Divine Grave Knights Gear – Unleash your Undead Warrior

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In your armor lingers the spirit of a powerful undead warrior, a Graveknight. This warrior will guide you to victory and rejuvenate your hero over and over again. A Grave Knight has come to Game of War to empower your hero to new levels of greatness.

New Attack Gear has come to Game of War and it’s a doozy!! There are 4 levels of this gear varying in strength. However, even at its weakest, this gear adds 255TT Troop Attack! Be on Guard because it adds 325TT Troop Attack at its highest level!

Here’s what you need to know.

  • There are four gear levels which are color coded.
    • Teal – 325TT Attack
    • Red – 302TT Attack
    • Blue – 279TT Attack
    • Green – 255TT Attack
  • This gear is grouped in with Radiant Marksman and Barbarian King in Set leveling so it is already leveled up for you.
  • Improve Quality requires Grave Knights Dragonkin Horns

Attack and Wonder

This gear has some great new stats for Attack and Wonder to help you get the edge you need. All players will definitely have to make some adjustments to compensate for the amount of Attack in this gear. So while they adjust, get your burn on!


Let’s think back for a little. Recently, we have had an influx of gears that have not only worked for what they were marketed for but also for Defense. So yes, defensive players you are going to have to adjust for this gear especially as players equip full teal sets and gears fully improved.

However, is there a way we can use this gear to our benefit too? (Psssttt… the answer is yes!). Since this gear is lumped together with Radiant and Barbarian, if you pair the bracers from Radiant gear with the Grave Knight you get DDR and DAR and maintain your set bonus. So let’s take a look at the stats next to Radiant Marksman.

Radiant Marksman

Divine Grave Knights


Pairing the Grave Knight gear with bracers not only allows you to maintain your DDR and DAR but it also increases stats. There is a slight drop in RD but there are huge gains in Type, Troop, and Legion Defense stats. These increases make this gear set worth checking out, especially since these stats were taken when it was not yet fully leveled!! This is yet another option for Defense Gear along with Radiant Marksman and Divine Magister!

Be creative and customize this gear today. Let the undead warrior that lies within your armor lead you to success!

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