Divine Sandguards Gear Set – All In One Eco Gear

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Tired of changing from one gear to the next? Wishing that you could just train, research, craft, and power-up with one seamless switch? Or is your inventory overflowing with gear for multiple functions?

Now there is a solution!! For the first time ever Game of War has released a gear that can be used for all of these functions!!!

A Multifunction Eco Gear

In the past, training gears came along with every new troop. However, we have not seen a new training gear since the release of T9 troops! In addition, new research gear has not been released in months. Meanwhile the game has continued to upgrade and the old gear is not cutting it anymore!

Enter Divine Sandguards Gear Set! This is an all in one set that helps with training, research, construction, upkeep, troop promotion, crafting, power-up, and speed reductions for the new speeds. Check it out!

  • 70K% Research Speed
  • 53% Upkeep Reduction
  • 70K% Promotion Speed
  • 70K% Troop Training Speed
  • 70K% Construction Speed
  • 47M% Gathering Speed
  • 590M% Construction Time Reduction
  • 22% Relic Crafting Speed
  • 23% Relic Duration
  • 33% Normal Equipment Crafting Cost Reduction
  • 59% Core Essence Power Up Cost Reduction
  • 59% Permanent Gear Essence Cost Reduction
  • 70% Supreme Construction Speed
  • 36% Ultimate Research Speed
  • 70% Supreme Training Speed

So what is so great about this gear? Not only is it the first gear that combines all the eco functions into one gear but it is the first gear to offer reductions for Ultimate and Supreme speeds. Past gears did not affect Ultimate or Supreme Speed ups nor do blessings. So we had these new speeds but no way to reduce the cost except with purchases offered in the gold store. With the amount of troops needed currently to fill rallies and new troops taking Supreme speeds this is a welcome addition to gear to be sure to be able to train for battle.


One interesting thing about this gear is that it includes core crafting reductions. Cores have not been around since the first permanent attack gear release a couple of months ago. This function has many players questioning whether or not we are going to see cores come back into play again.

As always don’t forget to level up this gear so that it can achieve its full potential!

Now Get to Building!

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  1. Gazz says

    are there no special gems for safeguard? been away from the game don t know if I missed on a blog as I can’t seem to find recommended gems for this gear

  2. Jeremy PLAY NASTY Shelton says

    A a new Game of War record was broken this last weekend, by a player named Rick “n” Ang, from Alliance (!VF!) Starting late, with nothing on the board’s, Rick managed to take Four, first-place spots, in Four different Kingdoms!! (Way to Kick some Dungeonass Rick
    by. (!VF!) PLAY NASTY. “veronas finest”
    it won’t let me attached the jpeg so I will send separately

  3. Sham Kuram
    Sham Kuram says


    The Divine SandGuards gear only limitation is building traps.. it is not as good as other gear set like Divine Commander. Could you confirm on this?

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