Divine Magister Set Gear – NEW Monster Gear

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Cerberus, Scylla, Chimera, Medusa, and countless others have haunted ancient Greece and Athena for centuries, but someone has always answered the call to slay the monsters. As new monsters have arrived who will step up? Do your research,  equip your hero and slay the beast… Are you game??

What’s New? 

“I’m a monster, I’m a m-monster…” Okay so I’m not but we do have new monsters! Along with these new monsters, we have a new gear to attack them with! These Behemoths are stronger and give better boosts!

Let’s take a look at this new gear: the Divine Magister’s Gear Set. It has stats to help with Hero energy and energy recovery and speed your monster march with the strongest attack against monsters we have seen yet. This gear is great if you want to go out and kill some Behemoths.

And there are people out there who love to kill some monsters. Which is great because we all love the boosts. However, some people have never hit a monster in their entire time playing Game of War. So why do you care about this gear set?

The Monsters Secret

If you look at the stats on this gear, it has some surprises in store for us. Not only does this gear have some excellent defensive stats but it also contains Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR) and Defense Annihilation Resistance (DAR). These two stats are very important in any defense gear. So let’s do a comparison. Let’s look at current defense gear versus New Monster Gear.

Radiant Marksman

Divine Magister’s Set Gear

The Comparison

The big thing to notice here is a slight drop in RD with the Magister gear,  however, look at the HUGE gain in individual defense, Troop Defense, and Legion Defense. This is hands down the biggest individual and Legion Defense boost the game has ever seen.  

This gear is an excellent option for defense especially when you encounter Leads that think it’s “just monster gear.” Don’t forget to toss a behemoth boost on with it! The new boosts are amazing and they can be run with Anti-Scout on. Check out more about these boosts in our Hero Tree Research Article.

For now though. Get to slaying!

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