research does not require RSS. Demigod Rewards Speeds are needed for this research, and research gear does not appear to affect the time. Current nodes are, Demigod Athena Rewards, Demigod Event Rewards, Demigod Champion Edge Rewards, Advanced Demigod Event Rewards (NEW!), and Advanced Demigod Athena’s Rewards (NEW!)

This research includes:

  • Demigod Combat Stats
  • Demigod Construction and Research TIme Efficiency
  • Demigod Training Speed

Demigod Gathering

Demigod Gathering Research contains new research to improve the gathering efficiency of Demigod RSS. Similar to the Economics tree it also contains combat and defense research, along with over-limit research. There’s a little bit of everything in this tree so be sure not to overlook it.

This research includes:

  • Demigod Resource Gathering Speed
  • Super Demigod Resource Gather Speed
  • Demigod Empire Defender Health, Attack, and Defense
  • Demigod Troop Attack, Trap Attack, and Mythic Attack
  • Demigod Troop Defense, Trap Defense, and Mythic Defense
  • Demigod Troop Health, Trap Health, and Mythic Health
  • Overlimit Mythic, Trap and Troop Size
  • Demigod Rally Attack and Health
  • Demigod Attacking and Rallying March Speed
  • Demigod Mega Rally Size

Demigod Restorative

Demigod Restorative research is one of a kind. It not only offers benefits that help with cost but it also gives other benefits that are valuable to gameplay. This is the first demigod research to offer core benefits which will become increasingly important as cores continue to advance. As with all the other researches it requires unlocks to be able to begin it and then demigod RSS to continue. Because the speed and RSS cost will be different for everyone based off of efficiencies, reductions, and gear we are unable to at this time bring you accurate cost charts.

This research includes:

  • Training RSS Reductions for level 1 to 4 traps, mythics, and troops
  • Overlimit march size benefits for solo and rally
  • Demigod Combat Benefits
  • Demigod Core Gear Benefits
    • Core Duration and High Range Boost

Demigod Debuff Research

The Demigod Debuff research tree is the first tree to bring debuffs into the new Demigod dimension. None of the Demigod research before this tree offered debuffs in any way. The only way to have debuffs up until this point was in gear, and it wasn’t very substantial.  This tree also has the standard researches to increase combat stats and increase march and rally sizes.

The 3 part research includes:

  • Rallying march speed increase
  • Attack, Defense, and Health Debuffs
  • Type Debuffs
  • Wonder Debuffs
  • March Debuff on Empires
  • Mercenary Stats

Demigod Battle Marks

Everyone remembers battle marks! The Demigod Battle Mark tree updates the battle mark feature to include Demigod stats. The battle mark tree is also divided into three sections, which seems to be the trend now with research trees. 

The standout points in this tree include:

  • Increased Demigod attack against a battle marked target
  • Increased type Demigod attack against a battle marked target
  • Battle mark target limit increased
  • Duration of battle marked targets are increased
  • Demigod Training Speed
  • Increased Demigod Training Capacity

Demigod Pantheon

The Demigod Pantheon tree now brings the pantheon and the deities into the Demigod era. The three-part pantheon tree offers researches to increase the usual combat stats, but also adds two new deities to the pantheon for players to activate. This is also the first tree that we will see “Empire Defender” stats come in to play. 

In the pantheon research tree:

  • Unlock Nike’s Aggression
  • Increase Nike’s Aggression Strength
  • Unlock Herme’s Fortitude
  • Increase Herme’s Fortitude Strength 

Demigod Wonder Debuff

The Wonder Debuff research tree closely resembles a normal research tree that focuses on combat stat increases. However, the specialty is the wonder and debuffing enemies at the wonder. There are the usual march and rally size increases along with rally attack and rally health. You will also see new debuffs that reduce the attacker or the holder’s stats. 

This research includes:

  • Debuff to Enemy Rally Health while holding the Wonder
  • Debuff to Enemy Wonder Holding Health while rallying the Wonder
  • Debuff to Enemy Rally Attack while holding the Wonder
  • Debuff to Enemy Wonder Holding Attack while rallying the Wonder

Demigod Special Combat

The Demigod Special Combat tree goes back and increases all of the basic combat stats in the Demigod realm. There are, again, three parts to the research tree. Research includes the basic attack, defense, and health, along with wonder stats, debuffs, and march and rally size increases. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this tree, but it does add a significant increase across the board. There are also reductions for T6 and T7 troop and trap training cost, plus increases on battle mark targets. 

This tree includes:

  • Basic combat stat increases
  • March and Rally size increases
  • T6 troop and trap cost reductions
  • T7 troop and trap cost reductions
  • Type Attack increases versus a battle marked target

Demigod Rally Combat

The Demigod Rally Combat tree is very self-explanatory. Any stat related to setting a rally against a stronghold, or the wonder, is in this research tree. Rally attack and Rally health, Wonder attack and Wonder Health, and debuffs for enemies are all a part of this tree. There are three parts, and the very last research is an interesting Mega Troop Debuff. This research is described as a “Debuff to Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap and Mythic Attack, Defense, and Health” which maxes at 10,000%. 

This tree includes:

  • Rally Attack increases
  • Rally Health increases
  • Wonder holding attack/health
  • Wonder rally attack/health
  • Basic combat stats
  • Mega Troop Debuff

Demigod Prestige Pantheon

The Demigod Prestige Pantheon tree brings us quite a few new deities into the mix. The three sections of research mainly focus on increasing the new deities stats, along with increasing the number of tributes you can activate as well. The prestige pantheon tree also increases the stats of the previous pantheon tree deities, Hermes and Nike. 

The research tree includes:

  • Gaia’s Triad Burst unlock and increase
  • Helio’s Triad Burst unlock and increase
  • Pan’s Triad Burst unlock and increase
  • Increased Tribute Slots I II and III

Demigod Expert Combat Research

The Demigod Expert Combat Research Tree is divided into three sections. The difference is that each section requires a different material to complete the research.

The three materials to unlock each section are:

  1. Unlock Demigod Expert Combat Research materials
  2. Unlock Master Demigod Expert Combat Research materials
  3. Unlock Ultimate Demigod Expert Combat Research materials

In looking at each section you can see that the research is divided by combat stats. The first section being a defense theme with type defense stats, empire defender stats, and type attack debuff.

The second part is geared towards attack. This includes type attack, debuff to type defense, troop attack, and empire vs empire attack. The second part rounds out with the over-limit trap and mythic rally and solo march size increase.

And finally, the last section is about health and wonders. It starts with type health, then you see wonder holding attack/health, rally attack/health, and finally finishes with troop rally and solo size increases.

Demigod Expert Economics Research

The Demigod Expert Economics Research Tree is divided into three sections. The difference is that each section requires a different material to complete the research.

The three materials to unlock each section are:

  1. Expert Econ Research materials
  2. Ultimate Expert Econ Research materials
  3. Legendary Expert Econ Research materials

This is a short tree compared to other research trees. The main focus seems to be improving gathering and capacity. The overall benefits to this tree are:

  • Type Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Troop Load increase
  • Gathering speed
  • Increase Gathering Speed for T5 T6 and T7
  • Resource Capacity Increase
  • Production Increase
  • Hero Attack, Recovery, Raid Boss Attack
  • Rally Attack/Health
  • Wonder Holding Attack/Health

Alliance Research

The newest feature is called Alliance Research located under the alliance tab. This is research where  all players in an alliance contribute resources, materials, and speeds to complete a research tree. Each player is only allowed so many donations per day. 

Alliance Combat research tree

The first released alliance research tree is Combat. The tree will add a variety of combat stats to each player as soon as each node is complete. 

The materials needed for the Alliance Combat tree:

  • Ultimate Alliance Combat Research Power
  • Legendary Alliance Combat Research Power
  • Start with T5 resources

The Alliance Combat tree seems like it will take a lot of time for the research to be complete, and having an active spending alliance will be a benefit.

Notable stats:

  • Troop, Trap, Mythic Attack/Defense/Health
  • March Size Increase
  • Wonder Rally 
  • Wonder Holding
  • Empire Defender 
  • Debuffs

For a more detailed explanation of the newest research feature, please check out our Alliance Combat Research article for all your questions to be answered. 

Demigod Deft Research

The Demigod Deft Combat Research is the newest research released. This research is the first to really focus on combat since the Expert Combat research that was released a long time ago.

The Demigod Deft Combat Research is divided into three sections. The difference is that each section requires a different material to complete the research.

The three materials to unlock each section are:

  1. Unlock Demi Deft Combat research
  2. Unlock Master Demi Deft Combat research
  3. Unlock Ultimate Demi Deft Combat research

Usually, you need to have all the research nodes in the first section to at least 8 before you can proceed to the second section, and so on for the third section as well. This research seems to be following the same pattern. 

This is a very important combat tree and will be a necessity for any type of base. Some of the prominent stats include:

  • Attack, Defense, Health
  • Empire Defender Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Troop March increase
  • Troop Rally increase
  • Empire Rally Attack
  • Wonder Holding and Rally Attack
  • Wonder Holding and Rally Health

Cutting Edge Research

This research came out days after Trap Busters and included tier 11 troops.

Materials Needed:

  • Unlock Demi Cutting Edge Combat Research
  • Unlock Master Demi Cutting Edge Combat Research
  • Unlock Ultimate Demi Cutting Edge Combat Research

What really made us scratch our heads were the trap stats, as the Trap Busters had just rendered traps useless. So, does that mean when the Trap Buster get re-released that they will be tweaked a bit so that traps are still relevant? Or was this just one of those things we chalk up to MZ? Featured stats of this research tree include:

  • Demi Attack Defense and Health
  • Defender Attack Defense and Health
  • Rally and Wonder Health and Attack
  • Trap Defense Health and Attack

It will take about three packs at the current rate to do enough research to allow you to unlock traps, mythics, and all troops. Buying only two packs will make you 200k unlocks shy of unlocking the Thunderstorm Tier 11 troop. 


Prioritizing your Research

With Game of War stats being completely reset and so much new research, you must complete, you might wonder where to begin. Prioritizing your research is very important, because it is not cheap, and you do not want to waste time and resources doing research that you may not yet need. Your current goal with research should not be to max it out, but to unlock and open what you need to be successful. Your priorities will depend on your style of play. However, there are a few research trees that should be prioritized first.

  1. Economics Research –To achieve certain levels of research, you will need your Academy leveled correctly. Not only will Economics Research give you the construction boosts you need, but RSS production increases will also help you continue to research.
  2. Combat and Defense Research – You can’t play without troops, mythics, and traps. While T1 is unlocked from the beginning of Demigods, you will need to open the higher level tiers with research. Whether you are a lead or trap or filler, you should prioritize these research trees first to at least open T2 Demigod Troops.
  3. Once you have done basic troop research and economic research, your research prioritization will depend on your style of play.
    1. Defense Players – Defense players will want to focus on trees with the most defense, attack, and health. These stats are all crucial to the defense of your city.
    2. Attack Players – While attack players will also want to look at those stats, there are some definite priorities that will first:
      1. Combat Research – Troops, mythics, and traps will be essential for these players. Unlocking these should be a top priority.
      2. Overlimit Research – After you have the troops, traps, and mythics, you will want to focus on your march size. We saw in the early days of Demigods how much damage those march sizes can do.
      3. Do the most recent tree – the most recent tree will have the greatest amount of stats to add to your boost. So, after unlocking the troops and march sizes, start with the newest tree and go backward. 

 Research Strategy for Traps

Research strategy for traps has changed a lot over the years.

In the early days of the game, research was recommended to be low. The more research you had, the higher your power, and the players did not want to hit you. As the game evolved, the strategy quickly changed into maxing all research. Not only was it necessary for safety, but the power from the research was also low enough that people would not notice a trap with maxed research. The power from other components of the game far exceeded the research power.

Now that it seems we are back to the early days, we have to begin to think about our research again. There are different questions we will need to ask ourselves when building a trap and decisions that will need to be made.


  1. Do I want to be a high research or low research trap?
    1. There are advantages and disadvantages to either option. High research means more power, but fewer troops. Low research means high troops and low research power. High research traps tend to cost more to make and maintain, even though you have stellar stats, and often can stay smaller than the typical low research trap.
  2. Is the power from research worth the benefits and cost?
  3. What strategy will work best for me, my budget, and my style of trapping?
  4. Where else can I get stats that I may lose by being a low research trap?

All of these are very important questions to consider when deciding on whether or not you want to be a high or low research trap. There is no right or wrong answer and it comes down to what works best for you.

Costs Vs. Benefits

Obviously, to unshield and play the game, we must complete basic research. However, because this research requires resources which ultimately require packs, it can be very expensive. It is unclear if the benefits of completing research outweigh the cost, at our current point in the game. Research does give some good benefits, and there are basic levels you need. However, to max research, you will spend a lot of time and money. For example, new Overlimit Research can be quickly completed with research gear equipped; however, you will go through about a pack’s worth of RSS to get partway through level 7, and it only gives you a 9% increase in stats; at level 6, that number drops to 6%. The big boosts do not come until levels 8 to 10.

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