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Demigod Troop Calculator


Build your army in style. Teamrealtips is here to bring you our Game of War Demigod troop calculator. How many troops do you need and do you have enough resources for them? We can tell you! This tool is easy to use and invaluable.

Why do I need this?

Are you trying to decide on a pack or getting ready to train for an event? Do you have the resources to be able to complete it? Does that pack have the amount of resources you need to be able to train a good amount of troops? Now you can answer those questions for yourself. This tool is simple to use.

How do I use it?

  1. Select the Tier you want
  2. Select the troop, trap, or creature you want to train
  3. Input the number you want to train
  4. If you need more than one type just click add
  5. The tool automatically does the math for you!

Demigod Troop Calculator

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