Do You Know Your History?

August History Trivia Challenge

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We all love to reminisce about the GOW days of yore. Custom cores, Super Wonder, 15 Kingdom Kill events, the list goes on and on. How well do you remember those days? Is it just a vague memory, or might you have what it takes to win the August History Trivia Challenge?

How it Works:

1: Submit your answers in the comment section below this article! (*Note! Comments will not be published after submission in order to protect the integrity of the event. Only GameofWarRealTips Staff can view them)

2: The Game of War RealTips Team will randomly choose a winner from the pool of correct answers.

3: All submissions are due by Saturday, September 1, 2018, at 5PM PDT.

4: The winner will be featured on our Website, Facebook, and Discord, and receive a $25 Android Store or iTunes Gift Card.

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  1. Ibn Sabbah says

    1. Ryujin
    2. D:V
    3. Training Garrison
    4. Zeus
    5. aKh, 78H
    6. Gaia?
    7. Drinking Horn
    8. Emerald Scales to make Inflated Armor
    9. Hades
    10. Kunoichi’s Kunai

  2. Sal aka Rage says

    1. Fisherman
    2. DV
    3. Garrison
    4. Zeus
    5. COPS or TUG
    6. Emerald Dragon
    7. Zeus or Odin
    8. Drinking Horn, Minotaur Relic set 290% troop load 🙂
    9. Hades
    10. Dagger aka kunai

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