The Making of a Demigod Trap

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With Demigods here we have a whole new avenue we can explore with trapping. The purpose of this article is to take you on a walk through of building a Demigod Trap. What we considered, what we looked at and what we tested as we began this new adventure.

This will not be your typical article it will be a journey, it will be the journey of how Eagle and Cinder built their Demigod Trap. As such it will be updated daily with what we discovered, what we considered and what we did today. Feel free to comment on this article with specific questions or thoughts!

February 10, 2018

Over the past few days Eagle and I have been doing more testing. We have looked at gear and stats and what stats you should focus on when working on the defensive side. To read more about this be sure to check out Rise of the Demigods.

We did some more testing however, which has told us some about set up and some about Reins. We will start with the Rein testing.

Do Reins Matter?

We tested first with no reins. Then we were reined with just creatures, then with just troops, then with a mix of troops and creatures. You can see the reports below:

Rein Baseline

Rein Tests These reins made no difference. We lost the same amount as a hit with no reins and actually killed less of our attackers march. Reins made no difference in this case.

The next tests we looked at had to do with setup. We were noticing that traps were taking the hardest hits. So we did three tests.

First we tested our normal set up as a baseline hit. Second we tested with no traps. Due to the fact that we lost so much more, Finally we tested with a T1 Trap Wall. We lost less than with no traps but still more than when we had t2 traps.

Trap Tests

This tells us that we do best when all three elements are hit at the same time. You want your “wall” to include mythicals, traps, and troops in order to be truly successful.

February 5, 2018

Over the last 2 days Eagle and I have been working on doing some testing with encampments. We currently have T1 and T2 Demigod Troops open so we wanted to do a comparison of these and see what would happen if they got hit with some Demigod Creatures.

First we prepared some troops and then we made encampments with each one having 1,000 each. We had our friend Axe from 73V hit these encampments with 1,000 Demigod Mythics. Each of our encampments had one type of Troop.

Check out what happened when Axe hit our T1.


Now Check out what happened when Axe hit our T2.


So we wanted to look at this a little further. We prepared two encampments each with 100 Thunderlords one encampment was T1 and the other was T2. Check it out.


We had the same losses with 100 as we did with 1,000. So we know that we lose double T1 as T2 when taking a hit. We also know that the creatures affect each of the troop types the same way.

The next thing we looked at was cost effectiveness. We discovered that T1 and T2 have the same upkeep cost. So there is no difference there. However, when comparing the cost of making T1 versus T2, you can make just over double T1 as T2. T1 are more cost effective, however, there is a balancing act as you will need more in order to use them for defense.

February 3, 2018

We have worked to get our economics research and farms going as there is currently no upkeep reduction item. Overnight we were able to produce enough food to be able to do multiple researches.

We have been talking about testing we want to do. This testing will help us to be able to learn more about how the different troops interact with each other and we will begin it as we are able to open Tier 2 troops. Which we were also able to do! So look out for new testing to begin soon.

We also created a Help Alliance for our viewers today. For those who were not around back in the day, a help alliance is where people go to build and hit help. By doing this you are able to collect helps faster than you may in your alliance and reduce time on your research or building.

The Making of a Demigod Trap

February 2, 2018

We start noticing that buildings add a lot of power. As trap players we have typically liked to be low power. WIth this new setup we started considering. What research and buildings will be relevant and what can we skimp on to make ourselves look burnable.

We did some initial testing and noted that the strength of the Demigods is outstanding. You can check out our testing here.

February 1, 2018

The release of Demigods and the GOW community goes crazy. This release literally reset the game and brought us all back to the basics. Many are worried that with the fact that many players who forged the way in the past have left the game there will be no one to blaze this trail. However, others are excited to be able to begin this journey and hoping it lasts.

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  1. Jessi says

    I have been zeroed twice now. I am sh 1118, max research for that sh level. I am all hospitals to level 1114. Def gear to level 4. I had over 250k of each level 1 demigod, 75k of each level 2 demigod. I had 500k traps combination of level 1 and 2. I had 15k of demigod creatures. Do you have any update that could help? I am starting to wonder if a hospital setup is not the want to go. I am wondering if a barrack for health stats or villa for attack stats. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      I will be publishing some testing tonight that you will want to take a look at.

      1. Jessi says

        I saw your results… I was starting to wonder if that was what I needed. Thank you… what last question. The account you did your testing on is it hospital, barracks, or villas?

        1. Cinder
          Cinder says

          It is actually a combination. However, only one of each of our buildings is leveled up right now. So a minimal amount of stats are coming from our buildings currently.

  2. AbbeyGail says

    I cannot seem to find out how you can shield while holding a hero

  3. Freemilk says

    What buildings do you guys recommend now? I see the barracks are now health, and hospital’s defense. With demigods, will defense be the stat now? Or are we still looking for health? Thanks Freemilk

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Hey Freemilk, That is definitely one of the things we plan on testing as we go further in, health vs defense. We will keep you updated!

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